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What death note character are you?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
10:17:08 AM (GMT)
I don't think anyone can retake this quiz:
here it goes

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Category: Death Note 
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Date Added: 01/05/07 

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What Death Note Character Are You?(X is picked)

Many people have started dying of heart attacks. What is your first idea?  
Oh! I knew there was a good reason to eat healthy. Good thing I don't eat much fatty
foods anyway.  
XHmn. I should make sure no one can link this to me, but I mean, the cause is a heart
attack, so they shouldn't suspect anyone.  
Yes! I can live so much longer! *laughs*  
That seems too coincidental to be nothing. I should try to target a specific cause. 

Your perfect world is:  

 People involve themselves in things. They help each other and contribute to the rest
of society.  
XOne where I can live with my one and only love. *sigh*  
There are no criminals, but life is always interesting. I can occupy myself with
puzzles and figure things out while exploring the "friend" concept.  

Your secret has come under investigation. What's your reaction?  
Hah! Secrets? I don't have any... And if I did, no person could ever make me tell.  

 Well, that was part of my plan to catch the criminal. It's meant to draw him or her
in so they can be caught!  

 Oh, dear.. This won't be too good for my publicity. I hope I can smooth things over.

How do you view criminals?  
XI don't like bad people. They're mean, and if my love thinks someone's bad, then
they must be.  
Criminals must be caught as soon as possible. I won't let them stay out in the free

 Some consider me a criminal for the way I think and act, but I have good reasons.
The real bad guys shouldn't have a chance to keep living. They have to be disposed
of, or no one will ever learn.  

Okay, to get this one out of the way, what's your favorite color?  
X Green  
 I don't have one.  

You're being questioned by an interrogation force. How do you get out of the danger
What are you talking about? I'm part of the investigation team. I'll be the one
catching people.  
XQuickly clear my name and get back to work. Playing the cop and the robber is
difficult, but I'm smart, so I can handle it.  
Why would anyone be investigating me? In any case, I can get out of anything.  

 That's not good! I'll talk about it with someone and he/she can help get me out of
it. After all, I trust them more than anyone to keep me safe. We'd do anything for
each other.  

Your friends are talking about the latest case regarding a threat who goes by the
name of "Kira." What do you add to the conversation?  
Nothing. I simply watch and chuckle at their thoughts. Humans are so blind.  
I've heard about that! They say Kira's very sneaky and dangerous. I admire him,
though. He avenged my parents' deaths, so I'm grateful. ^_^  
Kira will be captured, no matter what. This person can't keep killing people without
being punished. Justice will prevail!  

 XKira? Whoever it is, they're pretty smart. I mean, how many people can get away
with killing so many and not get caught?  

Someone is standing in between you and your goal. How do you react?  
Ask my commander what to do. He'll tell me what's the right way to deal with this.  

X Get rid of them. Nothing will keep me from reaching my dream. It's what I deserve
for cleansing the world.  
Well, I don't really have any goals. I'm just here to watch the show. I'll see how
the Notebook holder reacts.  
 Uhm. Excuse me. Could you please move? I need to get over there... 

Your are:
-mean well,but you're goals
come before all else
You are Light Yagami!

BUT IM A STINKIN GIRL!!!(well,there isn't many girls in teh show...)

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