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bloody mary (of course its not true)Category: scary stories
Sunday, 11 February 2007
09:59:47 AM (GMT)
this is the realy story of bloody mary:

a girl katie did not believe in scary stories until now

the story goes like this
one day while eating lunch katie n her 2 friends were talking bout scary stories when
her friend bell said " my older sister said that at the stroke of midnight u go in ur
bathroom, when it is really dark n look straight in the mirror say bloody mary 3
times while spinning. then she said then bloody mary will appear in the mirror n come
out with a knife n kill u. then her sis said that her friend did that n died."
katie said that that was not true, n her sis friend was still alive.
that night katie went to go n try this. she went to the mirror at 12:01 at night just
like her friends told her 2. she looked right in the mirror n said bloody mary,
bloody mary, bloody mary while spinning around. nothin happened.
the next day katie told her friends that nothing happened. her friends asked her "did
u do it right at 20 midnight??"
katie said no why? her bell said "u have to do it right at 12 midnight!" katie then
said well then i will try this thing 1 more time. her friends screamed"no katie ur 2
good of a friend please do not do it!!!"
but it was to late katie went home to prepare for the big night
at 11:55 katie went in the bathroom and waited till the clocked ticked midnight.
katie said "bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, n circiled 3 times
at first nothin really happened. then she saw black hair appering. she though "yeah
righ, i am just seeing things"
but then blood shot eyes appeared then a bloody face appeared
bloody marry said in a haunting voice "u called"
katie ran for the door n screamed but the door was locked n for no 1 could here her.
bloody mary reached out n killed her with a knife.

her parents foound her lying on the floor with a note on the mirror with poor katies
blood saying:
i killed ur daughter, do not tell any1 that i killed her, if u do u will be the next
1 on my list to come to get"

the next day at school the teacher said that katie will not be with us anymore.
her 2 friends though to themselves "she was a good friend, n we warned her"

LiL_Cutie_Pie900 says:   11 February 2007   175396  
Omg that is to creepy
cato123 says:   11 February 2007   759377  
is that really real??????????
partygangsterboy says:   11 February 2007   476777  
BabyUrsul asks:   1 April 2007   982277  
isnt there a movie called Bloody Mary
coolchic77 says:   26 April 2007   315175  
you know its truE
Hotgirl_90 says:   26 August 2007   658725  
oh..people used 2 say dat when i was in grade 1
Hotgirl_90 says:   26 August 2007   133413 can be true or just FAKE...
SuperSparkle says:   26 October 2007   762749  
clap clap clap clap! BRAVA!
sexygirl_ says:   3 January 2008   844113  
that wuz good!
Chari_the_Charizard says:   29 May 2008   782264  
yeah?That wasn't scary.Besides.It was her fault do waste her time
trying a stupid idea. 
tomboy362 says :   21 February 2009   637567  
oh,i thought you go in your closet and say it 3><  i did it and she
got mad when i walked out somebody was hanging dead from my fan i
touched it and it disappeared


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