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Scary Stories that are really scary at NightCategory: Scary Stories
Wednesday, 7 March 2007
06:52:28 PM (GMT)
There's a bridge called "Covert's Crossing" or "Covert's Bridge" up in New Castle.
young couple had gotten married on Halloween. Around midnight, they were riding in a
horse drawn carriage across the bridge at the same time a car was. The bridge was
only one lane, so by the time they saw each other it was too late. Story has it that
they crashed and the hubcap of the car flew off, decapitating the bride. The police
never found her head or the body of the groom. Its been said that if you sit on the
bridge on Halloween night around midnight, you can see the headless bride standing
on some rocks in the river. However they don't know if she is looking for her head
or her lost love. 

The legend is that if you sit in three of the graveyard chairs from midnight until
one minute after midnight, you will have the ability to see ghosts -- but you will
pay with your life. This, however did not apply to three high-school football
players on Halloween Night in 1976. They pulled into the graveyard, in the middle of
a large, open area. They had heard the legend and decided to try it, but one of them
refused to try it. The friend sat down and watched the other boys run from one chair
to the other. Then he sensed that something was wrong. They were leaning over to the
side with their eyes rolled back, rasping. The boy began frantically screaming for
help as his friends kneeled over and grabbed his leg. It is said that the boy also
saw spirits for an instant. The boys died and the survivor never spoke a word. Of
course, there were people mourning their loved ones nearby. They witnessed the event
and filed a police report detailing what happened. No one really knows what those
chairs are, except that they have been there since the town was founded. 
There was this couple in Scotland who had just moved into an old castle. When they
moved in, they decided to empty out the wine cellar and found this large barrel of
brandy. They tried moving it and even got a few friends around to help, but they
couldn't budge it. In the end, they decided to have a housewarming party and give
glasses of brandy out to empty the barrel and make it easier to move. A few days
after the party, they went into the cellar and tried to move the barrel again. It
still wouldn't move. The husband went to get his saw in order to cut it into smaller
pieces and in turns they cut off the top of the barrel. Inside was a dead body and
they had drank the brandy that had preserved it. 
****************OKAY 1 MORE HAHAHAHAHAHA************ 
It was just a regular library, but when night strikes, it becomes alive and
extremely spooky. Three girls came for research and stayed overtime. When midnight
approached, the girls had no intention of researching anymore because they soon
found out that there was no way out. The books started screaming loudly and the
girls were petrified. When they turned around, the third girl was hung to a tree and
we saw the blood streaming down her head! It was too scary to watch. We soon split
to find an exit, but when I turned to show my friend that the book was alive, I saw
her dead with a stabbed back! I was the only survivor and it was only a matter of
time before they would kill me. I quickly turned around and I saw, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

blakris22jostine shouts:   7 March 2007   848725  
SexyPuertoRican_ says:   7 March 2007   658536  
i will
‹Ty=)› says:   21 March 2007   978162  
wouldn't you need to copy the real sexypuertoricans diary to tell
more story's
g_girl890 says :   10 July 2010   932763  


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