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Monday, 8 December 2014
06:38:00 AM (GMT)
(Still fiction still naughty first request though)

Rob a man approaching middle age and very aware of it do to his daughters growing age
she was gonna be 18 in one day and he was planning a little trip for them since his
wife got her new job which seemed to always have her away from home anymore he missed
her so bad emotionally and carnaly his daughter was gonna be home from school any
moment now he would have her pack and they would take off for the week he was sitting
at the table having a cup of coffee smiling he was hoping she would enjoy the resort
they were going too he was mid thought when she walked in with her backpack over her
shoulder "hi daddy!" she said with a bright happy smile she'd always been such a
happy friendly girl always did well in school and had plenty of friends. She looked
so much like her mother in so many ways she had the same impossibly blue eyes and
beautiful blonde wavy hair she always spent so much time on she never wore make up
but didn't need to she was naturally beautiful herself. He waved at her setting his
mug down "hey princess" he said back happily he always called her princess even
though she had a family name Veronica but he so rarely called her by her name she
smiled and came over to hug him they'd grown very close since she was about 13 when
her mom got her job and started to slowly disappear from their lives he smiled and
hugged her back "go ahead and go pack princess so we can get on the road it's a bit
of a drive you know" she smiled at her giggling "okay daddy!" she turned and walked
to her room with a bit of bounce in her step it almost looked like a skip he shook
his head smiling and checked his phone yet another day without even hearing from his
wife he sighed softly and slid his phone back into his pocket and sipped his coffee
again he'd packed his bag and it was already in the car he smiled to himself again
sitting there quietly now.

A few hours later...

They had finally arrived at the resort it was huge and looked well worth the money
he'd paid they both smiled at each other before they grabbed their bags and walked in
it wasn't until they reached the front desk and tried to check in that they had
screwed up their reservations and instead of getting conjoining rooms they ended up
in a room that didn't even have twin beds it had one bed one big bed the only room
even left open at this point they went up to their room just a little bummed out but
when they got to the room their mood lifted as it was amazing with an even better
view they set up their stuff smiling again happily they'd planned a few things
together like meals and fun lessons and then a few things apart like massages and
pedicures he smiled at her as they took off for their first meal there 

Even more hours later...

He'd been drinking at dinner so was just a little bit tuned when they got back to
their room he went and changed into something comfortable to sleep in and laid down
she also changed into a tank top and shorts she sat on the other side of the bed
watching a movie smiling he was getting close to falling asleep when he suddenly
thought of his wife he checked his phone again nothing, it made him sad and right
about the same time she got quiet and almost somber she looked down a little "daddy
I'm so sorry mommy isn't around anymore..." he rolled over and looked at her "no
princess it's okay you don't have to worry about that" he told her softly as he laid
a hand on her arm and faked his best smile she looked at him "o-Okay daddy but...I
miss mommy and I miss seeing her and you smiling together..." she said to him softly
she sniffed softly as she leaned on him "I wish You were happier daddy I know you
just pretend around me but I know it hurts..." he was surprised how easily she was
reading him like every line of pain written on his heart was visible to her alone "I
wish...I wish I could make you happy daddy..." he was looking at her quietly almost
like he was in shock when he finally managed "it's okay Victoria sweetheart daddy is
happy when he has his princess..." he smiled at her this time it was honest and real
she smiled back her perfect smile her mother's eyes and beauty she was shorter than
most girls and wasn't all that curvy but was charming in her own feminine way
something only some girls can really pull off just like her mom he was lost in his
thought before he noticed he'd leaned in taking her chin gently in his fingers he was
kissing her his own daughter it felt like his world stopped they were looking into
each other's eyes with their lips still touching "daddy..."said softly he was very
slowly pulling back from her lips "" she looked at him closely with a
slightly confused look on her face "daddy...why...why did you stop?..." she asked
softly as she leaned back into him kissing him now her eyes he kissed back he closed
his eyes as well slowly wrapping his arms around her they kissed harder and harder
slowly it was wrong it was so very wrong what was even more wrong was that was he was
starting to get hard feeling her firm little body and breasts on his chest he hadn't
had sex in months he couldn't help it he was hard positively throbbing she slid her
hand very slowly down his side stopping at the waistband of his shorts she tugged at
it a little asking permission that way he nodded slightly and she slid her hand down
his shorts wrapping her small sweet hand around his shaft she started to stroke him
slowly up and down kissing him hard they were exchanging saliva with each other
passionately before they pulled back for air and she bit her lip looking down as she
pulled him out of his shorts and kept rubbing him up and down "does it feel good
daddy?..." she asked him softly he nodded as she pulled her breasts out and started
to rub and tug her nipple as she slowly jerked him off she licked her lips before she
leaned down and licked slowly over the head of his cock he let out a soft sound as
she started to suck on the tip of his cock sucking the head into her mouth she sucked
him slowly more and more into her mouth bobbing her head up and down slowly she was
getting his dick all slick with her spit gagging as she throated him a few times she
sat back up then stripped off her clothes "oh daddy...I can't wait..." she said
softly as she said it she smiled at him he smiled back as she straddled his waist
placing the tip of his cock against her opening "daddy...does this hurt?..." she
asked in a little voice that is just cute added to her blushing face he smiled a
little bit "only a little at first princess..." he told her softly she nodded and
eased herself down onto his dick she yelped then let out soft sounds as he slid up
inside her he bit his lip "oh baby girl..." he said softly she looked at him for a
long moment while the slight pain faded away inside her she started to bounce slowly
up and down on him moaning as she does so "oh daddy it's so big it's filling every
inch of me!" she said as she went up and down on his cock her pussy dripping wet he
held her sides as she bounced faster and faster it felt so good for both of them the
sounds of her moaning filling the room along with a creak of the bed as they
committed this sin he watching her body move how she looked like her mom how she even
kind of moved like her how beautiful she was up there he could feel it getting close
already his orgasm he bit his lip then said "princess daddy is gonna cum soon so be
ready to hop off" she nodded then blushed deeply "I heard it feels good though
letting it out inside of your lover though daddy" she said in a sweet pleasured voice
she'd already cum a few times just from the time she'd started riding his cock she'd
get loud as her pussy would get tight and wetter and quiver all over it felt so
amazing "but princess you could get pregnant" she nodded "I know daddy I'm not afraid
I love you and want you to feel so much pleasure even at the risk of myself..." she
said as she rode faster and harder he was there he was moaning and he was twitching
as he felt his cum start to spray out inside of her she barred down on his hips
swirling her hips in circles to make it all pour out inside her as she came as well
when they'd both finished cumming they just sat there panting looking into each
other's eyes they understood what they'd done and could never go back or undo it they
sealed that idea with another passionate kiss they kissed for a very long time the
whole time his cock deep inside her but the night was still young so they lightened
the mood more and more and by the morning they'd had sex multiple times and were
laying there smiling at each other "you know baby girl we actually have breakfast
reservations her in another hour" he said softly she giggled "I know daddy...but my
tummy already feels full of something hot and gooy..." she smiled at him and her
smiled back he'd let every load out deep inside her but didn't feel like worrying
about that now he he just kissed her nose before getting up to shower and get ready
for breakfast with her beside him the whole time they left for breakfast together
smiling while his phone laid vibrating on the bed muffled by the fluffy blanket a
picture of a beautiful women on the screen it went to voicemail shortly after and the
screen faded back to black a missed call light blinking on top of it.

The End

clutsyarien says:   8 December 2014   302680  
amazing! thank you!
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 December 2014   945037  
Thanks I hope it was a good read for you 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 December 2014   257264  
This would be so much better if it included gay sex o-o instead of
yucky straight sex
clutsyarien says:   8 December 2014   564357  
I don't think any orientations sex is yucky, but i do agree that
variety is good.
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 December 2014   146839  
Oh you lil stinker :3
But I'm afraid I won't be writing any gay sex stories 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 December 2014   440693  

Aw ; ^ ; you're boring and mean. 
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 December 2014   721594  
You mean straight font you? 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 December 2014   696904  

Yeah ;-; which is ew >-> I mean boobs are great and all but fucking
the rest is all ew- 
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 December 2014   978664  
Well then you better always check under your bed and in your closet or
the vaginal intercourse monster might get you o - o 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 December 2014   517606  

e.o eww- >~< nu ewwie-- 
‹Mr.Master› says:   9 December 2014   500213  
Yes child guard your ding dong 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 December 2014   335264  

;-; -whimpers- 
‹Mr.Master› says:   9 December 2014   876344  
I wouldn't mind getting attacked by it 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 December 2014   386750  

EW- -pours bleach all over you- nasty ; ^ ; 
‹Mr.Master› says:   10 December 2014   530397  
Okay Alex what if I promised to have a very openly gay flamboyant
character in my next story? 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   10 December 2014   848028  

-squeals- yesh! OuO 
‹Mr.Master› says:   10 December 2014   220526  
No gay sex though just one very very gay character 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   10 December 2014   531083  

;-; aw 
‹Mr.Master› says:   10 December 2014   330770  
Alex you have a whole internet to look gay sex up on you know that
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   11 December 2014   906931  

O-O you're right... 
‹Mr.Master› says:   11 December 2014   807873  
Please enjoy yourself c: 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   11 December 2014   211461  

I will uwu 
Josie100 says:   29 December 2014   330618  
That story is beautiful
‹Mr.Master› says :   29 December 2014   808850  
Thank you I think smut can have heart 

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