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Randomness 11... Omg I am on question 450 outta 1500 :lCategory: (general)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
05:50:50 PM (GMT)
399. Do possessions matter to you? Yeah
400. Why? I dunno

401. Write a 10 letter word backwards : dneirflrig
402. Make it spell something else.  Diner

403. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend (if not, please consider the next questions
to be hypothetical and answer them
anyway) Yes
404. So, would that be a boyfriend, or a girlfriend?  Boyfriend
405. Would you consider the other? (eg, girlfriend if you have a boyfriend) No
406. Is it a long term relationship or a short term one? long term
407. Does your significant other know? Yeah
408. Is it casual or serious? serious (I think)
409. Does your s.o. think it is? Yeah
410. How long have you been together? a yearish
411. How long do you think it will last? ages xD
412. How long do you want it to last? ages :D
413. What's the best thing you've ever done for them? dunno 
414. What's the best thing they've ever done for you? dunno
415. What's so great about them? Everything
416. What do they see in you? Dunno :D
417. How did it start? At a party
418. Have you always liked them? yeah 
419. Do you see fat bouncing babies in the offing? not yet! 
420. Or are they already there? No!
421. If they are, how old are they? ...
422. What do you disagree on? ...
423. How do you deal with that? ...
424. Is it a long distance relationship? No 
425. If so, have you ever met them in real life? Yes 
426. If not, would you continue the relationship if one of you moved away? Yesh
427. Are you okay with PDA? Errrr What?
428. What do your friends think of them? Dunno 
429. Are they more important than your friends? no 
430. Is there anyone besides your current partner you'd like to go out with? No 
431. Would you tell them? Yes
432. If you have not a bf/gf, do you want one? Yes I have one
433. Or are you happy being single? ...
434. Is there anyone you'd like to go out with? ... 
435. What would you do if your partner cheated on you? Kill him :D 
436. What would you do if you cheated on your partner? Tell him straight away and
437. What do you consider to be cheating? Kissing/more
438. Are you jealous? Nah
439. How do you feel about polygamy? Errr, dunno 
440. Have you ever had a relationship you regret? Nah
441. Why do you regret it? ...
442. What would you do differently? Errr
443. What do you wish you could change about your current relationship? Nothing
444. If you're not in a relationship, what would you not want in one? You've asked
445. If smoking then breath mints? Huh?
446. If smoking than perfume? ?
447. How much could/can you forgive? Depends
448. Are relationships important to you? Yeah
449. Why? Erm...
450. What's the most important thing about your relationship? Trust

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