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Chapter 1: Pages: 3,Category: Sides of Life
Sunday, 11 November 2007
04:08:04 PM (GMT)
________________________________________________________________________ Page 3 They all ate, the large feast that had been set before them, and soon they were shown to there dorm rooms, were lie all of thier things. because Jade was a mermaid, there was a room that led to a pool, and another room that lead to a room with a celing at least 7 stories up, 'but how could It look like this on the inside but on the outside it looks impossible!' thought Jade then she remebered, this wasn't ANY ORDENAIRY school, this was a magic shool, some of the staff must have put a spell on it to make the rooms , but not make the school larger, there were in total, 6 bedrooms, but the only other dormate she had met was Belinda, who was not setting up her room, Jade supossed that she should start on her room also. She turned around and was about to open the door, when, another girl opened the door, she smiled showing her large fangs Jade winced at this, thinking of what the girl would do to her when she was asleep. " Hello, Im Countra" said the girl with an accent. "Hello, Im Jade, I see you are a vampire" said Jade, " Ahhhhh, yes, but I do not know what you are" said Countra, "Fallow me" said Jade, walking away to the large swimming pool, "Can you swim?" Jade asked " Yes" she rypled "Then on the count of three we run and jump!" said Jade Countra looked uneasaly at Jade but then said "ok" "One......Two......Three!" said Jade on three they both ran with grate speed and jumped into the warm water " Jade dived to a dept of about 15 feet before changing into her full mermaid body, quickly she swam up to the top, and did a large back flip into the air before landing back into the water, Countra staired in amazment, as soon as Jade came back up to the top of the water, Countra said " Wow..." Jade giggled, "Wanna try?" said Jade " Yes but how?" said Countra egerly " hold on to me I'll go fast!" said Jade hold out her hand to Countra's, Countra grabed, not sure of how it would go " HOLD ON!" said Jade as she quickly dived into water and draging Countra with her, at about a 10-15 foot depth, Jade wrapped countra's arms around her waist, and took off for the top of the water, and leading into a large jump, then slowly floating back down from the air into the water, not to scare Countra, she brought Countra who was nearly out of air to the top. "That was" said Countra between breaths " AMAZING!" " Glad you liked it" said Jade, 'Ehm' said a small voice in the door, a small voice from a small person, a girl Jade persumed was an elf " oh hello " said Jade waving to the girl, "I was wondering where the two girls the dragon said were" said the girl " I'm Wisa" said the girl holding out her hand " I'm Jade, and this is Countra" said Jade who was now helping Countra out of the water " And that so called 'dragon' you speak of, is Belinda" said Jade who was now getting out herself, Jade grabbed a towl to dry off her hair Jade lead then both to the main entrance of the dorm, before exiting to the large room where Belinda was. "Belinda!" shouted Jade trying to get the attention of the dragon who was now circling about three stories up now. "BELINDA!" shouted Jade agin before the dragon looked down smiled, and flew full speed downward Countra and Wisa backed away quickly to the wall in fear this so called 'Belinda dragon' would land on them but as the dragon grew closer, it morphed into a human girl, with birght radient red hair she walked up now to Jade, who was calmly standing, her long purple hair still wet, the girl smiled at Countra and Wista "Hello I'm Belinda, I'm sorry I frightened you" said Belinda Extending her hand out to Countra "Hello I'm, Cou.." _________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 4 befor Countra had a chance to finish, loud blaring music filled the calm air, "NEVER KNEW THAT YOU COULD DANCE LIKE THIS!" . They each pushed their heads out to see a girl with her black hair in small messy buns on the side of her head, her hands both wrapped up with some type of material, and white shoes, that had ribbon that whent up her leg, "Hey!" said The girl to the melody of the song "I'm Navani!" said the girl she put the music on pause " Hi I'm Jade, this is Belinda, Countra, and this Wisa." said Jade gestoring to each girl as her name was said. "What type of magic are you?" asked Jade "Mummy and you guys are?" said Navani " Mermaid" " Dragon" "Vampire" "Elf" they each rypled the girls. "Well, I think we sould all go and get our rooms set up!" said Wisa " I agree!" each of the girls chimmed in.
More soon I have to go
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lilblueangel says:   11 November 2007   574894  
PeachPearlPudding says:   11 November 2007   591679  
Detailed and creative. You're an awesome writer. ^__^
Forever_In_Me says:   11 November 2007   489543  
thanks, Im writing WAY more, right now im on the 4th page of it! 
chu says:   11 November 2007   893356  
i liked the pool part
Forever_In_Me says:   11 November 2007   943355  
thanks read the rest in a few!(try looking again in like 5 mins)
Forever_In_Me says:   11 November 2007   665522  
lol *push play and turn sound up ALL the way for best results!
PeachPearlPudding says :   11 November 2007   412642  
Hips Don't Lie by Shakira! ^___^
My speakers don't work but I know the song.


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