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People I Hate:Category: Rant...
Wednesday, 9 January 2008
07:07:04 AM (GMT)
Once again, to amuse you silly fools, I have gathered a list of things people do
that I absolutely loathe. Have fun.

1. Black people who think they deserve some sort of retribution for slavery.
I'm sorry, but that happened a good 200 years ago. Not only were you personally not
enslaved, I never did anything to enslave you! So people who share my skin color
happened to do something bad to people of your skin color. I see no reason why I have
to do anything special because of that. I can't control other peoples' actions,
particularly the actions of people a century ago.

2. White people who think we need a white history month.
Darlings, we have a white history month. It's the other 11 months of the year. Notice
how our history books are nearly exclusively white?
Yeah. That's why we don't need a white history month.

3. People who think I insult them because I'm jealous of what they have.
If I start a flame war with you (and I probably will, most likely for no reason) it's
not because I'm jealous of you, it's because I don't like you. You now look like an
idiot for using this argument, because this argument just screams "I don't have a
real argument against you so I am going to pull things out of my ass."

4. People who attempt to turn my arguments around against me.
No, you do not make me look like a hypocrite when you do this. If I call you ugly,
and you say that I'm uglier, it doesn't make you any prettier. The people who
do this have usually never seen a picture of me, either. They just think that if they
steal my arguments, I won't notice.

5. People who randomly start spilling their life story to me.
It's one thing to make casual conversation with me on the bus; it's another thing
entirely to start ranting and then attempting to give me advice about my life. Just
because I'm younger than you doesn't mean you have to pass off some sort of wisdom
onto me. I'd prefer it if you just left me to my music. I don't CARE about your
mother's cousin and how she's diabetic and still eats bon-bons.

6. People who ask for something a million times.
This one used to happen a lot back when I smoked. Someone would ask for a cigarette,
I'd say no, and then they'd continue to beg for a good 10 minutes. I HATE it when
people don't take no for an answer! You're not trying to win a debate here,
seriously. You're asking me for a favor and I'm choosing not to grant you one. Stop
it; you look pathetic.

7. People who bitch about my pants.
My pants usually have GIANT FUCKING HOLES in them. Like, most of my thigh is exposed
and they're practically shorts. I don't know what is such a big deal about having
ripped jeans, but apparently it causes enough of a commotion that everyone must make
a comment every five seconds. Really; I get it. My jeans are ripped. Ha-ha. The joke
got old three years ago when I started ripping my jeans. Please don't ask if I'm
cold. I'm probably not until you mention it and then I realize how cold my knee is.
Thanks, asshole.

8. Dane Cook. 'Nuff said.

9. People who think that all sexually active women are sluts.
Since when is it bad to have an active sex life? There is a difference between having
a healthy sex drive and being a slut. Let me define a slut for you.
Sluts usually fit the following criteria:
-Sleeping with multiple men at once.
-Currently cheating, have cheated multiple times in the past or intend to cheat in
the future.
-Change their boyfriends more often than their MySpace layouts.
-Dating multiple men at once, probably leading others on and keeping a few on the
-Don't really care about whether or not they are dating the men they are fucking.
-Unable to commit to a serious relationship
-Have had sex with at least 10 people by the age of 15.

Non-sluts who are called such unreasonably usually fit the following criteria:
-Monogamous within their sex lives.
-Monogamous in relationships period.
-Keep a normal, healthy love life.
-Only sleep with people who they know and trust.
-Have the ability to SAY NO.

10. Pro-Lifers.
I'm sorry, but your argument is 90% based around religion. Last I checked, there's a
separation of church and state law (that nobody pays attention to). I'm attempting to
speak from an entirely objective viewpoint when I say that the pros of being able to
get rid of unwanted children outweigh the cons by far. If you're morally against
abortions, don't get one. That is that.

Feel free to add your own, or yell at me because you're a Dane Cook fan (prepare to
be flamed) or because you're a rabid Catholic that thinks abortion is murder (of a
cluster of cells).

Sanyu says:   9 January 2008   446299  
Awww c'mon, Dane Cook? The rest is pretty in-line with my thoughts
(especially 8 and 3) but I like Dane Cook hehe.
Sanyu says:   9 January 2008   914934  
Oh, I just thought of another two thanks to JessyJUVENILE's juvenile
little bitch-fest on your profile. 

Fakers who insist they're real even when evidence is clearly plastered
all over their profile and the whole world is against them.
(Ocean_Wave will serve as my example here, though she started flashing
the swear cards fairly early and ruined the fun)

Real or fake people who put pictures up for no reason without
being required to at all, then get royally pissed off when someone
says something. Anything. "You're ugly," "You're fake," "Your mum."
I've seen them all; such a lousy trend.
Yenne sings:   9 January 2008   423274  
Wow... you really hate much stuff.. ^^
I hate much things too...I hate even myself..even as I love myself...
Let's hate! ^w^ 
Oh well.. I like you cuz you said what you hate and so.. people should
know that stuff.. <'33 *happy* ((sorry.. ^^''))
LunaSakura says:   9 January 2008   553656  
I read through the first 3 nodding my head in agreement, the rest
smirking and giving you a mental round of applause. To add my own
little pet peeves:

-People who uses L33T speak and other crap. I can talk cat macro but
at least I make a sincere effort to spell and use grammar correctly
outside of macro appropriate moments. I don't want to have to sit and
de-code your message for ten minutes, only to realise you've made a
stupid comment and wish for those lost ten minutes back. Also, I hate
the fact that I can now virtually read crap like that as if it were
proper English because it is becoming so common place - all the more
reason to head hunt the idiots who use L33T down and force them to
study English till they pass out or worse...

-People who can't hold their own in an argument. A mixture of 3 and 4
with my own personal spin. If you're gonna provoke me into arguing
then fine, I enjoy a good argument as much as the next slightly
annoyed sarcastic bitch, but for the love of intelligent life hold
your own! I like it when I'm challenged by an argument, one that
actually makes me think and consider responses before I spit them out
with a heavy dose of sarcastic and dead-panned venom; I do not like it
when it takes a few seconds to come up with a reply, if that. Those
kind of arguments serve no purpose except to amuse me, and to make me
fear for the collective intelligence of man-kind.

-The 'creationist' museum in Kentucky. I've nothing against Christians
of any kind, but a place which states that we can't be certain of
dinosaurs because 'there weren't cameras back then' ranks up there
with the most depressingly amusing religious crap that I have ever
encountered. Have they never considered carbon-dating fossils to prove
their age is move than 5000 years (how long the earth has existed,
don't you know)? Of course not, because science is evil and wrong and
should be banned. Even though some of the greatest scientists in the
world were monks, but that obviously doesn't matter to the

Sorry for the massive comment, but you did invite us to add our own.
Thanks for the chance to vent my spleen about the idiots of the world,
there is never enough chances to do so. Right, I'm off to watch a some
stand-up comedy by Greg Proops, hopefully regain some sense of hope
for humanity...Thanks again, post another of these rants soon (and
invite us to do the same, of course)!
Fabby says:   9 January 2008   772871  
@LunaSakura-- Because... we... didn't... have... cameras? Oh dear
god. XD
I'm being encouraged to rant more? SWEET! More for you!

Thank you for the lovely comments, kids.

@Sanyu-- Oh my, I had fun with JessyJUVENILE and her friend (who was
clearly fake too. XD) Sadly, they both blocked me.
I think they realized they had been exposed. 
neoeno says :   23 January 2008   274754  
With 9, I'd go further. I'd say the word slut (and related words) are
all just resulting from a Christian value system without any
foundation in reality. If I want to have sex with ten different people
in a day, providing all parties consent and diseases/pregnancies are
all protected against, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, hey,
sex is fun, it's a _good_ thing. It's puritan to say that someone who
desires sexual pleasure is somehow 'wrong' or worthy of being

Personally, I wouldn't sleep with 10 people in a day, but I wouldn't
judge anyone who did.

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