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Sunday, 16 September 2007
05:43:15 PM (GMT)
we last left off with kayleigh and sora being brought to a room with some new
donald, goofy, leon, and yuffie. with the fate of the world resting on these two
teenagers, will they be able to discover which one has the keyblade and train him in

                     Chapter 5:
"Ughhh" Kayleigh sat up slowly, unsure of where she was. "What happened?" she placed
hand to her forehead trying to remember. "Sora...the noises....the staff....and a
hand...??" She looked right then left. "AHHHHHH" she yelled and rolled backwards
her to tumble off the bed in a heep. 
She pulled herself up enough to peak over the side of the bed she had just fallen off
"Sora? WTF?!?!?!" She poked him and waited. 
No movement.
She then proceeded to thrust him off the other side of the bed with one hand. 
"GAHHH!" Sora got up and looked across the bed to where Kayleigh sat. "What was that
f---......where you and I in that bed together???" Kayleigh nodded and for a minute
had a pleased look on his face but upon seeing Kayleighs stern look he quickly turned
into a look of serious contemplation.
"How did we get here? All i remember is you by the fountain, me thinking about the
church, and then nothing...." He scratched his head. "Damn it...why dont we know
"I can answer that" Leon walked into the room closely followed by Yuffie, then
then Goofy.
"And who the Hell are you?" Kayleigh said pulling Sora back closer to her.
"Im Leon. This is Yuffie and Donald and Goofy" He said pointing to each individual as
said their names. "And we brought you here to find out which one of you is the
weilder. Donald and Goofy were sent by the king himself to find and train the weilder
he or she can proceed to save the world by getting rid of the heartless that has
torn apart both of your homes."
    ****Hours past while Leon and the others explained what heartless were and how
stole hearts and how they beleived a person from everyworld was banning together with
others under one ruler to control the heartless and take over their respective
This entire thing leaving Sora and Kayleigh quite speechless.****

"So one of us is going to be the wielder and then whoever it is has to risk his or
life to save the world and rid it of evil? And you have no idea how we come about
who the wielder is? it just has to happen? is this about right?" Sora said.
"Yup thats about right" Yuffie said with a smile as if none of this effected her in
"Look, this is interesting and all but me and Sora have friends to find. we dont
time for this." Kayleigh said in a very 'and that is that' way.
"Kayleigh! You and Sorie have to save the world! the king said so! and the king is
right! its our job to help you." Donald Said.
"and your friends could be on any world and you need a gummi ship to get to other
but we need that keyblade to get there. you need us to be able to find your friends
we need you to help save the world" Goofy said. while donald stared at him clearly
stunned that he could sound!

             Sora and kayleigh adjorned and spoke about what they would do for a
before agreeing that they needed the gummi ship. and as long as they were together
would be fine.

"fine, we will do it." Kayleigh said. 
"Alright, we leave now for another world. We need to eventually close the portal i
you about in this world that lets the heartless in but we dont have the keyblade yet
thats pointless." Donald said.
"And we will hold down the fort here! right Leon!?" Yuffie exclaimed while jumping up
"Good luck kids" Leon said before turning and walking out the door.
"well...i guess its time to go" Goofy said. And they left the building where all of
lives were changed forever.
                                 To Be Continued

we last left kayleigh and sora about to embark on a journey through space to find
friends with donald and goofy continue on:
****and a warning in advance im tired and sore and kind od dislecsic at the moment
bare with the bad typing, im trying to catch it when i write wrong****

                          Chapter 6:

"ALL ABOARD!" Goofy was dancing in a circle and yelling all aboard the enter time
boarded the gummi ship. "GOOFY! GIVE IT A REST IM GETTING A HEADACHE!" sora yelled
goofy's own yelling. upon the look of hurt on goofy's face sora reached out and gave
a huge hug. "Sorry goofy. its just the fact that my world has just been destroyed and
about to go into space with two animal looking people and a girl who is currently my
friend and i just met her and you two! im just a little stressed" sora sat in one of
back seats next to kayleigh. " think im your best friend?" kayleigh gave him
playful shove when he began to blush. "yeah...i do...we have so much in common, and
friends are missing so why not stay close to the only person that i know thats going
through the exact same thing as me?" 
donald went to the front driver's seat after goofy had sat down in the front
seat and passed out from dancing and yelling so much. "everyone ready? lets try not
wake goofy for a while...we will have some quiet time." he smiled back at kayleigh
sora and then they were off. soaring into the sky higher and higher till the world
seemed like a speck. a bright light in the shape of a keyhole lay ahead. "brace
yourselves" donald called back. sora and kayleigh grabbed whatever was near. when
came close enough to the light it sucked them in at full speed and shot them out in
completley different part of outter space. "ooooo....i can never get used to that
feeling" donald said looking queezy. kayleigh looked at sora and he looked at her
they both looked down to find that during their breif period inside the light warp
thing...they had grabbed each other's hands but didnt even realize till after. 
the quickly let go and turned to look out their own windows...both blushing wildly.
    **** 3 hours later****
"QUUUUAAAAAAAA!" everyone but goofy shot awake immediatly. "wha-whats going
sora said through a yawn. "whats happened?" kayleigh added. "WE ARE HERE! sorry if i
scared you guys by yelling like that i was just excited. this is our first world."
looked out the windows upon a world which seemed to be only made of woods and gardens
what looked like a tiny castle. they landed amidst the gardens at the edge of the
donald opened the doors and they steped out leaving goofy sleeping in the gummi ship
could probly search quicker without them" donald had told them.
they steped to the edge of the woods and heard a small boyish laugh and then the
"WELCOME TO WONDERLAND!" along with a seemingly floating smile.

                            to be continued

aww. thats sweet of you! and thats so cool we are in your story!!

continuing on with mine:

we last left kayleigh and the others in wonderland..

                  Chapter 7:

"Welcome to wonderland" a voice comming from no where said.
"wonderland?" kayleigh asked looking at the others. "whats that?"
"hahahhaha...whats wonderland you ask? well...follow my voice and smile and i shall
you" a smile appeared in a tree next to donald who screamed and jumped onto goofy
when he
saw it. " seem must be new to this land." 
"Uh...Mr...uh...Smile. We are looking for our friends..Riku and Kairi..."
"And Landon and Gerryn!" Kayleigh interupted.
"Hmmm...I know of an Alice and of a queen. I know a joker and and a rabbit so clean.
Alice is in trouble, so youd better run. But watch out for the meanies..." they began
run into the maze of a garden without listening to the rest of the cheshire cat's
but he shouted anyway "AND TRY NOT TO HAVE FUN! these days" and with that he

Goofy stopped running and stood straight up causing Sora, then Kayleigh then Donald
run into him and eachother. 
"QUUUAAAA! goofy! why did you stop?" Donald yelled furiously
"I hear crying!" Sora steped forward and looked around a corner then motioned for
kayleigh and the rest to follow. 
"I see two people!" he whispered to kayleigh when she was close enough to hear. 
"our friends?!?!" she asked hopefully.
"i dont think so." they all edged their way closer to the two people sitting on a
with their backs to the group which was aproaching them. A boy sitting on the left
his arm wrapped, consoleingly, around a girl. 
A twig snaps as they sneak up on them and the boy stands up and whips around leaving
girl to wobble a little unsteadily before getting up and standing behind the boy.
"WHO ARE YOU?" he yelled. obviously he was furious but it didnt seem to be because
and the girl were just intruded upon.
"WHO ARE YOU?!" he yelled again more forcefully. Kayleigh stepped forward trying to
around the boy at the girl who was standing behind him trying to clear her puffy,
eyes of tears.
"Are you two alright?" Kayleigh asked.
"who are you?" the girl mumbled.
"my name is Kayleigh, this is sora, donald, and goofy." she gestured to each one as
said the name. "and we are here looking for our friends. Have you by any chance seen
boys? one blonde and one brunette?"
"or a boy and a girl. the boy with silver hair and the girl with red?" sora added. 
"n-no...we havent" the girl said...barely audible. still trying to subdue her tears
stepped forward and introduced herself and the boy who still had yet to put down his
"My name is Sara, and this is Barex"
         To be continued

  Chapter 8:

"Hmm...Barex and Sara..those names seem familiar." Sora said.
"I think ive heard the names before too" Kayleigh said. "Anway its nice to meet you
why are you crying Sara?"
"Its nothing. Just forget about it." She said sitting back down while looking on the
verge of fainting.
"I dont know if we can trust these people" Sora and kayleigh overheard donald saying
"Donald. Sara is crying and we dont know why not to mention they are sitting in the
middle of a maze...we need to help them" Sora said. Kayleigh stared at him in
of his compassion for two people they didnt even know. He looked over and say her
and he smiled. then they both hurridly turned away and blushed.
Barex watched the whole thing with his hand resting on Sara's shoulder and the other
holding out his keyblade.
"I dont know what you two are doing over there smiling at each other and whispering
we need to find and save Alice before the Queen of Hearts beheads her!" Barex said in
frustrated tone.
"Then we better go!" Goofy yelled. They had started to think he wasnt there anymore
the lack of sound comming from him and the fact that we left the group for about 5
minutes. Kayleigh stared at him...something was weird with this whole situation and
just couldnt put her finger on what it was.
"Your right Goofy. Sara, Barex, If you guys need our help, we are at your service!"
with that barex and sara started running towards the castle which loomed overhead. 
"Do you have anything to say before i reach my verdict?" The Queen's voice boomed
over the castle grounds. Sora, Barex, Kayleigh and Sara stood with their heads
out from behind a wall of bushes watching what was unfolding.
"N-No. Because i did not do anything wrong!" Alice said, forcing herself to sound
and Brave.
"Very well, I shall deliberate...."
We have to make a plan" Sara said.
"Right, good idea." Kayleigh added. They all stood back behind the wall while the
file her nails and ask the rabbit how beautiful she is "Very my Queen." He would
"Alright, here is the plan: Me and Donald will go to the right and wait for the
while Sora and Sara go to the left behind the bushes, same as us and wait. Then
you will run out and try to distract the Queen and the gaurds while we get Alice.
will be there waiting in case something happens. and so will we." Barex said.
felt jealous that she had to be the distraction while Sara got to go with Sora.
plan...distraction....kissy face.....grrr* she thought.
"Alright, Great plan!" Sora said which only fueled Kayleighs annoyance more.
"Alright and the signal is the moment kayleigh walks out so whenever your ready
just do it! just try not to wait too long..if Alice had already been beheaded...its
to long." Barex said and they ran off. Kayleigh watched Sora grab Sara's hand and
her to the left until they disapeared. 
"Ok, Goofy Im gonn-...Goofy?" she turned around but she didnt see him anywhere. She
couldnt wait for him, she had to go in, the Queen was about to give her verdict.
"I declare that for the crime of thinking she was more beautiful than me and
to beat me in a game of-..."
*I have to go now!* kayleigh thought. and when she was about the step out she felt a
reach out across her face and cover her mouth. *what the* she thought. 
"Keep quiet Princess." The voice said. It was goofy? His other hand reached out
her stomache and he forced her forward into the area where she was suposed to be
distracting the Queen.
"Where is Kayleigh? Its already been 5 minutes!" Sora said. he was worried something
might have happened. "What if something happened to her?" 
"Im sure nothing happened. She is just waiting for the right time to strike. Im sure
it!" Sara said reassuringly. Sora looked at her and she smiled at him. Her smile made
feel warm and he couldnt help but smile back. Then he heard the Queen yell "WHAT IS
"she must be out there! Lets go!" Sora yelled and he jumped through the bushes But
stopped short when he saw Kayleigh being dragged forward by Goofy. *What is going
This isnt the plan* he said to himself. Then he looked across the way to Donald and
to see Donald being subdued by Barex. A noise from behind startled him. It was Sara.

"What is going on?! This wasnt the plan!" Sora asked as he looked back from
horrified face to Donald struggling to get free of Barex's strong hold.
"Its a pitty i have to do this Sora. Your so cute. But I guess it wouldnt have worked
between us...." She brought her face so close to his that she could have nearly
him. "...too bad im evil."  He felt a thud on the back of his head and everything
black. The last thing he heard was Kayleigh yell his name...and then...nothing.

              To be continued

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