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Randomness 14... I think I almost half way through BLARGHCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2007
12:56:17 PM (GMT)
631. Jell-O or Kool-Aid? Jell-O
633. Milk or water?  Water
634. Sleep or food? Food
635. Sleep or tv? Sleep
636. Walking or driving? Driving 
637. Crayons or pencil crayons? Crayons
638. Pencil crayons or felts? Pencil Crayons
639. Felts or paint? Felts
640. Paint or chalk? Chalk
641. Paper or cloth? Paper
642. Cotton or spandex? Cotton
643. Soap or bleach? Soap
644. Bubbles or candy? Bubbles
645. Candy or meat? Candy
646. Cardboard or plastic? Plastic
647. Yes or no? Yes
648. Truth or dare? Dare
649. Socks or hats? Socks
650. Bicycles or unicycles? Bicycles 
651. Dragons or unicorns? Unicorns
652. Dragons or dinosaurs? Dragons
653. Batman or Godzilla? Godzilla
654. Spiderman or Mothra? Spiderman
655. The Hulk or Mr. Clean? The Hulk
656. Mr. Clean or you? Me
657. Beyonce or Madonna? Beyonce
658. Greenday or Coldplay? Greenday
659. CSI or Crossing Jordan? CSI
660. Simpsons or Futurama? Simpsons
661. Catfood or garbage? Catfood
662. Mittens or snowpants? Mittens
663. Pavlov or pavlova? Pavlova?
664. Forks or fingers? Fingers xD
665. Chopsticks or forks? Forks
666. Demons or devils? Devils (They had to put devils on this number :D)
667. Chopsticks or fingers? Fingers
668. Scary Movie or Scream? Scary Movie
669. Scary Movie or Not Another Teen Movie? Scary Movie 
670. Chick flicks or Date Movie? Chick flicks
671. Gas or electricity? Electricity
672. Fluffy or silky? Silky
673. Satin or velvet? Satin
674. T-shirts or blouses? T-shirts
675. Suits or dresses? Dresses
676. Computers or cars? Computers
677. Baseball or hockey? Hockey
678. Lacrosse or hockey? Hockey 
679. Baseball or football? Football
680. Football or soccer? Football
681. Soccer or rugby? Soccer
682. Scotch tape or duct tape? Duct tape 
683. Classical music or rock? Rock
684. Rock or rap? Rock
685. Classical or rap? Rap
686. Harlequin romance or comics? Comics 
687. Sudoku or crosswords? Sudoku
688. Hangman or Scrabble? Hangman
689. Color-by-numbers or connect-the-dots? Colour-by-numbers
690. Lilo or Stitch? Lilo
691. Foot cream or hand cream? Hand cream 
692. Umbrellas or hoodies? Hoodies
693. On or off? On
694. New or used? New
695. Panic or stress? Stress
696. Work or school? Work (work only won, cause you get paid for it :D)
697. Physics or Sewing? Sewing
698. Sand or rocks? Sand
699. Cold or hot? Hot
700. Yours or theirs? Yours

701. Type the word for a color in a different color.  That's not possible on Kupikan
703. Have you ever played Scrabble? Yesh
704. Are you good at it? So-so
705. What's the best word you've ever spelled? Omg, I spelled Booyeah, but my friend
said it wasn't a word  
706. Are you good with words? Ish
707. If not do you wish you were? Nah
708. Are you clever? Yesh
709. Are you smart? Uh huh
710. What's a word you hate? Hate
711. What bugs you the most? A certain person
712. Do you ever pretend you can purr? Yesh
713. Do you wish you had a tail? Sometimes
714. Do you have a tail on Gaia? No 
715. Do you wish that you had something your avi does? Yes
716. Do you actually own anything your avvi does? Yeah
717. How long is your hair? Chinnish length
718. How long are your eyelashes? Very long actually
719. Have you ever measured them? No
720. Do you wish on eyelashes that fall out? Yesh 
721. Do you get your eyebrows shaped?  Uh huh
722. Why? To look good
723. How much do you pay for it? About a tenner 
724. Do commercials work on you? sometimes
725. About how many do you see in a day? loads
726. Do you know the difference between a quiz and a survey? I think so
727. Explain it. I dunno how to
728. Have you ever conducted a survey? Yep 
729. What was it about? People's favourite TV programme
730. Have you ever participated in a survey? yesh
731. If not would you? Yeah
732. If you did, are you glad you did? Not particually 
733. If you were to give someone advice about going to your school, what would it be?
Be cool 
732. If you could give some warnings about your least favorite store, what would they
be? Don't buy their stuff, it breaks easy
733. What is your least favorite store? Dunno :D
734. Do your fingers obey you? Yep
735. How fast can you type? Very fast
736. Are you good with a computer? Yep I hope so
737. Have you ever made a website? Yesh
738. Have you ever made a computer? No
739. If not, would you like to? Not really
740. If you can't, do you want to learn how? No 
741. Do you spend more time on the computer or watching tv? Computer
742. On the computer or with friends? Friends
742. On the computer or reading? Computer
743. Do you read? Yesh
744. Why? Dunnah
745. What's the best thing you've ever read? A book 
746. The worst? A flyer
747. Do you care what happens to you? Depends 
748. Do you like gossip? No
749. Do you spread gossip? Kinda

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