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I had the WEIRDEST dream one time...Category: Dreamland
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
09:50:43 PM (GMT)
Author's Note: During the real-world part, I was vacationing in the Bahamas with my
sister, father, & grandmother. Also takes place pre-timeskip, but with all members

Caution: NARUTO RELATED DREAM, If you don't like Naruto, BUZZ OFF. >_> If you do,
enjoy this crazy-ass dream I had! xD

                                                   Weirdest dream EVER: Part 1

It was beautiful out, the sun beating down on me (no sunscreen either xD), the sand
was was suprisingly warm--just warm, the water was cool. I should know, I had just
finished swimming in it.

With a stick in hand I was doodling random Naruto village symbols in the sand,
wishing that this wonderful fantasy could be reality. I paused my mindless doodling
to look out twords the oceaon...

Then I swear I saw a body floating in the water.

I rubbed my eyes, not beliving what I've seen.

"No way, I'm just seeing things.." I tried to convince myself.

Once I had opened my eyes, the body was still there, floating, only being moved by
the gentle waves.

I decided  not to tell anyone about what I had seen, so I swam out, by myself, to
what looked like a body. I figured it was a lump of seaweed, seaweed can look like
anything, but no, it was a body.

The body of a boy.

Long black hair, a loose ponytail that floated in the ocean right behind his head.

What looked like lines on his face, they made him look older but I could tell.

He looked to be about 15, maybe 16 at most.

He was cute, let's leave it at that.

I grabbed his arm & pulled him onto shore, I pumped his chest to get the water out.

Water spewed from his mouth, I gave a sigh of relif.

He shot up, the firs thing he said was "Kisame!"

My heart stopped.

Kisame? He couldn't be talking about.... 

I put my left hand on his right shoulder & looked him directly in the eyes, they were
dull & cold.

I asked him basic questions, "Are you okay? What happened? Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine" he replied, "but I fear my partner may be in danger."

I was almost scared to ask, "Who's your partner?" 

He paused, "Hoshigaki Kisame"

My right hand covored my mouth in absolute shock. It was muffled, but I managed. "You
mean, Hoshigaki Kisame of the Village hidden in the mist?"

He blinked, "Uhm, yes. How did you know that?"

I gulped, "Uh..I guessed?"

"What's your name?"

"Uchiha Itachi"

At that point I nearly had a heart attack, I kept it to myself & did not let him
realize my ligitment shock.

He was wearing the strangest cloak, black with red clouds: It was soaking wet, so I
offered to take his cloak in exchange for a towel. He graciously acceapted the offer
& I walked him over to my grandmother's house.

I gave him one of my father's "Pink Floyd" shirts while his cloak dried in the dryer
(rofl xD).

"Pink Floyd?" he asked
"Yeah, I know. So Itachi, where are you from?"


I responded with a puzzled look.

"The Village Hidden in the Leaves?"

"That's right."

I shook my head violently, "This is Nassau, how'd you get over here?"

Itachi looked at the floor, then the table in front of him, then the floor again.

"I don't really know myself."

I few hours later, Itachi had drank a cup of mint tea & had fallen asleep on one of
my grandmother's sofas. Suddenly, there was a violent banging at the door.

"Itachi! Itachi!" A muffled voice hollered through the front door. 

I cringed & quickly looked at Itachi, he was still fast asleep. I ran to the door &
answered, I had to look up to see his face.

Blue skin.


Razor blades for teeth.

Beedie yellow eyes.

He was wearing a cloak identical to Itachi's. He also carried a huge sword on his
back, it was at least nearly as large as he was.

I bit my lip. "I know who you are, Itachi's fine. Come in & have a seat."

I didn't bother to ask how he had found my Grandmother's house. I just went with the
flow of things.

I sat him down in a chair & we both watched Itachi sleep.

Curled up in my dad's Pink Floyd shirt, which nearly covored his entire body. He was
adorable, simply adorable.

I smiled, I felt so serene. Dispite these two guys may possibly be from an alternate
universe. That's what I've come to, I can't think of any other explination for why'd
the be here.

"So, any idea on how you two entered our world?"

Kisame sighed, "I haven't a clue, we need to get back though. Leader-Sama not knowing
where we are leads to trouble." he chuckled

"I know how you feel." I sighed, my eyes still on Itachi.

He was rolling around, he nearly fell off at one point.

"Well, you saved my partner. I'm grateful for that."

I turned to Kisame & I felt my face heat up. "Aww naw! It was nothing really! I'm
just glad he's ok." I insisted

"Would you like to come back to our world & train to be an Akatsuki Shinobi? I feel
you have a lot of potential & that may be useful for capturing the Bijuu.."

Did he just ask me what I THINK he asked me?

...Untill next time! Right now, I have to go to bed xD. Also, sorry that I can't
spell. Man, this dream sounds like a bad fanfiction! xDD

‹ikaeros› says:   15 November 2007   676782  
Nice dream xDD
Chiakakiri says :   15 November 2007   677679  
Rofl! Thanks xD Still can't believe I actually HAD it =P.


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