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Once in a life time (1)Category: (general)
Sunday, 8 April 2007
06:46:26 PM (GMT)
"Soriko? Soriko dear? SORIKO!" My mother's voice boomed into my ear like a drum. I
know I sleep like a rock but still, loud much? I slowly rise from my soft bed and
watch my mother as she smiled happily, holding my school uniform and my bag. My name
is Soriko King, I'm in grade 8 now and starting a new life. My mom and I moved into a
peaceful neighborhood after her divorce. I have 2 brothers, but one of them had
already moved into the Huron University, and the other left with my dad. I never did
find out why they had the divorce. After I shook that thought, I smiled and changed
into my uniform after my mom left the room. Ugh! I looked hideous! I always wondered
why they started to make us wear uniforms. "Soriko! Hurry or you'll be late!" Mom
warned me from down stairs. I quickly ran downstairs, and stopped at the doorway to
say bye. "Are you sure you don't want me to drop you off? It's your first day of
middle school!" My mom was always worried about me going to places alone. I sighed
heavily, "I'll be fine! I'll just follow the other kids that look like me," I joked
as I walked outside. The sun's ray blazed into my dark brown eyes, but it warmed my
skin, it felt nice. I locked the door and waved good-bye to my mom from the window. I
let the wind blow my long black, wavy hair as I ran….I just hope I won’t get

	I memorized the path to the school when I had to enter my name there yesterday. I
examined the area as I walked down Steele’s Ave. Not far from the school, I watched
the busy intersection of the streets that lead to the mall and business district from
the hill. I gazed down at my watch, "8:22? I have enough time," I thought to myself.
As I continued to walk, I had accidentally stepped on my own shoelaces and fell onto
the cold concrete. A couple of boys snorted as they walk by. Man, I never felt so
embarrassed! Just then I heard loud footsteps pounding on the ground. The next thing
I knew, two girls were by my side helping me up. "Wow, you hit the ground pretty
hard! Are you okay?" I stared at the girl who started to babble on about beating the
boys who laughed at me. She was pretty. She had short, curly, brown hair that reached
her shoulder blades. I couldn't see her right eye as much due to her front bangs over
it. "Uh, we should really clean that wound up," the other girl said, taking out a
package of tissue. She had dirty blonde hair that was tied into high pigtails. "Hey,
I've never seen you around before! Have you, Rayne?" the first girl asked, as we
began our trip to the school again. "Nope! My name is Eliza Rayne though! Just call
me anything you like!" the other girl, "Rayne" informed proudly. I cautiously shook
her hand, scared she might break it or something. "And I'm Ayumi Hasagawa, nice to
meet you," The other said, her smiled showed large canine teeth. They stared at me
quietly, until I realized I had to introduce myself too, "O-oh! Sorry! My name is
Soriko King," I said loudly in a sing-song voice. They nodded and grinned to each

	At school, I wasn't put into the same class as the other two. In fact, I was put
into the class at the taunting boys. I glared at them as I waited for the teacher. I
introduced myself, took my seat, and continued my day. Luckily for me, I had to
switch class because the one I was in wasn't challenging enough. And guess what? I
was in Rayne and Ayumi's class! The class was pretty nice to me, but I wasn't popular
or anything. The day went by really quickly, and it was finally lunch. Rayne had
suggested we left school so I could get to know the place better.

	"Pfft! don’t worry about them!" Ayumi assured me when I struck up a conversation
on the kids at school. We talked non-stop about lots of things: our family, likes,
our dislikes, we talked about boys too, but quickly change the subject when Rayne
started a list on her recent crushes. I suddenly stopped. "What is it?" Rayne asked,
as they also stopped in they're tracks. "I think we're lost, we've been walking for a
long time after all," I was kind of scared right then. "No way! I would never get us
lost!" Ayumi exclaimed as she looked around her. "Yes you did! Remember that time at
Toys R' Us?" Rayne disagreed in a know-it-all tone. "Ah shut up! It's not my fault
you wanted to buy dolls!" Rayne gasped, "I did not!" By now they started to scream at
each other. I turned around to see if I could remember anything. There was nothing
there, the road, it's gone! I started to panic, "Guys! Where did the streets go?!"
They watched as I franticly scanned the area. "What do you mean?! It's not like the
road is going to walk away!" Rayne screeched. The zone around us had turn into a
forest of dark trees that seemed to close in on you with every breath. We were
consumed by darkness, yet I could still see them and they could see me, "The road
didn't disappear, it's just that trees erupted from the ground, here check it out," I
 called as I fingered the rough surface. More trees magicaly appeared by the touch.
They didn't mind me clinging onto them because they were freaked out too! "Help!
Someone! HELP!!!" we all called in union. Minutes that stretched into hours passed, a
slow and eerie creak echoed upon the closed space, and a path way was opened before
us. "Oh man, oh man!" Ayumi and I whimpered. "Who's going first?" I asked nervously.
We all exchanged looks, and played Rock-Paper-Scissors. We still couldn't make up our
minds, so we stood side-by-side and paced lazily onwards, and as we walked, the path
behind us closed. We could never go back now.

	It was an endless path to nowhere, and the trees watched us go by with faces of
sorrow. I wanted to break down and bawl I know the others wanted to do the same; they
leaned on me, shuddering with absolute fear. "Don't.....you'll die....stop right
there...." A high pitch voice advised very slowly. "Look t-there! Over to the side!"
I pointed out in a weepy voice. A tree smiled at us, it just kept smiling and told us
we're going to suffer if we keep going. Seconds later it appeared in our faces, we
could see our reflections through its yellow crescent shape eyes. "Make your choice,"
it said flatly, he opened his mouth and a gun was presented. "Die, or suffer? Make
your choice." The voice chimed in each of their heads. There was stillness around us,
Rayne’s jaw dropped; letting out small whimpers and squeaks. "I-I can't take it!"
Ayumi shrieked. She quickly grabbed the gun and held it to her head. Her hand shook
violently and she hesitated to pull the trigger, it clicked once, all she had to do
was to let go now. I stood there frozen; I wanted to scream at her, "Put it down! PUT
IT DOWN!" But I couldn't, I was so scared....My thoughts was suddenly interrupted by
Rayne howling at Ayumi, "What are you doing?! You know how crazy you look?!" Ayumi
eyes widened, "but...if we keep going-" 
"If we keep going we might live! Have you thought of that?!" Rayne gritted her teeth,
and in that time my feet unglued from the dirt ground, I was able to swat away the
gun, and there was a loud bang!  "Ayumi, get up! If we die, then....we die!" Soriko
softly said, Rayne nodding furiously. Ayumi finally got up, hot tears running down
her cheeks. We grabbed each side of her arms and swung it over our shoulders. We had
to go on, or else who knows what could happen if we stayed.

	On the way we had started to sing to our hearts content. We had begun with Christmas
carols, and then worked up our way to our favorite bands! Finally, we came to an end,
but not the one we expected. It was a wall just a wall. "It can't be.....all this for
nothing! I should’ve died; it’s your entire fault!!" Ayumi blamed, her eyes
flared with anger. "Now hold on! Don't be blaming people now!" Rayne defended me, and
we just met. What have I done? I stared with disbelief as my two new friends started
to fight, when I realized something. "You guys, stay still for a second!!" I yelled,
if looks could kill, I would’ve been dead by the way they stared daggers at me. But
I could feel a flick of hope build inside of me. They both watched me, holding their
angry expressions. As I concentrated, I could see the stands of hair on their head
slowly sway back and forth. I started to feel the wall for something. Then I found
it! I ripped the rotting vines off the wall; the two seemed to figure out what I was
doing, 'cause they did the same. "I knew it! There’s a crack in the wall letting a
draft in!" I beamed with happiness, I was so happy I started to cry. "So what do we
do?" Ayumi asked, coming from behind. "We could...break it down maybe?" Rayne
suggested. I started to flutter my eyes and the tears went away. I managed to sob out
a solution, "Well, depending on t-the wall physique, we probably could." 

	CRAASH!! The wall must’ve been weaker then I thought because when the wall came
stumbling down, Ayumi, Rayne, and I was under the whole thing. “Are you guys
okay?” I asked weakly. I looked up to see Rayne’s face covered in dust, she had
started to cough a lot too. “Y-yeah, I’m fine but I don’t think she is,”
Ayumi’s face popped out from my left. “Can we hurry? I’m suffocating!” Rayne
coughed in a raspy voice. I got on my feet and eyed the area, the tunnel behind us
was gone, but I was glad of that. It was….snowing, In the middle of August too?
Tiny snowflakes gracefully floated down onto the side of the icy hill. There were
barely any trees, around us but we could see another forest on the horizon. It was
sunny out, making the snowflakes twinkle like stars. “There’s more?! I can’t
believe it!” I yelled. Ayumi and Rayne watch me as I angrily stomped around.
“Let’s go, it’s not like we’ll find anything here,” Rayne sighed, her
breath visible in the air. Ayumi nodded in agreement. Boy was I freezing! I could
feel the goose bumps rise on my arms. Skirts of all things to wear today! As I slowly
climbed down the hill, I slipped on a large icepack, “AHH! Help me!” I was
screaming all the way down the hill with the other two behind me. We finally stopped
a few minuets later. “Whoa! You should see how fast you were going!”  A childish
voice laughed. We looked up to see a little fox girl holding a large bell on a stick,
with nine tails swaying behind her. “HEY! Who are you to laugh at us kid?!” Ayumi
snarled. “Why, I’m Nine Tails!” She replied happily. Well, that explains the
tails! I thought as I sat up. “Uh, okay. Well can you help us instead of
laughing?!” Rayne brushed off the snow and helped me up. “Hmm...Nope,” The Nine
Tails answered. “What why not?!” Ayumi’s eyes practically bugged out.  “My
mom told me not to talk to strangers!” She giggled as she turned to walk away, but
Ayumi grabbed her arm. “How ‘bout I beat you up and you’ll never see your mom?!
HUH?” she howled menacingly. "Let me go!! Or you'll regret it!" The Nine Tails
cautioned, then she dug her fangs into Ayumi's hand making her dropped Nine Tails.
Landing on four feet, Nine Tails looked back and laughed out loud before running into
the wilderness. "YOU BRAT! I'm going to get you!" Ayumi yelped like a nutcase.
"Stupid! Don't get seperated!" Rayne demanded chasing after her. Great. I have to run
now! I sighed sadly and caught up to them before I lost sight.

	It wasn't very long before we caught up with Nine Tails. We found her at the edge of
a cliff looking down with a great big grin. "This is my favorite place! Neruson is
probaly waiting down there!" she sang gleefully. "Can we rest yet?!" I puffed out
between breaths. "Oh? You caught up with me!" Nine Tails started, "I'll make a deal,
if you could beat me down this hill, you could do anything you want! 'Kay?" We all
faced each other, I nodded my head a "no" but they didn't listen. "Deal!" Rayne and
Ayumi cried at the same time. Nine Tails grinned mischeviously and jumped down a
burrow under a tree. After she came out, she held a very, very large leaf. I figured
we had to slid down with it. We all got on and waited for the signale. Even when they
eargerly aceepted the challenge, they made me go in the front! Some friends! I
thought sarcasticlly. I peeked down the "hill" and practicly screamed my head off.
"What's wrong?" Nine Tails inquired. "This is not a hill! It's a....it's a MOUNTAIN!"
I stared down the rocky side, indeed it was a mountain. Infact it was so tall, that
it looked like we weren't even on Earth! O.K so I exaggerated, but it was big!
"What?! I can't see! What's wrong?" Rayne wriggled her way to the front to see the
commotion. I could feel the leaf starting to move. "You idiot! We're going dooown!!"
Ayumi hollered, as we began sliding down. We were going so fast, we could've been
fire! "You've gotta be faster if you want to beat me!" Nine Tails hooted as she flew
right past us. Soon, after the few mintutes of me bawling my head off, Ayumi spotted
a ramp made of dirt, and we aimed for it. Few seconds before we went for the ramp I
closed my eyes. I could feel gravity working, my hair started to float and my skirt
flew up!! I got  enough courage to look down and saw Nine Tails and a fox boy at the
bottom already. I felt my heart sank, until I realized the were looking up at me. "Oh
my gosh!!" I quickly pulled my skirt down. "Soriko! Don't let go!" Ayumi ordered. I
found myself in mid-air falling towards the ground. The same happening to Rayne and
Ayumi. "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!" Rayne cried. I closed my eyes ready for the impact.
Nothing. I opened my eyes to see I was caught by Nine Tails. "Wow! I didn't know
humans could be so light!!" she laughed as she gently put me on my feet. "Neruson" I
figured as the other fox, caught the other 2 and and dropped them with a big smile.
"Thanks, but I guess we lost, huh?" Ayumi asked, dusting herself off. The two foxes
nodded. The three of us had a disappointed look and was about to walk away until Nine
Tails hollered, "Wait! That was the most fun I've ever had! I'll just help you cause
I'm so nice!!"  I was confused, but I didn't show it. "Thanks Nine Tails!" I said,
giving her a great bear hug. "We better get going! I don't think you humans can
survive the cold in skirts!" Neruson pointed out the obvious. "Oh, of course! I would
have never figured!" Rayne stated sarcasticlly. We followed the them into the forest
at the bottom of the hill. I was kinda glad this all happened to me.


Dove says :   8 April 2007   356434  
thats the longest diary but it was good or bad i dont know


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