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Tjis might tkae a long time to read but if you are willing then...Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 February 2007
12:49:49 PM (GMT)
“Remember kids!” Said Ms.Emest. As her class was leaving. That day in history
they were learning about Benjamin Franklin and they had to do a report about him that
was due in a week. Ms.Emest was a 4th grade teacher at OSC Elementary School
(Oceanside Clements). Now I must tell you about OSC Elementary School. It is near
gigantic body of water called the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t like most of the
schools around there. When it was named, it was not named after someone or something
it was just named. I can understand the Oceanside thing but Clements? Where’d that
come from??? Well I am Anthony Nor Demter Yang, though my friends call me Andy. This
story is about how OSC got its name. Well it all started that day after the bell
       “Hey Matt! Want to come over to my house today?” I yelled. “ Sure what
time?” yelled Matt back. He came over to me. We started chatting about if he could
come and all those things. Finally we agreed 4:30 and that he had to bring his
notebook and pencil. “What for?” he asked. “Just bring it you will find out at
       It was January 12, 1992 Friday. We had just got out of school and were on the
bus going home. Matt is my best friend who is really good at taking notes. Finally
Matt’s stop came, he got off the bus and said “See you at 4:30.” While I was
waiting for my stop to come I was reading a book called Chasing Vermeer by Blue
Balliett. The letter is dead.
It was a strange thing for a teacher to say. By the sixth week of sixth grade,
Ms.Hussey still wasn’t a disappointment. She announced on the first day of
        “ Winnberry Circle!” Shouted the bus driver. Oh man! I thought. It is
such a good book! I put my bookmark in the page and headed out of the bus. I ran to
the mailbox got the mail and went inside. I looked through all the mail and something
caught my eye.

                   Andy Yempling
              2165 Winnberry circle
               Miami, Florida 29441
Wow! That was the first time I have ever gotten a letter addressed to just me!!! I
quickly tore open the letter, looked at it and then…
“It is just from Principle Nepal! At first I thought it was a letter from a friend
in Chicago or somewhere! That is not cool.” I read the letter it said,
Dear Andy,
     I am sorry to bother you on this cold Friday. I would just like you to ask your
parent/guardian to drive you back to School. I have to talk to you about something.
Come to the office at 5:00.
Sorry for all the trouble.
                                        Your principle,
  Am I in trouble? I asked myself. Better not tell Mom.  When I heard my mom coming
down the stairs I shoved the letter into my backpack and started looking through the
rest of the mail. Muse, Cricket, Pottery barn, Sports Illustrated. “Hello Mom, Matt
is going to come over today okay?” “Okay Andy, how was your day?” “Good. He
is coming over at 4:30.” As I was going up to my room the doorbell chimed. As fast
as lightning I ran to the door. It was Matt with his notebook and pencil. “Come on
in” I said. He came into the house and we both went up to my room. “ So what’s
up?” said Matt
“Oh the ceiling” I said laughing. “Very funny Andy” He said back also
After we settled down I told him about the letter. “Well,” he said “I think you
aren’t in trouble because if you were than he would have called you during
school” “True” I admitted. Now I want to show you something. We ran downstairs
and told my mom we were going outside and for Matt to bring his notebook. When we
were in the backyard when I saw a moving truck at the house next door. A girl about
the same age as them came out of the house. “Who’s that?” Matt whispered. “I
have no idea.” I whispered back. “So why are we back here?” He asked. “Follow
me and you will see” I went to the giant oak tree in my back yard and sat down in
front of it. “Why are we here?” He asked quietly. “We are here because there is
something I want to show you.” I lead him around the tree twice, then back 5 steps,
and went to the other side. “Here” I said. I brushed off some dirt and there was
a small little piece of medal. I started to dig. A few minutes later I uncovered the
whole thing. I was digging so much my watch came loose and fell off my wrist. “Matt
help me find my watch.” I said. He found it in a jiffy. I looked at the time. “Oh
no!” It was 5:20 I was late! I told Matt to go inside and watch TV while I was gone
and no questions. I ran to school. I was exhausted when I got there. I went to the
front office. I saw Mr.Nepal in his office. I came over to him. “Please sit down
Anthony.” He said. I took the chair form the computer, put it in front of his desk
and sat down. “ How are you doing Mr.Nepal?” I asked him. “ Fine” He said
back. “ So… why am I here?” I asked him. “ Your history report is very
interesting.” He said as he was taking out some papers, his eyes wandering through
them. “ Thank you, but why have you called me here for that?” I said confused.
“ It is about the school is that right?” he asked me. “Yes” I said still
confused. “ It says here that it was built in 1810, where did you find that out?”
he asked. “ Umm… a book.” I replied. I had lied about that. I had to, you can
find out when I get deeper into the story but you cannot skip to the end or else you
will not understand anything. Well back to the conversation.
        “Mmmhmm. So why did you choose to write about the school? Because lots of
people already know lots about it.” That was where it got interesting. “ Well I
don’t think lots of people know as much as they should know.” I said. “ Name
one thing.” He said. “Ok, Ummmmm what about that Clements thing. Only like 3
people in the whole world know about why it was called Oceanside Clements, but I
don’t know who they are.” “Well you are talking to one” he said under his
breath so I could not hear him.

kue_chick says:   27 February 2007   575177  
please summerize the whole thing for me ?
fashion_girl says:   1 March 2007   662155  
Please tell me it again in more "shorter" words please??It's really
good though
bellee234 says :   8 March 2007   521938  
I have not finished it though.


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