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Tuesday, 27 November 2007
08:11:05 PM (GMT)

 Name: Kimiko Kurosaki  
 Age: 16
 Looks: Long brown hair. (Below lower back) Hazel eyes.
 Body marks: One tattoo on her shoulder. (Looks like orochimaru's curse mark) 
 Outfit: On regular days she wears jeans T-shirt or tank-top with a jacket and some
jeans. On school days    she wears her school uniform. (Same as Tohru's)
 Secrets: Changes into a cat when hugged by the opposite sex.
 Relatives: Ichigo Kurosaki (Older brother)
 Diseased relatives: Mom and Dad
 Likes: Cats, Dragons (Her Zodiac), hanging with friends, sometimes being alone,
going on the roof, candy (Mostly sour), and her brother.
 Dislikes: Meeting new people, rats, Prince Yuki fan club, Yuki (To polite), and Kyo.
(You: WHY DO I HATE KYO?! Me: Because I like the kind of stories where you hate each
other at first but then slowly start to love each other in some weird way. You: Yeah,
I agree! Those sort of stories rock!) 
 Hobbies: Same as hobbies, except for cats and dragons.
 Past: When she was a little girl she was the happiest little thing you could ever
see, Ichigo too, but after their parents died from a shooting incident they turned
cold, distant, and angry at people almost 24/7. The only time they let any emotion
show other than anger show is when they're with each other or really close friends.
You see, their mom and dad were at a market place when they were at karate classes. A
robber came and demanded money from the cashier. The guy went wacko when the cashier
refused to give him the money and started shooting at random; I bet you could guess
what happened. When Kimiko and Ichigo heard of the news they were devastated, Kimiko
couldn’t stop crying, and Ichigo did not speak for days, 3 to be exact. After three
days Ichigo decided to be strong for his sister and told her not to cry anymore; that
their parents wouldn't want to see them sad. After he said that she stopped crying.
They both smiled more often but only around close friends and themselves.

 Friends: Seth and Renee

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Age: 17
Looks: Orange spiky hair. Brown eyes. (Imagine Ichigo from Bleach)
Body Marks: None
Clothes: On regular days he wears a t-shirt with jeans. On school days he wears the
school uniform. (Same as Kyo's) He also wears headphones, y'know? The DJ kind? 
Secrets: Changes into a cat when hugged by opposite sex.
Relatives: Kimiko Kurosaki (Younger sister)
Diseased Relatives: Mom and Dad
Likes: Cats, rabbits (his zodiac), music, and his sister. 
Dislikes: rats, dogs, (Bad experience with them. ^^') Kyo, and Shigure. (How he knows
him will only be known by me…for now.)
Hobbies: Picking on his sister, fighting with Yuki and Haru. He also likes to sit and
watch the clouds and do nothing, a.k.a…be lazy.
Past: Same as Kimiko's

Friends: Kyo, Seth, and Renee

~`*Story Start*`~

 'I can't believe it!' I thought walking next to your brother, Ichigo, to your NEW
school. Ichigo got expelled from his old school so we had to change. Now we're going
to a new one called…hehehe I kind of forgot! ^^' 
"Why did you have to get into another fight Nii-san?"  "He was making fun of my
hair!" "That doesn't give you the excuse to beat him to a pulp!" "I-" He knew I had
won this fight. "Nii-san, can you please not get into any more fights the rest of the
school year? I don't want you to fail school. No college is going to except you like
that." "What if I don't want to go to college?" "How will you ever find a decent job?
How will you support your family?" "Will you stop trying to be Mom?!" "I'm trying to
help you! I don't want you to spend the rest of your life working at McDonald's or
something!" "I could street fight." "No! You won't! What if you get seriously hurt
and die or something! You're the only family I have left and I don't want to lose
you!" I had tears brimming in my eyes. Ichigo stopped walking and hugged me. "I'm
sorry, I just- please don't cry." I looked down at my watch as he let me go. "We
spent all this time arguing we forgot about school!" "We're gonna be late!" We both
took off running towards the school. FF>> When we got there it was just barely when
the bell rang to get to class. I went up to the office and waited patiently for the
lady to notice us. After a few minutes past Ichigo lost it. "Hey lady!" She was so
startled she fell out of her seat. "Huh? Oh! You must be the new students!" "Yes
we're here to get our locker numbers and classes." I spoke emotionless but politely.
(Kind of like Hana without the eeriness) "Here they are." She took them out and
handed them to us. We thanked her and left to find our classes. Mine was 1-D (Or is
it something else? I can't remember! Message me!) I don't know what Ichigo's is, but
we had to go our separate ways. I wonder if I'll make any friends? Nah, like that'll
ever happen. I am so anti-social when it comes to new people. They have to talk to me
first, and then I'll decide if they're worth to talk to. When I got to the door that
said 1-D I knocked and waited for someone to answer the door. The teacher opened the
door with a surprised face. "Oh! You must be the new student!" I heard all of the
students shift to look at the door to see (inspect) the 'new student' I have been in
so many schools in this district that I already know what they're gonna think when
they see me. Well, the boys at least. That's why the only boys I get close to any
more are Ichigo and Seth. To bad Seth moved to a different school. Seth's girlfriend
moved from Konoha High (Old school), to another one. He begged his parents to
transfer to it. "Class, this is the new student, Miss Kurosaki would you like to
introduce yourself to the class?" I walked to the front of the class. "My name is
Kurosaki Kimiko." I spoke in monotone. "Yes, Miss Kurosaki, will you please have a
seat next to Miss Honda? Miss Honda, please raise your hand." I saw a girl with brown
hair with two ribbons raise her hand eagerly. I slowly walked down the row to the
seat next to her which was also next to a desk next to a boy who had a bored
expression on his face. He had orange hair and reddish brown eyes. 

 "Hello! My name is Tohru!" The girl next to me whispered loudly. "Hello." "Can we
meet at lunch?" "Sure." I heard the boy on the other side of me slam his head on the

*`~Guy's POV~`*

 'Great, just great another emotionless freak is joining the group.' Why does Tohru
have to be so nice? I slammed my head on my desk. I heard a bit of movement and
looked up to see Tohru and that Kurosaki girl looking at me. Tohru and the girl
giggled lightly. For some unknown reason I started blushing.

*`~Kimiko's POV~`*

"Girls, is there something you need to share with the class?" "No Mr.Asazuki" (Random
name, don't know the real teachers name.) 'Did I just giggle?!?!? That is not
supposed to happen! I never giggle or laugh unless I'm with Ichigo! And I almost got
in trouble thanks to that guy.' I decided to pay attention to class now.

FF>> (To Lunch)

 I met Ichigo in the hallway and we headed to lunch. Once we were there I looked
around for Tohru. I spotted her and went over. She was with 4 other people, a blonde
girl that looked like a Yankee, a very emotionless girl with black hair that looked
almost dead-like, a grayish-purple haired boy that looked a little girlish to me, and
the boy from earlier. "Oh, Kimiko! I would like to introduce you to Uohani (sp)
Arisa, Hanajima Saki, Sohma Yuki, and Sohma Kyo." "Hello, I suppose you all know me
judging I introduced myself in class?" They nodded to show they new who I was. "This
is my brother, Ichigo." "Hey" "hello" "Hey, that one chick is just as emotionless as
you are." "You're waves are similar to the Sohma's. How very strange." "You and your
waves Hana." "But she's waaaaaay creepier than you are." "Would you like me to show
you those pictures I drew again?" I questioned to Ichigo. He felt a shiver go up his
spine. "No!" He shouted. "Then stop comparing me to someone else." I stated in
monotone like I always do. "O.K. hehehe."
He laughed nervously. "What's so bad about her pictures?" Questioned Kyo. "They're
all bloody and stuff. Like there's this one, it has this girl covered in blood, dead,
in a phone booth. "I could show you all if you want." I stated in a creepy tone ready
to pull out my sketch book. "No thanks everyone stated quickly, just then the bell
rung."Aww, I didn't even get lunch!" whined Ichigo. "Well it was nice meeting you
Miss.Kurosaki." spoke Yuki, "yeah, it was nice meeting ya Kurosaki!" exclaimed Arisa.
(You call people by their first names if you don't trust them yet. "See ya little
sis!" yelled Ichigo running to his class. I got up and walked to my locker to get my
science book.

FF>>to the end of school.

 Finally the bell rung so I could get out of here! "Now I just need to find Nii-san,"
I mumbled to myself as I searched the halls. "Oi, Kimi!" "Ichi?" "Kimi, I was talking
to Yuki and Tohru earlier, and they said we could go to their house after school! ^^"
"WHAT?" I gave him a threatening glance before slipping my jacket on. "C'mon, you
need to lighten up, give them a chance?" "Fine, but if the secret slips up you are
the one that will be blamed." "Fine, just go outside already." I slung my backpack
over my shoulder and started walking. "Did they give you directions?" "Yeah. We have
to go in the forest though." FF>> He looked up thoughtfully. "You know what? I feel
like we've been through here before." "It does seem familiar…" I looked at Ichigo
and gave him a confused glance. "Oh, here it is." We walked up to an old Japanese
style home that was pretty big if I say so myself. I took a step forward and knocked
on the door hesitatingly. The door opened to reveal Tohru. "Oh, hello! Would you like
to come in?" We stepped in and took off our shoes. We didn't have slippers with us so
we had to walk around in our socks. Ichigo could tell I was tense. I never had that
much friends besides Seth and Renee, so you can't really blame me. "It's going to be
ok, don't worry so much, to me you really need this experience." "He ruffled my hair
up like a little kid.  "Hey!" Ichigo chuckled lightly. "Oh, please come with me."
Exclaimed Tohru. We followed her to the other room and saw a table surrounded by Kyo,
Yuki, and some dark haired man. 

Here is where I leave you until the new entry. Ja Ne!

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