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Monday, 3 September 2007
12:41:59 AM (GMT)
Royal Servant:
All Link for the Queen Juliana Monstea The 4th


*snaps for quiet* Hello All citizens of Penopia.

King*whispers* Arent you going to introduce the royal butler Sir Pheiolene
long Name He comes from a french-spanish Ansestry.

Town Runner: There is a new shop in Penopia. Called Butchers&Beef.

Room keepers:Princess Penelope Monstea's Room is set and ready.

MaidsTiff/Bellie: Queen Please a man that goes by the name"Weird Al" Wants to Proform
at the castle.

Weird Al: Hello People My name is Alfred Yankovic.

Weird Al: Queen,Am I worthy?

Queen:*shrieks* YES! YES YES YES!! a flight OVER seas oh my OF course
you are worthy.

King:*jeleously*Uhm Okay We move on people of penopia.

Queen:*smirky* Are you actually Jeleous of Weird Al ? you own a whole country and he
is a recording parodist,,snap outta it You da KING!!!

Sir Pheiolene S`prenthion:Hello Your Majesty,*bows* And who is this dare is say
"funky dude"

Weird Al: Hey i have a name and it is Weird Al so suck it up butler boy!!!

Butler: *looks down* Would you like anything Queen?

Queen: no thank you oh yes yes i do want somthing.

Butler: What?

Queen: a double fugeberry driptipcherry blossom top with a hint of cinamon and
frosting saying "W.A." for Weird Al.

King: *jumps at Weird Al* You wife stealer I'll KILL you!

Weird Al: Get the hell of me man you don't know me like DAT!!!*spits in kings eyes*

Towns Men:*laughing* ha ha ha king he spit in your eye! no offense!

Queen:*gets up from her seat* I'll have your head!!!

Towns Men: My head is to sexy to have it's for a fit body!!

Queen:*chuckles* like your body was ever fit*laughs and walks away*

Princess Penelope&Prince Charles Kenchier:*arrives*

Princess Penelope:hi mom hi dad hi Weird Al!!

Princess Penelope: WEIRD AL!!!

Prince Charles:We are getting Married !! tomorrow!!! isn't that great!!



Princess Penelope: they don't want us to get married we'll get married somwhere
else!! and you won't be there!!!

Princess Penelope:Come on Charles

Prince Charles:Did the king just Die?

Princess Penelope:No know lets go

Queen:*wakes up* What the hell happened and how come the king is dead[!!!

Butler:King*Grin* Is dead

Queen:*nastly*Butler your FIRED!!!!!!!!

Butler: Why?

Queen:your happy my husband is dead *crying*

Prince:Love is such a strong thing,Too bad you have none for me and my soon to be

Towns Men: *sings* The king is dead we sing in sorrow the king is dead we burry him
he ruled on thrown his wife was blown Nice and cool Terifiying and cruel the king is
dead we cry to day
we shutter to say those of you who laugh today should be in sorrow by tomorrow.*looks
down and then cries*

Queen : you love the king*kisses them on the lips*

Towns men:*hearts float around their head then kisses queen takes her to the bed*
Princess :MOM!!! you two-timing bitch if dad were alive he would kill you!!!!

Queen: Honey,you stupid!!! if the king weren't dead i wouldn't be kissing these

Prince:*shakes his head in denial*  your husband lays there dead while you kiss other

Queen: Shut up and get married i have a baby to make!!!

Butler:*sings hannah montana song  One in a million* They say that good things
take time but really great things
happen in a blink of an eye  there was a chance to meet somebody like you  were a
million to one i can not believe it oh ooh
 whoa your one in a million !!!

Prince:Damn you guys you stand there singing fuckin songs while the damn king lays
there dead in the fuckin shit castle go to hell
yea i said GO TO HELL!!!!!


Prince: Sorry for my flip out boy is my face RED!!!!!*fans his face*

Princess : Were not getting marri... !!

Prince:*kisses princess*

Princess:*pricess likes it*

Queen:*looks disgusted*

Butler: We should take him to a docter!!

Royal Docter: Did some one say docter?

Docter: he has a pulse but not a very stronge one he could die anytime like supose

Queen: but he's not...... Oh my bloody hell you wouldn't 

Docter:Yes i would *takes out knife almost stabs king*

King:why is he holding a knife?
Last edited: 3 September 2007

YumiAces_Kitty_Suki says:   3 September 2007   621748  
Coooooooooooool!!!! I like it!!!
Mikia180 says :   1 November 2007   774976  
thnx girl

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