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A Letter to Self Project Turned Into Something Else...Category: (general)
Friday, 4 January 2008
05:22:56 PM (GMT)
Okay. Eighteen page (at the minimum) letter to self project.

Teacher doesn't read it. She just will check it, as it
contains 'personal information'  and make sure it's done before sealing it
away until my senior year.

Must have photos, memorobelia, and other things that make you have a momentary

Due March 5th.

Easy for a girl who has no life, right?



What are your secrets that you won't tell anybody?

What television show do you watch that nobody believes you would watch?

Who are your true friends?

Is there someone of the opposite gender in your life?

Is there a friend you once had who now isn't?

There were so many more, lists and lists of them, but I couldn't think of many
responses to fit the bill.

Oh, gosh. Secrets. Too many in my life. Okay, I talk to my Johnny Depp poster on a
daily basis. REALLY. It always seems like he's watching me, so why not consider him a
person? Anyways... Another secret? Well, I used to use L'oreal Kids shampoo...but,
luckily, about two weeks ago, I finally got some real shampoo and conditioner.
Thanks, Dad.

TV show? I watch America's Next Top Model, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and
the Tyra Banks Show. When nobody is around. 

True friends? Well, obviously the people who have accepted me for what I am, and
never disagree with my beliefs. Kacie, who knew that I was very out of her usual
friend zone, kindly opened up to me, who cared when I was in my pain, who called me
so often even when she had nothing to talk about. Rachel, who helped me understand
who I really was. I never accepted or even revealed that side to anyone, that Naruto,
RENT, emo-freak side until she sat down at our lunch table. Who showed me that it was
okay to smile, especially when you're happy! ^.^ Who told a girl who called us emo
"Emo and Goth Are Stereotypes! ...Prep!" . Both of these girls cared about who I was,
and would never change who I was like those other friends I know. And, last but not
least, Crago. Who told me... wait, I'll cover this in the next section. 

Crago. Dear old Crago... I need to get him to join Kupika sooner or later! He was the
one to tell me I was beautiful, that I was nice, and kind, and sweet, and everything
I wanted to be but wasn't. He made me laugh with his jokes, cringe at his singing
(...oh, come on, honey! I was just kidding!), and give me every ounce of self
confidence I've ever needed. He isn't afraid to hold hands, dance like two idiots
having seizures on the dance floor (...I'm still kidding!), and everything else he
has said or done since I met him. Heck, I met him on my birthday. It was sort of
ironic, eh?

Old friends... first one that comes to mind is Rachel Bainbridge, who moved to
another school years ago, therefore our strained communication. But we recently met
up, yeah, at the very Harry Potter Haunted House me and Crago worked/met at. She was
really nice to see again! And, of course, there is another former friend.. but that
is my secret to keep this time.

Well, many more questions to write. Oh, did I mention I have to write them out on

It suxorz. Badly.

But for now, au revoir, mon cheries!

popsciclexdino says:   3 March 2008   218935  
I Dislike This Project
Katilix says :   4 March 2008   741125  
Aw...LTS is so fun!

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