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Thursday, 20 September 2007
03:26:36 PM (GMT)
Kendra’s Diary

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
HI!  My name is like, totally, Kendra Myers!  I’m a cheerleader at my school, and
EVERYONE LOVES ME!  I have soooo many friends, and I’m like, soooo popular and
stuff.  My interests include: boys, cheerleading, parties, shopping, shoes, pink, my
friends, boys, pink, and umm, shopping, and cute puppies, and fuzzy things,
and…uhhh, what was I saying????!!
Anyway, I like, totally HATE school.  Well, the classes and the work, anyway. 
Seriously, school should just be there so you can like, talk to your friends and
stuff, don’t ya think?!  But everyone thinks I loooove school, but that’s
‘cause I’m like, such a good actress and stuff.  I’m the president of student
council, too!  I ran against this really gross and nerdy girl.  But she’s like
soooo smart, I dunno why she didn’t win!  It’s probably because I’m like, soooo
popular and everyone loves me!  I almost got kicked off student council though,
‘cause somebody had like, pictures of me when I was wasted at a party!  And I mean
wasteddddd.  Like, totally hammered.  But I told my classmates and teachers that it
was probably just some girl who looked like me, and I like, gave them my best puppy
dog eyes, and like, flipped my hair and batted my eyelashes, and they were like
“Aw, Kendra, it’s totally, like, okay!” and so, I’m still president.  Like,
OH MY GOSH!  I SO almost forgot about this!  Today, I like, got in this fight with
this girl, ‘cause she like, totally dissed cheerleading!  She said it’s like, not
a sport and stuff!  I was all like “Oh my gosh, how can you like, say that?!” 
and she was all,  “’Cause, like, all you do is like, stand there and twirl your
little skirts and your hair and try to look pretty, and stuff!” only she said it
all smart with like, a smart person accent, and stuff.  Anyway, it like, totally
pisses me off when people say cheerleading isn’t a sport!  It’s actually, like,
really hard.  Like, we have soooo much pressure put on us to look good ALL THE TIME! 
Even when we’re not cheerleading!  It’s like…well, it like, totally sucks!  
Like this one time, I woke up, and it was like, picture day at school, but I had a
huuuuge zit!  It was like, traumatizing!  Luckily, my mom has this friend who does
makeup, and she’s like, really good at it!  So I called her up, and she like,
covered the zit, and my picture was so HOT.  So, it was like, totally okay in the
Anyway, I have to like, get some beauty sleep now.  Wait, who am I kidding?  I’m
like, totally perfect, hee hee!  But first, I have to like, practice my poses in the
mirror for tomorrow, and like, tell myself how HOT I am!  We have a big game, and
c’mon, it’s not like anyone actually goes to watch the football team anyway…


Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
The football team, like, totally lost the game today.  But it’s okay, ‘cause the
cheerleaders still looked HOT!  But, I was the hottest, obviously!  I wasn’t on my
game totally today, though, ‘cause like, before the game, I went to visit Mr.
Fitzherbert (and afterward, I was like, totally worn out!), ‘cause like, I needed
to raise my grade in his class, and like, who cares if people think I’m a slut? 
I’m totally not, I just need a good grade so I can like, get into college and
Buuuut, before all that stuff, during lunch, a bunch of my friends, like, totally
dared me to ask this kid out.  He is a total gothtard.  Like, totally.  His name is
like, Zebra, or Zebula, or Zeppelin or something...wait…maybe it’s Zion. No, no!
It’s Zebulon!  Anyway, I forget.  Oh!  I totally know!  It’s Zephyr.  Weird, huh?
 So, I like, waited ‘til he was alone at lunch (which didn’t take long, ‘cause
he totally only has like two friends), and I went up to him and gave him my best
smile, and my best hair flip, and I was like “Hey,” and he was all, “Hey.” 
And then, he like, started to walk away!  So I was like, “HEY!” and he was all,
“What?!” and I handed him an invitation for my party, ‘cause I like, just
turned 16.  And he was all, “Is this a joke?” and I was like “Uh, no, you’re
invited.”  And he was all, “Cool,” and he shrugged.  So then, he was like,
staring at me, and like, not saying anything, so I just like, asked him out.  And he
like, didn’t say anything.  Which is weird, ‘cause like, EVERYONE wants to go out
with me!  And I was like, totally offended.  Plus, I kinda like, secretly think
he’s totally HOT.  I hope he comes to my party!  Oh great, now I’m like, nervous.
 And that usually only happens like, when I have to act smart, and stuff.  I mean,
like, I’m a good actress, but I’m not THAT good.  
Anywayyyyy, it’s getting like, really late, and I have to go like, do my Calculus
homework.  It’s basically like, the only homework I do, ‘cause I like, know
someone who knows how to do it and stuff.  And thennn, I totally have to like, take a
shower, ‘cause it takes a lot of effort to like, look so good in front of all the
football fans, even though they like, totally love me anyway!  And also, I’m still
kinda like, a little sweaty from going to see Mr. Fitzherbert… it’s totally
gross, but whatever!  So yeah, I’ll write again tomorrow!  Like, bye!


happyangel says:   20 September 2007   446286  
hey..your dairy is long
ZanyZeldaFan says:   20 September 2007   615384  
lol you say "like" a lot huh? ^-^ it's really funny, sort of. if you
want, you could check out my diary. lol i doubt anyone will cause it's
soooo long!
AMYxNiCOLE says:   20 September 2007   971956  
this ish quite entertaining x]
abercrombiequeen says:   20 September 2007   544956  
ok y are you sooo preppy and it isn't bout the looks its about the
heart and i cant believe u drink
Suicidal_Pastry says:   21 September 2007   111113  
Haha! abercrombiequeen You make me laugh. Its a forkin' joke you
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   26 September 2007   292921  
Love it.
Like, yeh, it's so totally hard to look THIS smokin' like hot all the
time! And Daddy said I couldn't have another Louis Vuitton bag because
our water bill is so much! But like, I thought water was like, free,
and stuff?


Just added that bit in and stuff >_>
Yeh, I love this :3
You're good.


Suicidal_Pastry says :   27 September 2007   914198  
Like thanks! XD Emily thinks your sense of humor is amazing :]


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