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Hearts in the sandCategory: Storys for the heart and mind
Monday, 27 August 2007
05:20:09 PM (GMT)
Hello. I am Razzer. My real name is not important, but i have dicided to start
writeing some what of shotr storys to see who would like them, this one i thought
about in the shower (shut the fuck up) and idk i guess its about love. If you know me
you know i swear alot and have many anger problems. but i swear i will not show
tomuch of my "fuck off" attitud in these storys unless the story line is about that
sort of thing. since this is my 1st just let me tell you if its boreing the next to
come wont be. this is for more of the emotionaly deep people out there and i will
have violent killing in storys to come i swear ;3
And once again i will tell you the baseic storyline for this one since its the 1st
and i dont want you getting bored and anoyed and leaveing bfor you read it all *deep

This is basicly a love triagnale. but its a bit more sinister then that. the 2 man
charicters fall in love and some one ether joins them or wishes to prevent them. and
there will be a murder in the name of love because i can do a pure love no violence
thing because im me :D Now enjoy my story. And little ones should turn away now

Story 1. Hearts in the sand

Now in most love and loveless storys you see the 2 main charicters who in this case
lets call them Jillian (jill for short) And Cody. Now cody would have a crush on jill
and she would hate him becuase shes a popular and to good for him, then cody slowly
gets her to fall in love with him. Now thats Normal. Im not normal. So this story
begins on the 1st day of grade 10 for both cody and jillian. Comeing back from a
wonderfull summer vacation, jill is head-over-heals in love for The QB of the
highschool foot ball team, wearing his lether jacket he won last year for 1st place
in the highschools foot ball championships. His name would be Jack. Yes i know, jack
and jill right? well wrong. Jill absolutly loved him. she would go down on him in a
matter of seconds if he said, not asked, told her too. But jill isent a whore. no no
shes far from it. hes willing to do anything in the name of love. and yes her and
jill have Fucked a few times. But never acctualy Made love, if you understand what i
mean. But if you dont let my lay it out for you. They have sexual intercorse, but
because its out of hormons, not from the love they have for eatch other. Well to jill
it is But not for jack.

Now Cody. Good kid. never hurt anyone, stayed away form drugs and alchohal. Yet he
would maccacur millions just to beable to talk to jillian. to him she was a god. If
he was a little more sinister he would be stalking her night after night. Cody Has
loved jill since he set eyes on her, he has no girl friend and never realy has. He
has dated but because they wanted him and he has been in bed with a few girls higher
o nthe social latter. No one would realy call cody a reject or a freak. hes likes by
most people and what ever snaped in him no one could see comeing.

As cody headed for the door of the school he grabbed a glance at jill. In a white T
you could see her nipples. and a micro mini skirt. if he was any othre guy he woulda
poped a bonner right there, but he was respecting to women and never took advantige
of them. He would take a bullet for a girl he dident even know, but what would you
expect from a spawn of Ireland? As he looked away from jillian he ran strait into
jack. Looking up from jacks chest jack looked down at him, grabbed his shirt and in
his face said deeply, clearly, and loudly
"What the fuck are you doing makeing googly eyes at my girl"
"I... I'm not" Cody forsed form his lips. he was terifid of jack
"Damn strait, and if i catch you tryn' ta stair at my girl like that again ill kick
your teeth in, ya hear me?"
"Y..yeah i hear you" Jack let go of his shirt and he fall face first onto the ground
and jack walked over to jill grabbed her and stuck his toung down so deep in her
mouth she started coking. Of corse this Pissed cody off, but what could he do? So he
walked into the school and went to his first pirod Class. Math.

"Good morning Cody, good to see you back!" It was Mr. muth, his grade nine math
teatcher, lookd like he got the promotion.
"Good to se eyou aswell Mr. Muth" Cody said back with a smile. And just as he took
his seat at the front of the class room in came Jill. walking slowly and said a few
words to Mr. muth and then sat down right besdie Cody. Heart raceing, brekaing out in
a sweat he looked over at her and then jerked his head away and ecoing in his head
was jack 'if you even look at her ill kick your teeth in' Cody gulped and looked down
at the craveing on the desk. Then he heard the sound of a angel
"Hello... Cody was it? my names jill" she was tlkaing to him! he allmost fell out of
his desk
"H... Hi yeah my names cody... Ummm whats up?" he barly managed to say
"Nothing realy, i saw you and my boy friend tlkaing earlyer. Im sorry, hes over
protective of me.." She said as she looked away
"Oh its ok, i would be like that or worse if i was lucky enough to be dateing you"
Then he relized what he had just said and his face turned as red as a cherry
"haha, thanks, your realy sweet." jill replied, Then jill relized she was falling for
cody, But what will become of her and jack?
"T...thank you jill" he stutterd. 

They could boht feal the seed of love being planted. But what would grow from it
would be a tree of hatred, spite and death. Little did they know. At the end of class
Jill gave Cody her number and adress and invited him over after school. Of corse he
took it. They both went thru there day as planed. 

At the end of the day Cody looked at the scribled number and adress and almost cryed
with happieness. He ran home on love struck legs and when he got inside he told him
om to make an early dinner, he was going out tonight.

Around 6 o' clock he called jill, it was the real number, and he ran walked to her
place. once he got there she open the door and jumped him, held him on the sofa and
started makeing out with him. he was dumb struck but held her tight and followed
sute. After a few minits of hard core toung sucking the door flew open and along came
jack. By this time cody was on stop, and jack swong his head around, saw cody, and
lost it. At the top of his lungs he yelled
REST OF YOUR LIFE EATING THRU A FUCKIN' STRAW" Re reatched over for cody but cody
moved and jill jumped in front of jac kand said
"baby, i sorry, its not his falt its mine. I dont know what came over me" with tears
in her ees she held him. A building rage in both jack and cody started
"So this is your falt then, huh babe?" he grabbed her by the hair and hit her agenst
the wall "how could you break my heart." he said to her as she was picking her self
"please jack. im sorry." she pleded. jack turned around and walked out the door and
screamed back at her
"im sorry jill, I.... I... I didnet know" Cody said to her
"its ok cody, he knows we are over. Lets go ito my back yard" he signaled him to
follow and he did.

They sat on the grass beside eatch other and looked up at the amber red sky. It was
so romantic. But if jill only knew what cody had planed for jack. She would fela more
bitter sweet then ever. Cody slowly put his arm around Jill and she tilterd her head
at him, he looked her in the eyes and gave her a kiss. Not an avrige one. No. this
was pastion, love, careing. But Behind the mask of this kiss was a monster slowly
breaking free.

The next day jack walked into the school pissed off more thne ever, walked to his
locker, opened it and a note fell out. He picked it up and it read:

if you want to Fuck with me, "kick my teeth in," what what the fuck ever. But you
hit Jill and now its fucking personal. Meet at the run down shack in hte feild across
from Jills house, who ever surives this takes Jill. Unless your not man enough. I say
lunch time should be fine.

Jack clenched his fists and punched the lockers. thru the whole day Jack was pissed
off. he couldent stand it that his girl was wih some other guy. by the time lunch
came he bolted for the door and ran from the school down to Jills street. He looked
around and found the shack, he slowly walked over. Just then cody jumped out with 2
serated hunting knifes in his hands. He rushed Jack and stabed both of the knifes
thru his wrists and pinned him to the wall with them. jack gave a muffled scream of
"well well well jack. you showed up" Cody said with a sadistic smile on his face
"what the FUCK kid, I.... I'm sorry for what i did, what are you going to do?" he
said thru tears in his eyes
"well jack. im going to take you out of the pickture so Jill will be mine" He said
with a laugh
"P...P...Please.... dont kill me. you can have her. i never loved her any ways" he
By now the smile on cody face turnt to an expresstion of anger, he took another
hunting knife from a table and slowly gouged Jacks left eye out as he screamed.
Yelling at him in a deep tone cody said
 he lunged the blade into his stomic and slowly pulled down as he screamed, Blood was
now pouring over him, on his face, his pants, down his shirt, and he was smileing
like he was hyped on morphine. cody started to laugh insainly as he hacked at Jacks
body. Blood was all over the walls from his slashing, and jack was still alive.
"SEE WHAT HAPPONS WHEN YOU FUCK WITH PEOPLE JACK" He said right has he slashed jack
neck, Blood pourd onto his face and he opend his mouth and laughed at he spun around
in the blood shower.
as life slowly Left jack he only then relized that Cody wouldent be satisfyed with
only one death.

And so Cody ends here. But from Cody will rise a murderer. Who will be his next
victem. Well in the next copie of hearts in the sand we shall find out.

(i spell cheaked but then i dlieted by accedent so fuck you, yoll get what i mean)

Dragonfly01 says:   27 August 2007   148891  
Wow, that was like really good, kind of addicting even, keep going 
kattany2 says:   27 August 2007   867748  
lol um hmmmm its gory thats for shure buts its cool i have my own
seirs its call Dangerous Love go read it so far im on the 3 book lol
and u can use like my phraseing if u want
‹♥*Hey Jude*♥› says:   27 August 2007   819379  
that was awesome i loved it!
‹super secret smore club member #2› says:   27 August 2007   291542  
i really like it
‹Corpse Grinder› says :   28 August 2007   349819  
Next one will have proper spelling XD

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