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Monday, 23 July 2007
04:08:05 PM (GMT)
-:|:- Good girls don't lie, 
-:|:- Bad girls don't cry, 
-:|:- Dumb girls need "air", 
-:|:- Naughty girls need underwear, 
-:|:- Sweet girls aren't mean, 
-:|:- Funny girls make a scene, 
-:|:- Perfect girls have all the class, 
-:|:- Mean girls will kick your ass, 
-:|:- Smart girls will excel, 
-:|:- Gossip girls will tell, 
-:|:- Popular girls get all the boys, 
-:|:- Little girls play with toys, 
-:|:- Normal girls are nothing new, 
-:|:- So which one applies to you? 

fiction says:   31 July 2007   996431  
bad girls don't cry
I_love_kirk_4_ever says:   10 August 2007   342864  
mean gurlz will fuckin kick your ass if you mess wit my man!
Moonstone_Absol says:   18 August 2007   178851  
And big girls don't cry!Don't cry,don't cry,don't cry.
hot_lez_girl_licks_pussy_every_day says:   20 August 2007   181686  
ok then
pipinghot says:   21 August 2007   578383  
ill kick any1's ass if they annoy me i would probably do more then
that to hurt dem
freestyle13 says:   24 August 2007   433894  
I'm nothing new
hot_lez_girl_licks_pussy_every_day says:   27 August 2007   337566  
ok then
sweetie_pie_ says:   29 August 2007   732226  
I'd have to say I'm between Sweet girls aren't mean and
Naughty girls need underwear
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   29 August 2007   913482  
Funny girls make a scene and um....i would probably kick ur butt if u got on my.....other.....side. ~FaBuLoU$~
‹~.asian.of.the.night.~› says:   1 September 2007   396217  
Im the same.
manduhh says:   11 September 2007   177495  
Neither because I don't label myself.
oreo_channy says:   20 September 2007   292258  
bad girls but i dont reallt label myself
Lovesick says:   7 October 2007   546574  
u cant judge a person, i agree with manduhh and oreo channy, i dont
label myself either..and others arent given the right to either 

just MY opionion~Moonlight
xExotic says:   6 November 2007   349552  
PoniesRcute says:   15 December 2007   711456  
awsome but er, wierd
Tasha666 says:   15 December 2007   267539  
i would probably be a smart girl
devilkiddo13 says:   12 January 2008   664272  
im between mean and normal girl
Souriyamath says:   17 January 2008   449428  
that ruyms
runrunran says:   8 June 2008   889288  
here's all i gots 2 say good girls r bad girls dat don't get caught.
everyone thinks im a good girl, but im not a good girls & i honestly
do cry but only wen my heart is broken & miserible
‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› says:   6 August 2008   735454  
I'm all apart from popular lol
basically i dont lable
crazybutcutechick says:   1 September 2008   683129  
im  naughty girls need underwear. and mean girls will kick yo ass!!!
but naughty girls like me dont need underwear!!! MAYBE WE CANT CONTROL
OURSELVES but oh well..... idc bout underwear nill do a guy anyway.
Blazayblah says:   22 January 2009   215642  
Funny girls make a scene

‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   7 March 2009   838433  
I don't label myself. I'm a normal girl with a normal life. I'm
normal.But i don't judge myself.
blondie_lovesdrama says:   18 June 2009   287959  
wow this is good as
‹katelynBabyyyツ› says:   13 July 2009   982433  
It's okay.
But I am who I am I dont label myself.
‹~+cαπ'T ι ευεƦ  βE hαρρψ?? ju$T øπc› says:   9 December 2009   618458  
~+sweeT girLs arenT meaN+~
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   15 April 2010   501953  
Funny girls make a scene! ;b
‹Nettaz: Zatten's enemy.› says :   15 August 2012   167654  
Mean girls will kick your ass


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