Cloverfield. Review by Jolestio. *WARNING-Contains Spoilers and Adult
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Cloverfield. Review by Jolestio. *WARNING-Contains Spoilers and Adult
Category: (general)
Sunday, 20 January 2008
02:48:17 AM (GMT)
***Contain Spoilers and Adult Language; Read For Own Risk***

*You have been warned. Any unneccessary comments will be dealt with soley and
operable to the moment of impactation. Please do not confront me with your problems
regarding the production unless it has to do with the Review itself. Happy Readings!
And do, please Enjoy...*

;; Cloverfield''[};;...




/[slash]/ Randy.

**This is content provided by Jolestio/Randy. Please be carefell when choosing to
define my content as Unreasonable. All characters noted are soley owned to the
'Cloverfield' Production Crew at this time. All opinions are directed main from the
view of the writer, as they do not express a wide view of amoung 50+ persons. Please
be responsible when reading this content. All words are owned by Jolestio/Randy,
other than that of the Production Characters, Production Names and Viewpoints of the
Production itself. Any unauthorized copying of this material will ceased the end of
onward producing of any other content. Thank You!** - Randy

The cinematography was almost as perfect as a straight-line, as those who would fall
short of the queezy market, this production is probably not for you. The line done to
protect the monster from site of movie-goers kept tension held high, but unknowning
to the fact as exactly what it is, by the end of the film, still baffles me to the
extreme. Even though you don't know anything by the end, it still makes the final
scene, oh-so much better. If you do happen to see it [again], check the right hand
side of the screen during the last scene of Rob and Beth in Coney Island. The way she
talks about how her day went, dramatically increases ironic tension between that one,
single scene, and the rest of the film. Matt Reeves, Drew Goddard and J.J. Abrams did
a suberb job on the entire film. Though it was rated PG-13, the violence, terror and
disturbing images definately held up to it's given. There isn't really much as to the
information on what exactly happens (Marlena "Blowing-up???"). Also, the helicopter
scenes, did Lily make it out okay? I must have missed that part. The whole fucking 10
minutes (what it seemed like) that Hud was looking up at the monster, pretty much
made me say, "Yeah, we saw the fucking thing, kill him already." So when that does
happen, I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK! The thing is fucking MASSIVE and his face lands
perfectly on the grass with his face toward the camera. Also, Rob and Beth were right
there not even 15 feet away when the monster came down. Did they run, or something?
Yeah, the film was perfect. The times where it made me get all tense, I was just
hyped up and anxious from the before Helicopter Crash sequence. Every thing seemed to
happen in order the way it should have. The beginning lined perfectly with the
'Paused Camera' attempts compared to the final Scene. Though, we still do not know
anything about the monster or it's exact whereabouts or capabilities, the little
"spider-monkies" that dropped off of it, made my mouth drop. Like seriously, if you
get bitten, how the fuck would you "blow-up"? Unknownst, unless Melinda was shot. I
hope they make a sequel due to two things. 1. The after-the-credits Fan Spoiler that
Matt Reeves did himself, where it said "It's still alive" played-backward and said
backward. 2. More information on the whole fucking monster.; By the way, Matt Reeves
stated that if they made a sequel, they would probably re-do the movie from another
persons point-of-view who was in the 'Cloverfield' threshold. Yes, that would be
fine, as long as you put in more information on it. Maybe some scientists recording
in a laboratory what they have revieled from the Monster itself or the little
"spider-monkies" and going back and forth between the scientists and the camera view
of a new set of people, that find out more information by themselves. This would be
great in the fact when they go through the Army base, scientists are moving dead
"spider-monkies" really quickly, as you have to spot it. Would it be a virus? Also,
the Tape at the end, who is it? Is it Rob? I would hope so. They said 15 minutes for
the whole place to be evacuated before the deadly Nuclear style bombs come it [which
is not shown], but within that time is probably around 5-7 minutes. They could have
made it out of the zone in the time they had, or at least to somewhere safe, as the
creature only passed by. It was only a small bridge also, so not much damage could
have occured, as the final rubble scene was most probably a bombing of some sort as
the characters most definately died. Well, that's my rendition of 'Cloverfield' by
J.J. Abrams. I rate it a 15 out of 10. Although many would say it shouldn't be rated
at all, and be burned in a cook-out, as they do not see the film as a FILM, rather as
an entertainment spree, where they only want to receive the exact amount they "think"
they were "promised. Anyway, thanks for reading it. Comment down below with good or
bad ratings on the Review. If you stated that there wasn't any spoilers-notice, your
comment will be deleted as notified, as I gave you plenty time to decide whether or
not you should read it.

15 out of 10

By far the best Movie of 2008.
Last edited: 20 January 2008

HelloKatie says:   20 January 2008   187139  
HelloKatie says:   20 January 2008   949757  
Yeah last night I was thinking about it, what the hell happened to lilly?! I didn't even see where she went and what happend. She was just gone and that was the end of it. It got a really low rating. It was fantastic~♥
Jolestio says:   20 January 2008   986432  
Yeah, fuckers hate the movie because it's first person. TRULY a FP
movie, where you know only what the Character knows. It's perfect.

BlackMistWolf says:   21 January 2008   197923  
that movie was sooooo awesome,I saw it yesterday! it was frikkin
Jolestio says:   21 January 2008   892893  
Thank you for sharing, BlackMistWolf!
TakeDownTanner says:   30 January 2008   768453  

everyone who i saw it with was like, "WTHEBLOODYF"

Jolestio says :   30 January 2008   845265  
Thanks for that those awesome statements, TakeDownTanner.

It'll definately win something, including, Best Cinematography, which
it has already won in my book!

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