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Killer On The Road - Chapter SevenCategory: Story
Saturday, 28 April 2007
08:06:29 AM (GMT)
Matt looked at me, his blue eyes shining. "So, what hotel are you staying at?" He
twirled me round in time to the music.
"The Moonlight Hotel," I replied, gently massaging his back with my hands.
Matt smiled. "Cool," he said.
I went over to my table again and pulled Matt out a chair. Gwen was sitting there,
her head in her hands.
"What happened?" I asked, trying to pull her head to face me.
"The boy said I was a freak," she replied, tears streaming down her cheeks.
"It's OK, I bet he said that to heaps of the girls over there," I tried to comfort
"No, he said I was the only freak there and why don't I push off to my own planet?"
Gwen wailed.
Matt looked at me, his eyebrows raised. "Sorry," I mouthed, putting my arms round
Gwen. Ella sighed impatiently. She kept looking over at Matt. Why had she been so
mean to me about him. Was she simply jealous?
"Urm, I'm going to get a drink," said Matt, getting up. "Do you want anything
"Oh, urm yeah please. I'll come with you." I was desperate for a reason to get away
from Ella, and Gwen's crying.
I got out my purse and paid for a banana smoothie. Matt had a red wine. Everytime he
sipped it he gave a little smile.
"Ladies," he said, when he got back to our table. "Do ya wanna come home in my car
"No thanks, we've got our own car," Ella said quickly.
I glared at her. "No, Matt, we'd loove to come."
He smiled and sipped his wine again. "Coming for a little dance Nikki?" he pointed to
the dancefloor. The DJ was now playing a slow dance and everyone was in couples
"Yeah, OK."
He put his arms round me and we danced round the floor. Ella and Gwen sat at the
table, looking over at us. Ella seemed to have got over her jealousy and when the DJ
started playing a well known song, she started cheering me and Matt.
"I'm going to the bathroom," I said quickly. I really needed to go.
I pushed open the Ladies' Toilet door. It was empty. I used the loo and then checked
my reflection in the mirror. I was really pink and it showed against my dark hair. I
tried to cool off my face with some water, but my mascara started to run. I ended up
looking like a freak. I quickly got out my mobile, dialled Gwen's number and waited
for an answer.
"Hey, Gwen! Bring your make up bag to the loo," I said, and hung up.
A few minutes later, Gwen came in with a pink make up bag. I redid it all then came
out of the loo.
Matt was gone...
I looked round desperately, but then gave up.
About 15 minutes later, us three were riding back to the hotel in our car.
"Where do you think Matt went?" I asked, pulling into the hotel car park.
"I don't know, maybe he um....?" suggested Gwen.
"You're not helping her," said Ella, nudging Gwen and getting out of the car. "Maybe
he was in the boys loos?"
"No, we waited ages, remember," I reminded her.
"Oh. I forgot that."
"Maybe, he doesn't love you anymore?" asked Gwen.
I felt my eyes pricking. "He never said he loved me in the first place," I choked.
"Yeah, but don't you think he showed you? You don't snog someone if you hate them."
I tried to laugh. My throat was dry. As I opened the hotel door, Ella sighed.
"I'm sooo tired," she said, yawning.
"Me too," I said. We got back to our room and Ella collapsed on the bed. I laughed.
"You really did mean it," I grinned. "I was just saying it. Ella?"
I heard little soft snores coming from Ella's direction.
I burst out laughing. "She's fallen asleep!"
Gwen and I eased off Ella's shoes and left her on the bed. We got washed and stuff
and changed into our night clothes and then got into our beds.
Gwen and I whispered together for a while then dropped off to sleep. It was just like
a girl's sleepover night in a fancy hotel.

Dragonfly01 says:   5 May 2007   629377  
COOL!! rite More PLZ!!
rubytuesday sings:   12 May 2007   466426  
MuffinFace says:   16 June 2007   637768  
nicky7127 says :   16 June 2007   663818  
Dis Is Mazin Chick ..x


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