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Friday, 13 December 2013
08:32:04 AM (GMT)
1) Whats your (full) name? Uh. Nonya business lol.
2) How old are you? 17
3) Whats your Birthday? 5-30-96
4) What starsign does that make it? Gemini???
5) Whats your favourite colour? green
6) Whats your lucky number? 6
7) Do you have any pets? yes a lot
 Where are you from? nevada
9) How tall are you? 5' 6"
10) What shoe size are you? 8 1/2
11) How many pairs of shoes do you own? not a lot -- i think 3
12) If you were prime miniser/ruler of the world what laws would you make? a whole
fucking lot; people would have freedom to marry who they want, people would have
equal freedom, etc
13) If you were a super hero what powers would you have? invisibility, flying,
reading minds... i can't think of anymore
14) and what would your hero name be? Chaos
15) and what outfit would you wear? All black outfit
16) What was your last dream about? Uh. Sex. lol
17) What would you do if you won the lottery? Get a house, help everyone I love with
their financial issues, get a car, get basically everything I want... lol too lazy to
1 Would you like to build/design your own house? Yessssssssssssss...
19) Which form of public transport do you prefer? None. I hate buses. And trains. And
plains. Ew.
20) What talents do you have? writing, drawing, playing guitar, web design, graphic
design, animation, etc
21) Can you juggle? No lol
22) Can you solve a rubix cube? Still have yet to try that...
23) Do you have a cherished childhood teddybear? No. But a kitty cat.
24) Are you psychic in any way? Yes.
25) Are you a good dancer? Eh.
26) Are you a good singer? Noooo lol
27) Are you a good cook? Fuck yeah
2 Are you a good artist? Fuck yeah
29) Are you a good listener? Hell yeah
30) Are you a good public speaker? Noooooooo
31) Are you a good babysitter? Yup
32) Are you a good mechanic? NOOO
33) Are you a good diplomat? Uh idk
34) Are you a good employee? Don't work
35) Are you a good dresser? eh somewhat
36) Are you a good swimmer? YEP
37) Are you a good skier? a what
3 Are you a good lover? Yeeeeep
39) Are you a good musician? Yep
40) Are you a good comedian? Eh depends
41) Are you a good cleaner? I can be
42) Are you a good actor? Yes
43) Are you a good writer?
44) Have you ever been bungee jumping? No
45) Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking? no
46) What types of holidays do you prefer? i don't like holidays, but christmas
47) Whats the furthest you've ever been on holiday? whatcha mean by that?
4 What was your favourite holiday? christmas
49) Where would your dream holiday be? uhhhhhh?
50) Can you tap dance? No
51) Whats your favourite zoo animal? wolf
52) Whats your favourite sport? soccer/swimming
53) Whats your favourite food? tacos mashed potatoes BBQ chicken spaghetti pizza... i
could go on and on
54) Whats your favourite pizza topping? Pepperoni
55) Whats your favourite film? I have lots. Fast and Furious Series, Transporter
Series, Safe, Final Destination series, etc
56) Whats your favourite song? oh god I have a lot I can't even name them all
57) Whats your favourite alcoholic drink? Rum and coke
5 Whats your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Mountain Dew
59) Whats your favourite TV program? USA/TNT
60) Whats your favourite boyband? ew none
61) Whats your favourite girl group? none
62) What would be your ideal partner? my girlfriend
63) Do you want children? yes
64) Do you want a church wedding? no
65) Are you religious? eh
66) Do you like reality TV programs? somewhat
67) Do you like TV talent shows? not really
6 If you were gay who would your life partner be? I am gay and my girlfriend
69) If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be? I don't think
I wanna change anything. The more I think about it, the more I don't wanna change
70) How many hats do you own? None lol
71) Are you any good at pool? Ehhh
72) Whats the highest you've ever jumped into the water from? the high diving board
73) Have you ever been admitted to hospital? Yep
74) Have you ever had any brushes with the law? eh
75) Have you ever been on TV? nope
76) Have you ever met any celebrities? i wish
77) Have you ever been to Legoland? i wish
7 Have you ever done something heroic? yeah
79) Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? yes haha
80) Have you ever been the recipiant of a practical joke? yes.....plenty
81) What would be your best achievement to date? uh, getting someone nice
82) Do you prefer baths or showers? showers
83) Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying or natural dryin your hair? natural
84) Have you ever built a snowman? yes
85) Have you ever been sledging? what
86) Have you ever flown a kite? yep
87) What colour socks are you wearing? the feet color
8 If you could live anywhere, where would that be? germany
89) Have you ever been famous? no
90) Would you like to be a big celebrity? no
91) Would you ever go on Big Brother? no
92) How big is your TV? 52" idik
93) What is your most essential appliance? my phone
94) What type of music do you like? heavy metal, screamo, rock...
95) Have you ever been skinnydipping? yes
96) How many Pillows do you sleep with? 10 lol
97) What position do you often sleep in? on my side
9 What do you wear to bed? shirt & panties or nothing
99) How big is your house? not big
100) Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? there a difference?
101) What do you typically have for breakfast? i don't eat breakfast lol
102) Do you like scary movies? yes
103) Whats your favourite Milkshake flavour? oreo chocolate
104) Have you ever been in a newspaper? no
105) How long can you balance on one foot? not long -- 10 seconds maybe
106) Have you ever fired a gun? yes
107) Have you ever tried archery? yes
10 Whats your favourite condement? pepper
109) Whats your favourite clean word? clean word? what?
110) Whats your favourite swear word? fuck
111) Whats your least favourite word? uh words are words bro
112) What was the last film you saw? uh. uh. uh. Red 2?
113) What football team do you support? Steelers
114) Whats the longest you've gone without sleep? oh god.... 1 week and a half?
115) Whats the tallest building you've ever been up? uh. the skyscraper in vegas
116) Do you have any scars? yes
117) Do you like marmite? idk
11 Did you ever win any sportsday events? no
119) What did you want to be when you grew up? a vet
120) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? my looks
121) Whats the longest you've ever grown your hair? down to my butt
123) Are you scared of flying? eh somewhat
124) Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
looks for intelligence
125) Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes? yes
126) How often do you buy new clothes? often
127) Are you reliable? yes
12 Are you proud of yourself? somewhat
129) Have you ever had a secret admirer? yes
130) If you could ask your future self one question what would it be? am I doing the
right thing?
131) Do you hold grudges? Yesssss
132) If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new
animal would you create? part wolf part cat
133) Do you decorate the outside of your house for christmas? yes
134) Can you solve sudoko puzzles? nooo
135) Have you ever played conkers? uh no
136) Whats the most unusual conversation you've ever had? oh god. that's hard to
choose bro
137) Are you much of a gambler? eh no
13 Are you much of a daredevil? yes
139) Are you a good liar? yep
140) Are you a good judge of character? somewhat
141) Are you any good at charades? no
142) How long could you go without talking? not long lol
143) What has been your worst haircut/style? oh god the one i have now
144) Can you iceskate? no
145) Can you summersault? nope
146) Whats your favourite joke? don't have one
147) Whats been your best present? getting my puppy
14 Whats been your worst present? good question. idk
149) Have you ever sleepwalked? yes
150) Can you build a house of cards? no
151) Whats your favourite TV advert? idk
152) Can you play poker? yes
153) If your parents hated your partner you currently loved would you ditch him or
carry on with him despite the protests? carry on
154) Have you ever been professionally photographed? yes
155) Have you ever baked your own cake? yep
156) Whats your favourite fruit pastel colour? idk
157) What traditionally adorns the top of your christmas tree? star
15 What would be your dream sandwich? i don't like sandwiches much
159) Can you inpersonate anyone famous? nope
160) Can you do any accents other than your own? yes
161) Do you have a strong local accent? yes
162) Whats your favourite accent? british/german
163) In O's and X's which do you normally pick? x
164) Do you prefer blue or black inked pens? black
165) What was the last thing you recorded off TV? can't record anything
166) What was the last thing you dressed up as for fancy dress? 8th grade dance
167) Do you prefer green or red grapes? i don't like grapes
16 What do you like on your toast? cinnamon
169) Do you prefer liquid soap or bars of soap? liquid
170) How do you have your eggs? i don't like eggs
171) Whats your favourite saying? "Dreams become nightmares, nightmares become
172) Have you ever been in a tug of war? yes
173) and did you win? yes
174) Can you stand on your hands unassisted? no
175) What do you have on your fridge door? magnets
176) Do you love or hate myspace? don't use it don't care
177) Who was the last person to knock/ring at your door? the ambulance people
17 How old were you when you last went trick or treating? 17.......
179) Have you ever been bobbing for apples? yes
180) Whats your most expensive piece of clothing? my corset
181) Whats the last thing you took a picture of? my dog
182) Whats the last thing you drew a picture of? a skull thing
183) Have you ever bought anything from ebay? yep
184) Whats your favourite smell/scent? gas... bread... laundry soap... food
185) Can you blow bubbles with bubblegum? yes
186) What was your favourite birthday? when i came to vegas for a vacation
187) Can you curl your tounge? yes
18 Is your bellybutton an innie or outie? innie
189) What would be your dream car? lamborgini
190) Are you left or right handed? both
191) What was the last book you read? lol i don't even know
192) What was the last song you danced to? uh.. idk
193) Have you ever owned a yo-yo? yes
194) Have you ever been on a pogo stick? yeah
195) Have you ever been on a space hopper? no
196) Who was the last person to send you a text message? damon
197) Have you ever accidentally injured anyone? yes
19 Are you scared of spiders? oh my god yes
199) Can you down a pint (of anything) in one? yes
200) Have you ever been banned from a public place? plenty of times
201) How much spam email do you tend to get a week? 500+
202) If you could learn any language fluently what would it be? german
203) What historical Figure would you love to see in 21st centuary life? don't really
204) As a kid were you ever frighted of a monster under the bed or in the cupboard? i
wasn't frightened of a monster at all
205) Do you like clowns? oh god no
206) Do you prefer BBC or ITV? idk?
207) Have you ever been surfing? no
20 Have you ever been snowboarding? yes
209) Who was better, the Beatles or Elvis Presley? don't like either
210) Whats your favourite type of foreign food? does tacos/spaghetti count?
211) Which Foreign country do you dislike the most? i don't dislike any?
212) Do you like your music loud or easy listening? loud
213) Whats your favourite animated or cartoon program? spongebob all the way
214) Do you sing in the shower? occasionally
215) Are you a clean or messy person? messy
216) Whats your prefered playing piece in monopoly? dog/cat
217) Can or Do you still play twister? yes
21 Can you play chess? no
219) Do you know the dance steps to an annoying cheesey pop song? sadly... yes...
220) Do you prefer straight or bendy straws? bendy straws all the way bro
221) Have you ever entered a talent contest? yes
222) and did you win? idk
223) Do you like poetry? yep
224) Are you a bad loser? some people may think so
225) Which would you choose? Jelly or Ice Cream? Ice cream!
226) Whats your favourite type of Pie? apple
227) Whats your most used phrase? "idk"
22 Whats your most used word? I lol
229) Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? idfk
230) What would your dream job be? web designer
231) Which song do you hate the most? uh a whole fucking lot
232) How long does it take you to get ready? 10 minutes
233) What do you think the greatest invention has been? laptops
234) Whats your favourite feature on the opposite sex? eyes
235) Whats your least favourite feature on the opposite sex?  don't have one
236) Who's your favourite Comedian? don't have one
237) What's your favourite board game? monoply
23 Do you have any lucky items, objects or traditions? no
239) Do you have any superstitions? yep
240) Whats your favourite Movie quote? idk
241) Who would win in a fight? Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer? chuck?
242) Do you have much of an ego? yes
243) Do you wear sunglasses indoors to look cool or stylish? no
244) Are you a hat person? no
245) Whats your favourite supermarket chain? smith's
246) Whats your favourite fastfood chain? taco bell
247) Whats your first thought upon waking up? sex lol
24 What animal would you most like to have as a pet? wolf
249) Whats your favourite type of tree? none
250) If you could bankrupt one person or company who would it be? omg so many people
251) If you could steal one thing without consequence what would it be? uh an ipad
and stuff
252) Who's your favourite celeb with the same first name or surname as you? uh i
can't think of any, being that my first name ain't amber and i ain't tellin the
interwebs it
253) If evil-doers invaded your country would you rush to the battlelines to defend
the motherland or hide in a box? hiding in a box is always fun
254) Whats your favourite flower? rose
255) Do you believe in ghosts? yes
256) Do you believe in the loch ness monster? no
257) Do you believe in Aliens? yes
25 Do you believe the Governments hide technology and information from the public?
259) Which is your favourite pokemon? pikachu .-.
260) What horror fiction character scares you the most? uhhhh... none, really
261) Can you do 10 revolutions of a hula hoop? nope
262) Do you think Great Britain should have a National Day? sure, why not
263) Do you think Great Britain should be part of a United Europe? idk
264) Would you want the Euro or keep the British Pound? idc
265) Were you part of the Brownies/Cubs/Scouts/Guides etc? no
266) Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink? yes
267) Do you have any secret family recipes? yes
26 Do you have any family secrets? yeah
269) Are you good at keeping secrets? yes
270) Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon? no
271) Whats your favourite Sci-fi film/program etc? don't have one
272) When playing checkers or chess do you prefer to be black or white? black....
273) Which is better, a Pastie or Sausage Roll? pastie
274) Do you prefer shopping on the high street or online? online
275) Would you ever want to learn to fly? yessssssss
276) Do you often read your horoscope? nope
277) Have you ever had a proper Tarot reading? no?
27 Whats your favourite brand of newspaper? the las vegas one lol idfk
279) Have you ever milked a cow? yes... i have
280) Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?
yes... wow i feel old
281) Do you love or hate rollercoasters? omg love love love love them
282) Which was the greatest Empire? idk
283) Whats the cleverest word you know? catoptrophobia
284) Whats your favourite sportsware brand? dick's ;D lmfao i don't have one
285) Do you buy any weekly/monthly magazines? no
286) Who's your favourite Superhero? i don't have one..
287) Who's your favourite Villain/Baddie? i don't have one lol i suck
28 What was the last Album you purchased? oh uh lol i don't buy albums
289) What was the last DVD you purchased? lol i don't buy those either
290) What was the last piece of clothing you purchased? uh underwear...
291) When pulling crackers does everyone get one each regardless or whoever gets the
big ends keeps all the prizes? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone gets one each?
292) Do you ever make your own greetings cards? yes
293) Do you have a swiss army knife? nu :c
294) At what age did you twig onto the fact Santa wasnt real? good question. i think
like 8
295) Whats your favourite fruit? i hate fruit, but if i had to choose, blueberries
are tolerable
296) Have you ever done something really unbelivable, only to have no one around to
see it? yes
297) Do you buy from charity shops? no
29 Have you ever sold your services? no
299) Have you ever raised money for charity? no
300) Have you ever won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair? yep, damn thing costed
me 100 bucks...
301) Is the glass half full or half empty? half full
302) Is the grass greener on the other side? i guess?
303) If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around to hear it does it make
a noise? i'd think so?
304) Why does it always rain on me? WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS?
305) Have you ever sailed a boat? yep
306) Do you love or loathe Harry Potter? i dun like him
307) Do you do your utmost for the environment? yes
30 Do you love or loather Eurovison? i don't know
309) Have you ever weilded a sword? yes
310) If you were famous would you want a statue or a building names after you? no
311) Whats your favourite type of fish? clown fish :3
312) Which do you prefer pony tails or pig tails? pony tails
313) Whats the ultimate cake topping? FROSTING
314) Do you like marzipan? i don't even know what or who that is
315) Whats better? Center Parks or Butlins? parks, i guess
316) If you were in a band, what instrument/role would you play? guitar :3
317) Can you erect a tent? my mind... yes, yes i can
31 Do you suck or bite lollipops? both
319) Have you ever used the yellow pages? a long, long time ago
320) If you have an mp3 player what size is it? i don't even think it can be
considered as an mp3 player...
321) Do you still have any music on vinyl or casettes? nuu
322) Do you still have a camera that uses conventional film? nu
323) Approximately how many DVD's do you have? none
323) Approximately how many Albums do you have? none
324) Do you talk to yourself? all the time :D
325) Do you sing to yourself? like all the time :3
326) Do you know any identical twins? yep o:
327) Have you ever given blood? i think once
32 Could you ever be a medical guineapig? if only i knew what that was...
329) Whats your favourite radio station? 92.3, rock station
330) Whats your favourite letter of the Alphabet? p ._.
331) Which is better? rollerblade or rollerskates? uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
332) Have you ever written a love letter? yes
333) How many valentines cards did you recieve this/last year? i don't even know
334) What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons? dragons
335) Have you ever made your own ice lollies? yes
336) Have you ever made your own Ice cream? yes
337) Which forgeign language did you have to learn at school? spanish
33 and do you still remember enough to hold a conversation in that language? yes
339) Do you know CPR? yes
340) Do you have any swimming badges? nu
341) Do you prefer digital or rotary/analogue clocks? digital omg
342) How tall is the tallest person you know? oh god i think like 6' 5"
343) Have you ever got lost in a maze? yes...
344) Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? nu
345) Have you ever ridden a camel? nu
346) Whats your opinion on rats? ew gross no
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