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Intuition; do you listen to it?Category: Personal, mind&&body
Saturday, 20 January 2007
08:02:31 PM (GMT)
Okay well for this entry, I decided to work on a Banana background, because I'm in
that banana-type-of-mood. :D

Lately I have been reading a lot about my Zodiac sign, Cancer, having many
intuitionist encounters of myself for the time being.
Usually, such topics came up in my horoscopes, or dream interpretations, but I
couldn't quite pin point any time when I had actually payed attention to my intuition
or anything that  I would've even needed it for recently. [BTW, if you don't know
what intuition is, go ♥]

I have a certain interest in one of my friends that has also admitted to having a
keen interest in myself.
This week has been very difficult for me, and I waited several days to talk to him,
[my friend] about my troubles. Yesterday, [Friday night,] I was expecting him to be
on so I could speak to him, but he never came online [on MSN] and I couldn't figure
out why. That night I had a long dream, and part of it included me attempting to make
plans to sleepover at this friend's house, but I never went in my dream. This
morning, he signed on and I went to speak to him, but he didn't answer for quite some
time, which was also confusing because he's usually quick to respond. Finally, I got
a reply, but it wasn't the usual 'hello ' it was "Who is this?".

Of course, I said my name, and then inquired if this was my friend, but it wasn't. My
first thought was that it was his mom, oddly enough, on his MSN. The 'person' stated
that my friend was in the shower. In several minutes, my friend came on and said,
"That was Dylan, you remember her, don't you?". Of course I did. My friend use to
have a major crush on her, but she turned him down. Poor guy, I didn't know they were
still friends, so this took me off guard.
I will admit, I was a little jealous when I was told she slept-over at his house! I
have never slept over at a guy's house, my self, so this seemed a little unusual. He
then said he would be right back, and left his MSN signed in, to me that meant he
wouldn't be long, but I figured his friend Dylan would be on the computer instead of
him, so I didn't talk to them any further. 

Where does this connect to my intuition?
-In  my dream, I was going to sleep over at his house. 
I think I wasn't myself though, in my dream, but this other girl, [whom I have never
met in person.] and was going to stay the night at his house. 
Normally, I would never ask to stay the night at a male friend's house, but in my
dream it seemed natural, and easy to come by. I suppose if I had been her, then it
would've been. But it's not actually, for me. 
In an odd way, my dream was predicting a sleep over of some type, at this particular
friend's house.  


I have also had odd feelings of impending happenings, such as someone approaching
that I might want to avoid, and other numerous things. 
Tell me what you think, about the topic of intuition, gut feelings, and such.


hina says :   20 January 2007   455683  
well, sometimes our dream is an index to our subconscious; what we
really want, what we are afraid of, etc. usually i forget my dreams as
soon as i wake up. but i am pretty good at predicting things
intuitively ^^
btw, welcome to kupika! that's a nice tag line you have in your
profile, although i don't believe in after-life :p


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