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Thursday, 25 July 2019
06:26:32 PM (GMT)
was bound to happen sooner or later, the other emails were boring, mostly me taking
12 hours to respond to things, and alot of stalling 
after one week of me fucking around"FedEx" sent me a thing that told me I should pay
450$ to collect my millions of dollars I will get, after 36 hours of ignoring the
message, facebook man aka Richard Canon aka Scammer Fuck, messages me, and I decided
me and my new BFF were gonna have to make some changes in our life  

Facebook Headquarters
Have you not paid them for your delivery fee sir

Billy Ted (me)
Yes I have not

Facebook Headquarters
You should have made your payment so they can make your delivery sir

Billy Ted
hey my man Richard
I found out something

Billy Ted
I think FedEx is trying to scam me

Facebook Headquarters	
no they are not sir

Billy Ted
yeah I find out the shipping rates on FedEx website are different than the email is
I think FedEx is doing is trying to screw you guys
like here's the rates right here
and none of them are over 200$

Facebook Headquarters	
The fee you were asked to pay is what most winners who has received their winnings
also paid before they got their delivery, they not trying to scam you, this is a very
vital package they delivering to you, what is written online does not matter sir ( I
love how this man keeps calling me sir)

Billy Ted
well yes it is because they can get sued in accordance to the rules the Federal Trade
Commission have made
up to a 2 million dollar fine (bullshitting this because I don't know what the fine
I mean I was wondering why the price was so high
I think FedEx is doing some illegal business practices (#clearlyitsFedEx)

Facebook Headquarters	
sir i am assuring you that they are been right about what they told you sir

Billy Ted
I think I should call them

Facebook Headquarters	
whats your phone number sir (he no doubts wants to call me to tell me not to)

Billy Ted	
I'm gonna use the public library phone (not gonna tell this man my phone number, also
I did tell him I was homeless several times so I thought this was plausible)
it's where I've been doing my stuff
do you think I should call them?

Facebook Headquarters	
i think you should follow their instructions so they can have your package delivered
to you,i was thinking you must have received it already, i have the video clips of
one of the lucky winners who got his prize yesterday he also made this payment to
them for the charges they required

Billy Ted
can I see the clip?

Facebook Headquarters	
okay i will be sending it to your email address now sir

Billy Ted	
fun times

Facebook Headquarters
Check your email sir, i just sent it to you

Billy Ted 
I don't see it
never mind got it

Facebook Headquarters
This is very real do not take this for a joke as you very close in becoming 2 million
dollars richer sir

Billy Ted (crazyhot is now gonna be mentally retarded for a bit)
won't let me open it

Facebook Headquarters	
click on it sir

Billy Ted	
I did
Said "whoops theirs is a problem opening this file"
bit odd
Billy Ted
(5 mins later and crazyhot becomes mentally unretarded)
is it the old guy? (uploaded the video here if yall give a fuck

Facebook Headquarters
yes sir

Billy Ted
ok got it
so who was he?

Facebook Headquarters
One of the lucky winners in Australia who got his prize delivered to him yesterday

Billy Ted	
what about the guy you said was in the UK you had a clip of? (he said he was gonna
send me a clip a few days ago)

Facebook Headquarters
i dont have his clip on here sir

Billy Ted
can you fetch it? (at the moment my game plan is just to get 2 clips so I can upload
them to youtube then i'm done with this bloke)

Facebook Headquarters
let me check sir
Can’t see that I only see the lady in Malaysia who got her winnings on Monday sir

Billy Ted
so that old guy just got his money right? (remember this question)

Facebook Headquarters	
Yes sir
Billy Ted

Facebook Headquarters
That is the lady in Malaysia who got hers on Monday 2 Million Dollars ATM Master Card
she got hers in 48 hours after making her payment on Saturday you just have to follow
instructions given to you so you can have your own funds with you sir this is very
Anyone who tells you is not real does not want you to be happy ( THOSE BASTARDS also
that made lol, video is here I doubt the credit card is legit:

Billy Ted

Facebook Headquarters
what you need to do now sir is proceed on making your payment so your delivery can be

Billy Ted (penny drops)
thank you for the videos I've seen one but not the other
I mean before you gave them to me

Facebook Headquarters
how do you mean sir 

Billy Ted 
because I found the video with the old guy on dailymotion months ago
the upload date was 2017 (he started to type but stopped typing after my next few
The other one you just sent me is not on the web (that I could find)
wanted the UK one, but I'll take the Asian one
Anywho I've uploaded the asian one to youtube
I called it "a video a facebook scammer sent me"
I will miss you Richard your broken English, and always calling me sir really warms
me heart
you are the best 419 scammer I have ever talked to

He has not replied after 12 hours so my new BFF is dead to me
Last edited: 25 July 2019

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