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[[FRANK IERO]] .:To The End:. [[FRANK IERO]]Category: love story
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
12:43:39 AM (GMT)
Everything felt different this morning, I felt the hole inside me disappear, I felt
slightly whole again. 
My dad came in late last night, he's been working late nights to earn more money ever
since, Jonathan's suicide. I think he was trying to make my life seem better by
buying me things I don't need and making me feel like one of those spoilt rich girls
who live of their father's bank accounts. 

I tried to tell him last night that I didn't need the money and beautiful things but
as usual he was too tired to listen to me. 

It was now, 12pm in the afternoon. I woke up late today, being that I was up all
night thinking about that boy in the Cemetery, Frank. 

I didn't feel like going to school today but something told me I should go, even
though it was pointless since there was only three hours of school left. 

I put on my uniform and ran out of my house, leaving a note on the kitchen table to
my dad. 


I reached the school just in time for lunch, so I could meet Jessica in the

I pushed open the Cafeteria doors and spotted Jessica sitting at the corner table
with Gerard, Mikey and some unfamiliar faces. 

I walked towards their table and stood behind Jessica with my arms folded, she didn't
notice that I was there. 

"Ummmm...Jessica, there's a girl standing behind you," Gerard said pointing towards

Jessica turned round slightly puzzled then screamed in shock. 

"Oh My God, why didn't you tell me you were coming in today?" She asked standing up
to hug me tight. 

"I weren't exactly sure if I was coming or not!" I said pulling her off me so I could

"Well your here now, Let me introduce you to the guys!" She said taking her seat as I
stood next to her. 

"This is Ray!" She said pointing to the guy with frizzy light brown afro. 

"Hey!" He said smiling at me. 

"Hi," I replied giving him a little wave. 

"This is Bob..." 

"Hey ya!" 


"This is Mikey," 

"Aren't you in my Chemistry class or something?" I asked 

"Yeah, I dropped my inhaler in you acid solution one time!" Mikey said a little

"Ok...and last but not least is Gerard," Jessica said pointing at Gerard and smiling

"Hey!" I said examining his pale face, Long hair and his beautiful hazel eyes. 

"Hey!" He said with a slight nod. 

"Umm...Melissa, you can sit down now!" Jessica said interrupting my staring match
with Gerard. 

"Oh...Yeah sorry," I said taking a seat next to Jessica. 

"So youre the Melissa that Jessica has been talking about all the time!" Gerard said
examining me like I was some endangered species. 

"Yeah I guess so...Wait she talks about me?" I said giving him a questioning look. 

"Yeah, she totally does, she talks about how much you love to sing and write songs
and stuff!" Mikey joined into the conversation. 

"Oh... I said relieved that she didn't mention anything embarrassing about me. 

"Chill out Mel, I didn't say anything about you calling Gerard hot!" Jessica blabbed

She always had a problem with keeping her mouth shut so I never told her anything

"Jess!" I screeched making her cover her mouth as to say 'oops!' 

"You think i'm hot?" Gerard said looking for possible yes. 

"Not exactly...I said cute!" I replied making sure I wasn't making Gerard seem big

"Thanks all the same, not much girls actually say that about me," Gerard looked quite
sweet while he said this. 

"I can't imagine why they wouldn't think your cute, I mean Jessica here says it all
the time...I think she has a thing for you!" I said squeezing Jessica's arm as to say
'payback bitch'. 

Gerard just smiled while Jessica blushed a shade of crimson. Gerard then looked past

"Hey Frankie, over here!" Gerard stood to call this so called 'Frankie' 

I didn't bother to turn around I just focused on the table in front of me. 

Jessica's head looked up, as this so called 'Frankie' stood before us. 
Jessica nudged me to look up, in which I did and saw a very familiar face. 

"Jessica, Melissa this is..." 

"Frank?" I said puzzled 

"Melissa?" He replied back puzzled as well. 

"You two know each other?" Gerard said joining the puzzled moment. 

"Yeah...we met yesterday at the C..." 

"Mall!" I quickly interrupted. 

Frank gave me a puzzled look in which I just nodded. 

"Ummmm...Yeah the Mall," frank said slowly as he took a seat next Gerard, opposite

"Wow, you met the new guy at the mall yesterday and didn't tell me?" Jessica said
nudging me again. 

"Not now Jess....Frank, you didn't tell me that you go to school here?" I asked
ignoring Jessica's question. 

"Well I just started today!" Frank said resting his arms on the table. 

"Did Frank tell you that we're in a band?" Gerard spoke up. 

"Kinda, he didn't mention you guys were in it," I said still trying to wipe the shock
from my face. 

"Oh yeah, they're in it too, Gerard sings vocals, Mikey plays bass, Bob plays drums
and Ray plays Lead guitar!" Jessica stepped in sounding like an over drugged up hyper

"And Frank plays rhythm Guitar!" I said rubbing it in that I knew about Frank before

"Wow, we have groupies already!" Ray said sarcastically. 

"Melissa's mine!" Frank said holding my arm from across the table. 

"Oh that's fine with me, I'll have Jessica!" Gerard said winking at her, causing her
to giggle and snort loudly. 

"That's not fair, what do we get?" Mikey said pouting a little. 

"You get another inhaler!" Gerard joked. 

"Ha...ha...very funny Gerard!" Mikey said with no emotion in his voice. 

"Hey hold it!!! I am not a groupie, Jess might be but i'm not, so Frank remove your
hand before I break it!" I said staring Frank in the eye. 

Frank quickly moved his arm and placed it on the table. I smiled at him then looked
towards Jessica. 

"Hey!!!" Jessica moaned. 

"Frankie, I quite like yours, she feisty, I like it! Ray said winking at me. 

"Ummmm...Frank I take it back, you can have me!" I said grabbing his hand in mine. 

Frank stuck out his tongue at ray then looked at me, then at our hands. 
They linked together in a neat pattern, almost prefect I suppose. 

For some reason through out the talking and teasing I was doing I never noticed that
I was holding Frank's hand. 

Gerard cleared his throat, "Well you two seem keen!" 

I looked then focused on our joined hands, then quickly parted from the hold. 

"AWWWWWW!!!!!" Jessica commented before I hit her in the arm. 


"Bell...Time to go!" I said quickly as I got up from the table and headed out, hoping
no one would follow after me. 


I ran to my locker and started to bang my head lightly against it. 

"Stupid, stupid, why did I do that!" I shouted at myself continuing to give myself
brain damage. 

"Do what?" Frank said from behind me. 

I stopped banging my head instantly and turned towards Frank. 


"Don't worry about it, let's just say you hand slipped!" Frank said smiling at me. 

I returned the smile then opened my locker to get out my books. 

"So what was the Mall thing about?" Frank said moving to the left side of my locker.

"Oh, that!" I said shutting my locker and turning to Frank. 

"Yeah, that, why couldn't I just say that we met in the Cemetery?" Frank said
questioning my sadden expression. 

"Because I don't want anyone to know that I go there, not even Jessica," I said
walking past him to the east staircase. 

"Why? it's a cool place to go!" Frank said walking beside me. 

"It's not that I go there, it's more to do with the reason why I go there!" I said
stopping before the staircase. 

"Oh...Jonathan," Frank said nothing more, not that he knew much apart from that i
visited Jonathan's grave on a daily basis. 

I nodded and looked towards the staircase to see Morgan walking down towards me. 

"Well, nice to see you here again, after your tear fest yesterday, I thought you
weren't going to show your face today!" Morgan smirked and stopped before me on the
first step of the staircase. 

I didn't say anything, I just stared into her cold icey blue eyes and faked a smile.

"Silence...Hmmm...Suits you...I see you brought along a new victim!" Morgan said
fixing her eyes upon Frank who had no idea what was going on. 

"He's not a victim, his name is..." 

"Frank, and Id rather be Melissa's victim then prey to an evil venomous bitch like
you!" Frank interrupted bringing the smirk on Morgan's face to a frown. 

"Let me tell you something, Frank you have no idea who youre messing with, you may be
Melissa's new toy but to me youre nothing but a little faggot!" Morgan said as she
walked past me to stare Frank in the eyes. 

"Are you done, Miss wicked witch of the west?" Frank asked smirking at her, angry

Morgan huffed and began to walk away mumbling 'bitches' as she did. 

I turned to Frank, shocked at what had just took place, 


"No problem, It was fun pissing that bitch off, even though i have no idea who she
is!" Frank said placing his hands in his pockets. 

"Oh...that's Morgan, the 1st place Whore and the bitchiest bitch of them all!" 

"Hmm...Really? I wouldn't place her as a whore, she's too damn ugly for one!" Frank
said smirking once more. 

"Who said whores have to be pretty?" I smirked back at him. 

"Well most of the ones Ive met have been pretty hot, i mean i thought you were one
when i saw you in your uniform!" 

"What? For you information, i'm not a whore and I can't be one if i'm a virgin! And
if anyones the whore around here it's you!" I said lashing out at him a little. 

"Woah!! I can't be a whore!" Frank said slightly shocked at my out burst. 

"And why not?" I said questioning his answer. 

"Cause i'm a...ummmm..." 

"Youre a virgin!!!" I shouted slightly shocked at what his was trying to say. 

"Shut up! Dont shout it to the world!" Frank whispered turning slightly red. 

"Its too late for that!" I smiled watching him turn redder. 

"It's not that I haven't had a girlfriend, I just haven't found the right one, you

I nodded and giggled a little at the fact that this boy who, seemed like the 'bad
boy' type wasn't so bad after all. 

"I'm not gay or anything!" Frank screeched. 

"But you are in trouble!!" A voice shouted towards us. 

Frank and I looked towards to the top of the staircase to see Principal Cunnings,
coming towards us. 

"What are you two doing in the hallways, lessons started 20 minutes ago!" He shouted.


"What Frank is trying to say sir, is that he was asking me where his next lesson is,
since he has no idea cause he's new!" I lied, something I was quite good at. 

"Really?" Principal Cunnings asked speciously. 

Frank nodded and faked a little smile. 

"Well do you know where you going now?" Principal Cunnings asked vaguely. 

"Yes sir, I have French next, up these stairs," Frank said trying to look as innocent
as he could. The lip piercing wasn't helping. 

"Well off you two go and don't let me see you in these halls during lesson times
again, is that clear?" 

I could tell Frank wanted to piss Principal Cunnings of by saying 'no', so I nudged
him in the arm. 

"Yes, sir!" We said as we took of up the stairs. 

"Thanks for that!" Frank said looking back at me as we ran up the stairs. 

"Let's just say we're even!" I said as we finally reached the first floor of the

"Ummmm...Melissa, where are you going?" Frank looking puzzled at the fact I was
following him to his French lesson. 

"I'm going to my lesson, which is French with you!" I replied stopping at the French
classroom door. 

Frank smiled and returned it after mouthing the word 'Virgin', in which he pushed me
into the classroom. 


It's strange how someone can change you life without you even knowing them or them
even knowing you. 
It's a pity that, that person cannot change everything in your life or prevent your

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