The Really Strange Story About Something. (this is a story which is
like the saga of darren shan. i just changed things and made it
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The Really Strange Story About Something. (this is a story which is
like the saga of darren shan. i just changed things and made it
Category: (general)
Thursday, 4 January 2007
03:29:40 AM (GMT)
Chapter One

One day Ceris a.k.a me and Misty were in Ceris’ room because Misty slept at her
house. Ceris and Misty were like sisters, they both had long brown hair, blue eyes,
liked the same stuff other than their height differences they were defiantly like
sisters. Everyone though they were sisters until they knew the truth. They got ready
for school the next day. They got on the bus and heard the radio that a mad creature,
unknown to man has been seen around and has killed 10 people so far. Those 10 people
were evil, smelly, stuck up chavs, thank god for that.
“Aghhhh”, everyone on the bus screamed.
“Cool”, Misty said
“Not really”, Matthew said looking scared
“Mattie don’t be so scared, it’s not like it’s going to jump through the
window and kill us all”, Ceris said sarcastically.
Matthew was a really nice person, long blonde hair, great personality and that. An
average person basically
            A strange looking creature broke the window and jamp in the bus, snarling
at everyone.
“Misty you dropped some of your stuff on the floor, best pick them up”, Ceris
“Oh have I, you can help me then”, Misty said
Ceris and Misty were on the floor picking up the stuff and never noticed the
“Help Me!!”, Matthew screamed
“You’ll have to wait cause we’re picking some stuff up, it can’t be that
important anyway”, Misty said
They kept on searching when they felt some sort of stuff splash on them. They looked
up and saw Matthew lying dead on the bus seat, covered in blood and his guts ripped
“Mattie are you ok”, Ceris asked Matthew
“Umm, I think he’s dead”, Misty said
“DEAD!!!!!!” Ceris and Misty yelled together
            It was bad enough that Matthew was dead but when they looked at everyone
else they were the same too. They looked at the front of the bus and there it was,
half wolf, half man, ripping the guts from the bus driver.
“Oh my god, what the ‘beep’ is that?” Misty whispered
“How am I suppose to know”, Ceris replied
“You’re the brainy one”
“Only in every lesson, I never learnt anything about mad, crazy eating
“We best keep out of its way, let’s crawl to the back of the bus”
“What a nice story, I got killed by a monster at the back of the bus, otherwise it
isn’t going to kidnap us and take us somewhere”
A heavy breathing was heard, above them the creature stood, blood and guts dripping
and oozing from its mouth. It looked into their eyes and he looked as if he was
thinking what to do with them. He picked them up and carried them off the bus and ran
to the mists.
          “How is it what ever you say always comes true”, Misty asked
“I dunno maybe I’m psychic”, Ceris replied
“Yeah Ceris, or you’re a jinx”
“I’m not a jinx”
The creature stopped.
“Umm, excuse me Mr.Monster but where are you taking us? And why have you
stopped?”, Ceris asked
“I….take….you….to….forest, me….show….you….people”
“Okey dokey”
Misty looked at Ceris in a strange way.
“Well you are so strange, how did we ever meet”
“We met in year 4, remember”
“Oh my god”
“You….two….stop….arguing”, the creature said moodily
             The creature carried on walking, they entered a forest, all full of
beautiful flowers and animals, they met these people and lived a great life….
Wait! Stop! And rewind! You think all that happened well think again.
The forest, gloomy, dark, scary place, not filled with cute fluffy animals but
instead blood sucking squirrels. Whatever Ceris and Misty were about to see probably
isn’t that good. They carried on walking till the creature told them to stop.
“Are we there yet? Who are these people? I’m hungry! Do you have any food?”
Ceris asked confused, fed up and bored.
“Does….she….ever….stop….talking”, the creature asked
“No! She doesn’t, she goes on and on”, Misty replied
“Hey!! I don’t!”, Ceris said angrily
             Not far from where they were standing they saw people, at least they
thought they were people. They walked towards us, their faces were purple, they
looked so strange.
“The vampaneze!” Misty yelled
“The what”, Ceris asked
“Vampaneze are blood brothers of the vampires, while vampires only drink a bit of
blood, vampaneze drain all the blood from their victims”, Misty said
“Aghh, get me out of here!”, Ceris yelled, wait! How do you know all this?
“I read in my spare time”
This one vampaneze came closer, his face more purple than the others, eyes blood
“Mmmm fresh meat, shall we drink from them? mmmm”, the vampaneze said
“No! they should join our clan and help us destroy the vampires”, another one
“I will never join you people!” Ceris said scared
“Oh are you sure about that, mmmm we have something precious of yours, if you join
with us you can have it back mmmmm”, the first vampaneze said
          Out of the dark the wolf man carried something over his shoulder.
“Oh my god”, Misty said
“What! who or what is it?”, Ceris asked
“I don’t think you want to know”, Misty replied
The wolf man came closer and put the thing on the ground. Ceris couldn’t believe
what she saw.
“No! let him go!”, Ceris screamed while crying
“Why should we mmmm, your precious whatever his name is has come in very useful to
us mmmm  join us and you can have him or else he dies mmmm”
You want to know who it is……..
“Josh!! Are you alright, it’s Ceris, say something!” Ceris cried
“I…….m o……….k”, Josh mumbled.
Josh is a great person like Matthew, tall, dark spiky hair, really nice. He and
Mattie were best friends, but not anymore because Matt died.
Ceris ran straight to him and started comforting him. She couldn’t let them hurt
him so she said…
“Fine, I’ll jo...
“NO Ceris!, I will, you don’t deserve this and neither does Josh,  well he does
but I owe him you know, you two go and I will help them”, Misty said
“But you can’t”
“Just go”
Ceris grabbed Josh as best as she could and ran for it not looking back. Right now
she just wanted to leave and be safe, she couldn’t stop thinking of what they would
do to Misty.
           “Owwwww”, Misty screamed then fainted on the floor.
“Don’t worry mmmm you’ll be fine mmmm”
Just so you know what happened, after Misty decided to join, the vampaneze blooded
her. You’ll want to know what that means too, well ‘to be blooded’ means when a
vampire/vampaneze sticks their nails in your fingers and then pumps the blood from
one to another.
“Life will be different now mmm, just so you know my name is Murlough mmm”
“Oh hi Murlough mmm”
“No it’s just Murlough”
“What do we do now?”
“We stay here mmm and rest mmm”
           Ceris and Josh ran and found this circus, it’s called the Cirque Du
Freak, they have all freaks there and they do the coolest stuff. This man called Mr.
Tall who was very tall let them travel with them. They found it was fun travelling.
“Aghhh”, Ceris screamed
“Ceris! what’s wrong!”, Josh yelled
“S…sp…spider, hu…huge over th…there”, Ceris said terrified
“Don’t worry she’s mine”, this man said
“Who are you?” Josh asked
The man was tall, ugly person, with a crop of orange hair on the top of his head and
a scar down his left cheek.
“My name is Larten Crepsley but you shall call me Mr. Crepsley and this is Madam
Octa, who are you two?”, Mr. Crepsley asked
“I’m Josh and this is my girlfriend Ceris, she’s a bit scared at the moment,
we’ve run into trouble and she had to leave her best friend behind”
“What sort of trouble?”
“Well Ceris told me the story, I was unconscious, anyway, they got carried to a
forest by a wolf man, he killed everyone on their bus especially my best friend, god
I’m gonna miss him. Anyway the wolf man dropped them and the vampaneze were holding
me hostage so they would join them”
“Oh my vampire lord, that is very bad, has her friend joined?”
“Yes”, Ceris said
Mr. Crepsley’s face sank, he started walking around thinking.
“There is something I have to do but only if you are wiling to do it”
             Mr. Crepsley’s words were bad, he wanted them to leave everything to
join the vampires, he said it was the only way Ceris could save Misty.
“Alright I will”, Ceris said
“If she joins I have no other choice but to, I have to protect her”, Josh said
“I shall make you half vampires so you can’t do everything a full vampire can do
but you will be able to move around in sunlight”, Mr. Crepsley said
Everything was a blur. When Ceris woke up it was morning.
“How long have I been asleep?”
“98 hours”, Mr. Tall said
“Oh my god, that long, was I in a coma or something”
“No, you just didn’t take it very well that’s all”
“Oh, where’s Josh?”
“He’s having some food in your tent”
“Ok thank you, see you later Mr. T”
              Ceris walked towards her tent to find Josh. She reached there and saw
him with a strange thing. It was able to talk, its body was scaley and it had long
green hair and was wearing a pair of shorts.
“Hey Cez, you were asleep for ages, I got someone here for you to meet”
“Hi, I’m Evra, I’m a snake boy, touch my scales go on touch them”
“Aghhh”, Ceris screamed
She ran out of the tent and Josh came running after her.
“It’s alright, he wont hurt you, he’s really friendly”, Josh said
“I’m going to go somewhere, I’ll see you later, I don’t want to meet a snake
boy, you know how much I hate spiders and snakes”
“Ok, you go have some time to yourself if you want, just be careful”
They hugged and said goodbye. Ceris decided she’d spend a week on her own for now
while she could get everything out of her head. 

  Chapter Two

The week passed and Ceris was happier and forgot about what happened. The only thing
she had to worry about now was being a half vampire.
“Hi there”, said a person
“What the.., who are you?”, Ceris asked
The person came out and she was tall with two heads.
“I’m a vampire, but for some strange reason I have two heads”
“Oh, I’m a half vampire. I didn’t know there was another one. I dunno if
you’ve met Josh but he’s one too, before I forget my name is Ceris”
“My name’s Natalie a.k.a Natalie the Great when I perform”
Natalie was really nice, she had dark hair, tall and had a great sense of humour,
they seemed to get along just fine.
          Meanwhile Misty was having a bit more of an awkward time. She didn’t mind
the vampaneze but there were no girls so she felt left out and Murlough was giving
her a hard time.
“It’s not that hard mmm, just slit your nail in their skin, then drink mmm,
it’s not complicated mmm”, Murlough said
“I don’t want to drink blood”, Misty argued
“Then why did you join the vampaneze? Mmm”, Murlough asked
“I had no other choice”, Misty replied
Misty and Murlough argued for nearly an hour. She went over to a cave that she
discovered to be alone in. No one else knew about the cave until now.
“Agghhhhhhhhhh”, was heard echoing through the cave.
“Who’s there?”, Misty asked
A squirrel came out of the dark. It wasn’t an ordinary one but instead it was a
blood sucking squirrel.
“Oh it’s only a squirrel”, Misty said to herself
“I’m a talking squirrel”, the squirrel said
“Ok, well that’s new, what’s your name?”, Misty asked
“My name is Owen, don’t worry I wont suck blood from you cause you’re a
“That’s good then, hey do you want to be my friend, all the vampaneze are being
really mean to me and I need someone to talk to”, Misty said
“Ok, I will, I have no one either, all my family disappeared”, Owen said sadly
          Mr. Tall came over to talk to Ceris and Josh to see if they would like to
do a performance. They thought it was a great idea so they said yes. They had no clue
what to do so they spent the afternoon thinking.
“I have an idea”, Ceris said
“What is it then?”, Josh asked
“Well since we play the guitar, we could do a little song or something”
“Yeah, that’s a great idea but what will we sing?”

“How about…….
From Paris to Berlin
And every performance we get in
Our guitars are playing for you
Playing for you
Cause when were singing a song
Everyone will join along
Our guitars are playing for you
Playing for you”
“OK then, it’s not exactly that great but it’s all we got, lets go tell
They went to find Mr.Tall, he thought it was a great idea, he also said they could
play tomorrow night so they would have to practice today and tomorrow morning.
“YES!!”, Ceris and Josh said together
          Off they went now to find Mr.Crepsley to tell him the good news. When they
entered his tent they saw that he was packing his stuff.
“Yo Mr. C, what’s with the packing”, Josh asked
“I’m sorry to say but after tomorrow night we have to leave to make our way to
Vampire Mountain. 
Vampire Mountain is a place where all the vampires gather and discus about stuff and
the generals tell the princes and if they approve things will change.
“What!!”, said Ceris and Josh
“I’m sorry but we have to go”
              Misty and her squirrel friend Owen were having a really good time.
“Misty mmm, we must go mmm, the vampires are leaving for Vampire Mountain mmm so we
must go before them so we can attack mmm”, Murlough said
“Will I see Ceris?”, Misty asked
“Yes you will see her mmm, you’ll see her dead mwahahahahaha mmmm”, Murlough
said with an evil laugh
“You’re not killing my best friend”
They set out for Vampire Mountain. Owen never wanted to go so he stayed in the forest
hoping to find his family.
           While travelling to Vampire Mountain all you could hear was…
“Are we there yet?”
“How about now?”
Ceris was really fed up with long journeys so she never stopped talking. Which in
everyone else’s concern was bad, very bad.
“How about now?”
“For the 500,000 time NO!!”, Josh said
“Ok, ok, no need to me evil about it”, Ceris said
“Well you never stop talking, can’t you stay quiet for 5 minuits”, Josh asked
“No, not really”, Ceris replied
It was going to be a really long time before she stopped talking because it takes
more than a week to get to Vampire Mountain. So it made everything even worse.
Probably Mr. Crepsley and Josh wanted to die at that very moment than listen to Ceris
talking non stop.
“I’m bored and tired”, Ceris said
“That’s it, you either stay quiet for the rest of the trip or I’ll through you
in the pit of daggers when we get there!”, Mr. Crepsley shouted
Ceris never spoke a word on the rest of the journey unless someone asked her a
question or something like that.

      Chapter Three

Ceris had to be quiet for the rest of the journey but Misty could talk as much as she
wanted. Misty was being taught all the things about vampaneze and that. She got fed
up after a while listening to Murlough because after every sentence he said all you
could hear was ‘mmmm’. Which gets on her nerves. Josh and Ceris had the same
lecture from Mr. Crepsley but it was about the vampires. So the journey for both of
the girls and Josh was very, very boring. Natalie was helping them too with the ways
of the vampires, at least when she said the stuff it was better than Mr. Crepsleys
        Misty was counting the days as they went past and was hoping they would get
there soon.
“Why aren’t we there yet? It’s been over a week already and you said it only
takes a week”, Misty complained
“I don’t know mmm, besides when we get there mmm your having a new guardian, so I
wont have to listen to you talking about crap anymore mmmm”, Murlough said happily
“Well, listening to you all the time isn’t so pleasant either, all you can hear
after you speak is ‘mmm’, What is with that ‘mmm’, it’s a bloody pain”,
Misty said starting to argue.
You wouldn’t really want to see Misty in a bad mood because it isn’t good.
“I don’t go ‘mmm’, …… I?”. Murlough asked
“Yes you do and I wish you would stop”
They were having a great time, Misty was hoping her new guardian would be way better
than Murlough.
         Natalie was having a really good conversation with Josh until they heard a
“What’s going on!”, Natalie asked
“Well except for braking my nail…. There’s a big brown bear behind you”,
Ceris said
“Behind who?”, Natalie asked again
“It’s behind you”
“Oh My God!!, Aghhhh!”, Natalie screamed
“Mr. Crepsley!, We’re in a bit of trouble”, Ceris shouted to Mr. Crepsley
“I thought I told you not to say a word till we got to Vampire Mount……….!
Mr. Crepsley couldn’t finnish his sentence because he was already on the bear,
attacking it and trying to kill it. 
Thankfully a few minuets past and the bear was on the ground, dead.
 “Wow Mr. C, you’re strong”, Ceris  said to Mr. Crepsley
“Why thank you, but us vampires are very strong, but I do work out over
weekends”, Mr. Crepsley said
“Very nice to hear”, Ceris said

Chapter Four

At last Misty had reached Vampire Mountain and couldn’t wait to see her new
“Well finally we are here, everyone give yourself a big cheer”, Misty said
“We still have to get through to our hideout mmmm, so don’t be so pleased”,
Murlough said
“Oh, well you know hehe”, Misty said looking a bit unhappy
She was hoping she had finally reached there and could see all the cool stuff, but
because she was a vampaneze she couldn’t go in and she had to stay out of peoples
“I wish I legged it before so then Ceris could have joined the vampaneze, stupid
me, maybe I can legit later on when they aren’t looking, great idea Misty”, Misty
said to herself.
They had to walk through the tunnels in Vampire Mountain because they can’t be seen
by any vampires. Anyone could get lost if they never knew their way. Some
vampires/vampaneze are smart though, they but marks on the wall so if they went the
wrong way they could go on a different route. So they started on that adventure.
       “Well we are here at last”, Mr. Crepsley said happily
“Oh yay finally …………… oops”, Ceris said hoping Mr. Crepsley never heard

“It’s ok, we are here now but try not and talk so much please”, Mr. Crepsley
“Ok, I’ll try my best”, Ceris said
“So……… how do we get in?” Josh asked
“We climb up the mountain and then go through the gap, then we go through the
tunnel to get to the halls”, Mr. Crepsley said
“What!, more climbing, huh”, Josh complained
It was alright for Mr. Crepsley and Natalie because they were full vampires but Josh
and Ceris were only half, so it made it harder. They started climbing the mountain,
which was very hard work.
They had finally reached the top when they saw all the tunnels.
“Oh my god, how big do you need tunnels and that, we are so gonna get lost in
here”, Ceris said
“No we wont get lost because  I have drawn a map which will lead us the right way,
if that doesn’t work then we just have to find a different way into the tunnel”,
Natalie explained
“Ok then, god help me if I get lost”, Ceris said
“Please get lost in these tunnels, please”, Mr. Crepsley thought in his head,
hoping she would get lost at one point.
          Misty and her fellow vampaneze made it through the tunnels without any
trouble. Except for when Misty fell down this hole. Which made everyone laugh but
Murlough had to help her so their laughter went unfortunately. They kept on walking
and Murlough spotted another hole and started laughing.
“How tradgic was it when you fell down that hole earlier mmm, don’t fall down
this one, hehehehe”, Murlough said laughing.
“It wasn’t funny so shut your big gob up, you wouldn’t have found it funny if
you fell down there”, Misty said
“Mmmm, suppose I wouldn’t, but still…”, Murlough said trying not to laugh as
“Shut up, I’m going somewhere for a while, so leave me alone”, Misty said
“Ok but don’t go far, don’t want you falling down a hole again”, Murlough
All the vampaneze started laughing. Misty went off in

kimkarin says:   4 January 2007   818887  
very half way dun wanna
LilCezInDaHood says:   4 January 2007   552572  
well duh, its a story, its ment 2 b long, hehe
LilCezInDaHood says:   7 January 2007   921614  
does all this story show up, or just up to there, cus if not then it
was just a waste of time putting this up, but ahwel
tweetypet2 says:   24 February 2007   494111  
wow that was cool but long it took me an half an hour to read it
LilCezInDaHood says :   27 February 2007   258168  
its reli gay, i got 10 chapters and only 4 of em show. nd it doesnt
even finnish properly, its like those stories wen u dnt kno wats gona
happen, so u afto wait, but i cnt put the rest of it on ere cus its
been deleted


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