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I took a quiz from ToxicxDuck!Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 December 2007
01:02:45 AM (GMT)
o1;; What do you wish your name was?
I like my name

o2;; What's currently in front, below, and to the left of you?
  the table, the couch, and my bracelets.
o3;; Are you a Squiggly Muffin McBonBon?
  Yes, I believe so.

o4;; State one thing you know about the person you stole this from.
  ummmmmm, she has a totally awesome username.

o5;; Other than music, list the things you can hear right now.
My mom and her best friend gossiping and laughting and I hear my typing:0
o6;; What's the latest stupid thing you've done?
  hmmmmm probaly tripped when i was doing the  shuttle run. Skinned my knee. Then
when I had to do it again I nearly tripped again! 

o7;; Okay, so what's the latest good thing that's happened to you?
Ummmmmmmmm, Lauren said she would be my partner for AshlandYay. I wish Rachel
could be my partner because our core classses are going together but I have to pick
form Mrs.H's class. But Lauren is my friend, so it's all good

o8;; Do you like smilies like these; :D xD ^3^?
Not particularly

o9;; What's the funniest thing you've ever flushed down the toilet?
I almost flush a bobby pin because it fell in and I didn't want tp flush it or rather
just leave it there so i put my hand in a baggie and grabbed it......

1o;; Would you wear a bikini, pink leg warmers, and a siren on your head to
school for 100$?
  I can't wear bikinis....I look horrible in em and im not deathly skinny. plau it i
lost a bit of my stomach my ribs would stick out. my ribs are odd, one it pointy and
one is flat. my mom are the same..

ToxicDuck says :   1 December 2007   195883  
I didn't think people would actually use this. xD


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