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She asked me to, so yeah. xDCategory: (general)
Saturday, 13 October 2007
05:35:04 PM (GMT)
1: Post these rules.
2: Each person tagged must post eight random (hopefully interesting) facts about
3: Tagged people should write a journal of these facts.
4: At the end, post eight more kupikans you wish to tag.
5: Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged
(anyone reading this is now tagged)

1: Imma vegetarian.
2: I love singing. :3
3: I hate people that act like they're better than everyone.
4: I've never had a cavity.
5: I don't have any allergies.
6: I play the piano.
7: Rabbits are my least favorite animals in the world. ._____.
8: I love getting hugs. ;D

ZanyZeldaFan says:   13 October 2007   622371  
woooooah i never knew you were a veggetarian! my sis (bluejay29) has
a best friend who is one too! i like to sing too =3 youve never had a
cavity!? 0_0 when i went to the dentist last, i had 5! i dont have any
allergies either. =) i also play the piano too. and i love getting
hugs too X3
MissDori says:   13 October 2007   983866  
Kewl!! :D

Dude, we're very alike. xD
cheytay1011 shouts:   13 October 2007   147356  
lol missdori
MissDori says:   13 October 2007   915371  
Yes?? :3
‹Just;Amazing› says:   14 October 2007   824524  
I love how all of those are true for me except for the rabbits one

They're my third least fave. First is snakes, then spiders.
MissDori says:   14 October 2007   322465  
Dude, that's weird. xD
MissDori says:   14 October 2007   992189  
I hate all of them o:
bluejay29 says:   14 October 2007   728538  
ur vegetarian too! Two of my bestest friends are vegetarian!
I luv singing too and i play the piano as well. I take private
lessons. OMG I've never had a cavity either! We are destined for each
other! At least we would be if you didn't hate bunnies  WHAT DID
THEY EVER DO TO YOU??? well, i hate guinea pigs cuz im allergic to
them so i guess i have some allergies. I agree wit you about how you
hate people who think their better than everyone else. Well, i g2g
MissDori says :   14 October 2007   217684  
Rabbits are just so annoying. ><
It's hard to explain. xD

Bye!!!! ;D


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