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Poison heart : a Joey Ramone story chapter 10Category: Joey Ramone fanfiction 10
Sunday, 28 January 2007
07:17:04 PM (GMT)
"so," he looks at her as they walk don the street, "how are they."
Jaime looks down at the pair of ripped jeans and smiles
"theyre great," she laughs as he takes her hand, "thanks."
he smiles and looks back up.
"ohhhhhhhh crap," he looks into the street, "ohhhhhhh crap crap crap."
"what?" she looks in ho the street to try and see what he saw.
"ohhhhhh crap, it's Johnny........he must be out looking for me."
"why?" she frowns.....
he ignors her and looks around.
"what time is it?" he turns to her.
"ummm," she holds up her wrist and stares at a small watch, "9:45, why"
"oh god, that's why...."
"why what?!" she stops him and stares at him, "what ks going on."
he is about to answer, but before he can, a man walks from behind Jaime and stares at
"there you are." the man growls, "i've been looking everywhere for you." he crosses
his arms and Joey looks at him.
"Hey John," he tries to smile.
"don't try to talk youself out of this one, "the man yells, "your fifteen minutes
late for the demo recording!!! do you know how much money that wasted!!!!!!! my
"John, it's not that much, what is it, like a dolla or som'n."
"A dollar and 25 cents!" the man growls.
"um excuse me," Jaime finally taps the man on the shoulder, "um ya, whats going on."
the man turns to her and frowns.
"and who are you." he looks her over, "i've seen you somewhere before"
she opens her mouth to answer, but Joey quickly shakes his head.
"you're noone..." he mouths from behind the other man.
"i'm, ummm," she looks back at Joey, confused, "i'm jaime."
Joey silently hits himself in the head as the man smiles.
"oh ya, your that girl monte hit yesteray."he smirks
she nods and he smiles, then turns back to Joey.
"so that thing's what made you late?" he frowns again.
her jaw drops.
"i not a thing!" she stares at the back of his head.
he waves his hand and she starts to fume.
"Women are not things!!!" she growls.
"hey, Jimmy, or whatever, i'm takling here."
she clenches her fists.
"hey," she taps his shoulder.
"what," he frowns and turns around.
but before he can finish, she raises her fist and brings it hard on the side of his

Nanogirl says:   5 February 2007   711139  
omg! i cant beleive she did that! lol
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   7 March 2007   696427  
OMIGOSH!!!  How big was that guy? Cuz if he was huge, Good luck
sicosquierl says:   7 March 2007   525725  
Joey was (im not kidding) 6 foot 8 inches tall,if you don't believe
me, go to Wikepedia (or however u spell it) and Look for Joey Ramone,
its tghe truth!!!!!
sicosquierl says :   7 March 2007   335847  
oh wait, you mean johny, hahaha i knew that, i was just testing
u............anyway, he was pretty strong, but yah


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