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Tuesday, 5 August 2014
02:31:23 PM (GMT)
4 years ago:

How old were you?: Eleven :o

Where did you work?:  I didn't work.

Where did you live?:  In a little town outside Houston c:

Where did you hang out?: I was eleven. >:c At my friends' houses. 

How was your hair style?:  Natural, I guess. Long, straight, and black. 

Did you wear braces?: No :D

Did you wear glasses: No :D

Who was your best friend?: Shit, when I was eleven? Umm... See, that was... sixth
grade. So, Ethan c: 

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?:  I had a Kupika girlfriend for a few weeks that
year ;c

Who was your celebrity crush?:  Definitely gonna be Felicia Day. I think Malcolm
introduced me to her by that time...

Who was your regular-person crush?:  I think right then it was Faith. Aw, Faith. She
was so pretty. I had the biggest crush on her and she never knew. ;c

How many piercings did you have?  NONE :D But, my right earlobe looks like it was
pierced. I get asked about that when I have short hair ._.

How many tattoos did you have: None :D

What was your fave band?: I was going through a phase of which I didn't like music.

What was your worst fear?: Oh, back then. Um, I don't remember. It was probably
something dumb.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:  No, and I didn't/don't plan to >:c

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?:  No, and I didn't plan to >:c 

Had you driven yet?:  Well I drove my parents crazy, if that counts :o


How old are you?:  15 :P

What school year are you in?: Sophomore/Tenth grade 

Where do you go to school: The local High School .-. 

where do you work?: I work my ass off trying to make people smile, if that counts for

Where do you live?:  In a small town just outside of Houston c,;

Where do you hang out?: In my room XD

How is your hair style?: Same as four years ago. I really don't like messing with my
hair c:

Do you wear glasses?:  Nope :c

Do you wear braces?:  About to DX

Who is your best friend: I hate the term best friend, because it makes me choose
between a few very good friends. Most people ignore that, though. I'll just go with
the flow. Neon and Sergio (and Becca, but shh c

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: If you guys don't know, yet, then you don't talk
to me or read my shit enough c: Becca <3 

Who is your celebrity crush?:  It comes in phases, but I'd say still Felicia Day c: 

Who is your regular-person crush?: I don't have one :c  

How many tattoos do you have?: None c:

How many piercings do you have?: Still none, because I don't like piercings on me xc

What is your favorite band?:  Ah, band? Probably either Mötley Crüe, or something.

What is your biggest fear?:  I'm fearless, I'm a fucking black belt! >:D
Only one person will know c:

Have you driven yet?:  I've driven tractors >:c

Have you smoked a cigarette yet?:  No, and I don't plan to >:c

Have you gotten drunk or high yet?:  No :c

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