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more nicky, some stuff you wouldnt understand, some stuff you would :DCategory: horrible things
Monday, 29 January 2007
09:20:10 PM (GMT)
sooo nicky is agh incredibly sweet :/
and john is agh so gonna be dumped -.-
he got HAPPY today in fucking lunch when he held my fucking hand
cant he just keep himself down and insiiide his pants??
nicky would never do that -.-
i was freakedddd
*shiver XD
and look what nicky left me for my bday:
HAPPY B-DAY!!!!! Shelby :D *thight hug hope u had fun today o REEEEEEEAAAAAAAALY
aghhhhhhhhhh hes too sweet :/
and he hugged me from behind this morning :]
unfortunately it was great
and his girly lmfao picked me up XD agh it was great
scary...but great :]
aghhhhhhhhhh why does he have to be so great??
and why does john have to seems so mediocre?
well...i was talking to this guy who said his friend thought i was really pretty and
wanted to talk to me
so this could be exactly what i need
plus hes a junior so hes mature hopefully and can keep his ants in his fucking pants
yea :/ but i still want nicky
and plenty of ppl have told me the same thing:
just break up with john since youre having doubts and forget about nicky and be
but you dont get it i hate being single
this is the first time i havent been single and i like someone who:
1.waits for me at my locker
2.holds my hand as we walk to class
3.hugs and kisses my cheek to say goodbye
thats what i loove :] and when youre single you dont get any of that
you get to be by yourself
all the time
no one to want
no one to miss
no one to wait for
i want someone
someone like nicky :/ but single
and this could be my first valentines withhh someone :/
i just want to be with someone
someone who can keep his jungle tamed
and will smile when he sees me
his eyes to tell me how much he missed me
his arms to tell me how much he longs for me
but now all i see is john :/
a perverted little boy that acts like such a fucking girl
he is a girl
i fucking swear
deep inside his heart
maybe now hes finally showing his true self
and i dont like this guy
guess im gonna have to break up with him
he'll cry
lindsey will hate me
nicky will prolly hate me
but maybe its for the best :/
maybe what i need is for them to hate me so i dont have to worry about them
maybeee i should just go die
:/ seriously considering it i think
agh i just idk
i will talk to nicky tomorrow about me breaking up with john :/ maybe he'll
understand...maybe not -_-
agh i just realized how much i will hate leaving john :/
i will miss his smell
i will miss his cheek kisses
i will miss his arms around me
i will miss his eyes when they look at me
i will miss his presence beside me
i will miss his goodnight messages
i will miss his long aim conversations
i will miss his dorkkiness
i will miss his friendship
i will miss his warmth
i will miss his friends that will hate me afterwards
i will miss him...
agh i will...
but the things i wont miss:
i will not miss his pervertedness
i will not miss his nerdynerd personality
i will not miss his voice
i will not miss his work schedule
i will not miss his need to play stupid games
i will not miss his girly attitude
i will not miss his obsessive need to make me eat
i will not miss his clingyness
i will not miss his weird soundy things
i will not miss his quietness
i will not miss his shyness
i will not miss his inability to actually aim and kiss me on the fucking lips
i will not miss his ways of telling everyone else everything and not telling me -.-
sooo which one should matter?
idk.........but cody said hed skip lunch with me tomorrow so i can avoid him :]
and tomorrow i will explain to nicky
and agh... i guess if it works out..ill break up with him like next week since this
week is his bday which would be completely horrible to do to him
agh i hope it all works out XD
except you know the whole actually breaking up part...gabriel will prolly come after
me and fariha will interrogate me...everyone will interrogate me -.-

milliondollargangsta says:   30 January 2007   382372  
Crazymeanna says:   30 January 2007   929169  
heheheheheeheh yea bt ur a girl, we girls need care, we r lik rare
flowers, so u go girl dump his sorry ass lol srry im big ass feminist
prsn so ya lol btw di u think abt tht niky is just so sweet nw bt he
wont if u start goin out happened to me, oh well i guess i just dnt
trust guys tht much :]
shellybeans5 says :   30 January 2007   793842  
yea im gonna dump him XD but i have to wait cus hes in love and we
had our first kiss today so if i avoid him for a while he might not
love me as much :D
nicky is incredibly sweet to his girly too so hes always sweet -.- but
yea i know what you mean cus john was like that too :/
and milliondollar whatever wtf do you mean by eww? this is an adult
thing youll realize that -_-

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