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Friday, 1 December 2006
11:59:14 PM (GMT)
Today we went out for dinner since I got my yellow belt in Kiaido Ryu with no yellow
tips and because my younger brother got an orange belt (he started before me so I am
going pretty good)! First it was a mystery. The only clue that we got was that we had
not been there for a long time. My brother and i had guessed right! I will tell you
the rest tommorrow 'cause it is 9:00 at night. Bye bye.  
P.S this is a story i made up.

The Most Boring Theme Park Ever.
Written by me, Ashlee.

One day, Stacey and her best friend Melanie went to ‘Tasty Treat Land!’ When they
got there all they saw was a HUGE door made entirely out of chocolate! They both
thought “this ought to be one tasty trip!”  The tour assistant sounded nice on
the intercom, but he turned out to be one very grumpy old man! “I have a bad
feeling about this. And the tour assistant looks exactly like our old math teacher,
Mr.  Simmons!” mumbled Stacey. “No way!” cried Melanie. “My name is Mr.
Samuel Simmons. You two look familiar. Have I seen you before?” “Yes Mr. Simmons,
you were our math teacher and Sweet Candy High for girls, remember?” the two girls
said. “Ah yes. You two never were in my good books. Anyway we must get started.
Follow me!” said Mr. Simmons. The girls followed Mr. Simmons through the chocolate
door and into complete darkness. Melanie pulled a torch from her backpack. When she
turned it on beautiful gems glittered ever where. “TURN IT OFF! YOU’LL SCARE THE
BATS!” screamed Mr. Simmons. “I don’t think there will be any bats in this
gem-filled cave somehow,” whispered Stacey. “I know the way just follow me. Wait
a second. Hold onto this rope incase you wander of you little brat.” “Oh my gosh.
He has no right to call me a little brat!” said Melanie.
They finally reached a theme park. It was the best park they had ever seen!
“Wow,” breathed the girls simultaneously. “Bye Mr. Simmons! We don’t need a
guide now. Bye!” said Stacey. “GET BACK HERE BRATS!” screamed Mr. Simmons.
“This is the theme park, NEXT DOOR!” said and screamed Mr. Simmons while pointing
at a muddy swamp. Once they got across Mr. Simmons led them into a mouldy shack with
a few other old grumpy people. “What is this place?” whispered Melanie. The
grumpy people whispered something to Mr. Simmons and walked out of the shack. Melanie
and Stacey followed them into the most boring theme park they had ever seen! Mr.
Simmons mumbled something and walked away. “Lets see if we can find some food,”
said Stacey. They walked over to the food stall where they found tofu and vegetables!
“YUCK!” screamed the girls at the exact same time. Then the walked over to the
drink stall. “YUCK!” screamed the girls again as there was only water and sloppy
milk that looked like it was curdled. “Maybe we could look for some sweets to cheer
us up a bit,” said Stacey. “Good idea.” But the search for sweets was
unsuccessful as all that they could find were brussel sprouts on sticks and pieces of
broccoli cooked until they are yellow and rock hard. Melanie almost fainted it was so
disgusting! “Look!” said Stacey, “a roller coaster!” They were extremely
excited until they found out that there were no ups and downs and it was all flat.
“Boo!” said Melanie. They decided to have a go on it. It was going as fast as a
snail until they got to the end and it stopped completely. “What a pathetic,
stupid, moronic ride!” exclaimed Stacey. ‘Sloppy Slide’ read the sign in front
of them. They entered the ‘Sloppy Slide’ where there was mud galore. There was a
changing room that was made out of bamboo and was basically falling to pieces! The
girls got changed into their tankinis as the bamboo crumbled into a pile of sticks.
The girls got such a big fright that they jumped into the mud! “It’s freezing and
brown!” exclaimed Melanie.  They jumped out of the mud and into the freezing cold,
dark green and blue water on the other side of the swamp. The girls dried themselves
off with the pieces of paper that were provided by Mr. Simmons. Next they went into
‘Kiddy Kastle’ which looked great from the outside but what a shock on the
inside! First they had to do Year 10 homework and they were only Year 6!  Next they
had to cook a nice dinner for themselves to eat, made out of worms, eels, fish scales
and pig guts. While the supervisor wasn’t looking, they shoved the disgusting meal
over the barb wire fence. “I hate Kiddy Kastle!” exclaimed Melanie. “So do
I!” said Stacey. At last there trip to ‘Tasty Treat Land’ was over! “Goodbye
Mr. Simmons!” said the girls. “I’m never going back there again!” said
Melanie. “Why don’t they just call it ‘The Most Boring Theme Park Ever?’”

The End
Bye :D

chrissy0428 shouts:   14 January 2007   712461  
congratulations on getting your yello belt!!!
candyfloss27 says :   15 January 2007   483515  
Do you do martial arts?


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