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Tuesday, 12 June 2007
03:45:17 PM (GMT)
Hi everyone it is the fashion queen, queen of my fashion advice columns please visit
my advice column pages one is for fashions advice and the other is for advice of
everyday life problems hope my advice helps you! 

Love, Fashionista known as babygirl7725!

Lizluva12 says:   12 June 2007   943335  
How do I get my friend from  going out with someone I hate?
Freyah_Kitten_angel says:   15 June 2007   629344  
how do I figure out why my best friend (secret crush) is being weird
he keeps stuttering and getting shyer 
sure i'm in 3rd grade and probably not worth the advice
because i'm young and dont uderstand much about attraction to the
oppisit sex 
(I only like dudes) 
but if you could help me out on this one Issue I would be eternally
Nyuu_Flonne says:   21 June 2007   539637  
um I have a huge huge crush on this guy and he's muy best friend and
if I tell him that I like him and he dosent like me too than it'll get
all weird between us and I love him very much! and being his friend is
better than nothing at all
babygirl7725 says:   29 June 2007   314747  
dear lizluva 12 u should tell your friend how you feel about that
person and make sure that you tell her that it will be fine with you
if she goes out with that person even though it is not because you
could lose her friendship that way so make sur ethat you tell her
honestly how you feel and why you don't like the person that she may
be going out with thanks for asking!
babygirl7725 says:   29 June 2007   174628  
dear freyah kitten angel everyones advice including yours is worth
responding to and your best friend [secret crush] might like you like
you like you and maybe that is why he [I'm not sure if it s a he or a
she ]  is acting shy  around you and may be afraid to tell you because
he might be afraid to lose your friendship ! and don't feel compelled
to ask for advice again!
babygirl7725 says:   29 June 2007   878173  
dear nyuu flonne , i think that you should share your feelings with
this boy and before you tell him that you are in love with him tell
him that if boyfriend and girfriend dosen't work out between you guys
then you still want to be friends this is a good way ot start the
conversation and don't be afraid to share your feelings he is you
rbest friend after all what harm could it really do. if he likes you
enough to be your best friend he might just like you enough to go out
with you!
babygirl7725 says:   29 June 2007   553637  
sorry it took so long for me to reply guys!
Princess_Pirupira says:   15 July 2007   587957  
I've got a big crush on this guy in my class he's super sweet and
but he's acting wierd like Freyah's he's very very umm provacative
like one time I had some chocolate on my face from eating cake and he
wiped it off my face and ate it then smiled and said it tastes better
if its on you 
but then he keeps asking me how to ask this girl out he says I know
her better than anyone and should know what she likes and I really
dont have any friends that are girls (I go to an all boys school with
four girls) so I have no clue what he's talking about
babygirl7725 says:   19 July 2007   892748  
Well, it seems like he is hinting real hard that he likes you. He is
probably trying really hard to tell you that he likes you a lot and
wants to be more than friends. But he doesn't know how you feel about
him so he doesn't want to wreck your friendship if you don't feel the
same. You should try asking him who this girl is or telling him
yourself that you like or have a crush on him but make sure that you
don't  wreck your freindship if he is asking you about asking out
another one of the four girls you go to school with. So be careful
what you say it's most likely you where meant to be considering he
hints about liking you and you have a crush on him! Good Luck!
MysticMeg96 says:   4 September 2007   539863  
I like this guy but we already went out before.Nobody knows I like
him....What should I do?????....
‹EmoGothChickThatWillNeverChange› says:   11 September 2007   487461  
i think this guy has a crush on me he keeps defending me getting me
things stuff like that i need help please help me
Ninja_Kairi says :   8 October 2007   195676  
my bro is being mean to me when all i did was ask him a question. now
i feel bad and every time he looksa at me i feel even worse can i get
some help plz?



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