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Final memoriesCategory: Fanfic
Sunday, 29 September 2013
05:37:12 PM (GMT)
The scene was perfect, picturesque.  A bright red sunset, the sun a highly
concentrated sphere of scarlet against the orange of the sky.  The light had spread
to the clouds, seeping in like spilled ink and tainting their white purity.  There
didn't seem to be an end to the spreading blood.  The whole sky was tinged according
to the sun's whims, and the air had a chill to it that was somehow still warm with
the heat of the colour.  Everything was still, barely breathing, save the gentle ebb
of the tide and the soft crash of waves on the beach.  Even the girl watching was
still, only her own blonde waves swaying in the breeze, chocolate brown eyes scanning
the horizon peacefully, until she caught a movement to her right.  She followed the
movement of the two swans with only her eyes, watching as the birds flew together in
front of the sun, a black silhouette with it's negative close behind.  Like a silver
shadow.  The beauty of the moment enraptured the girl, a combination of the scene in
front of her, the breeze, and her own emotion sending a cold chill over her skin.  A
cool tear dropped down her cheek and landed silently in the sand, though she didn't
glance down.  She was too intrigued with the swans.  They looked so calm, serenely
soaring through the blood-stained sky.  Such a contrast to herself, struggling alone
in tumultuous storms, so close to being dragged under.

She turned slowly, casting her gaze back inland towards the large white building that
scarred the landscape.  He was in there, right now.  Coughing and choking...  She
turned away, a lump in her throat.  This was too hard... Far too hard.  The doctors
had told her that he had weeks left, possibly shorter, and now she just didn't know
what to say.  She couldn't cry.  Not when there was a chance it would be the last
things he heard.  She had to sit at his side, clutching his hand as he traced the
fingertips of his other hand over her cheek, down her jaw and throat, and back up
again.  Memorising her.  Solidifying the memory.  She'd talk quietly, describing
things she liked.  She'd have to tell him about the sunset...
She swallowed, wiping her eyes roughly before turning to smile at the woman assigned
to be her 'keeper'.  To take care of her while she took care of him.  "What is it,
"Felix has asked when you're coming back...  He said there's no rush if you're busy,
and that he hates to disturb you, but-"
"I'll come.  Thank you."  She took one last look over the sea before following Lily. 
The white swan had gone, leaving the black one swimming alone on the water.

"Felix?"  Celeste's voice broke a little as she saw him, pale and thinner than
usual... "How are you feeling?"
"Great."  He smiled a fraction and held out a skeletal hand towards the sound, "Are
you okay?"
Celeste sat beside him, taking his hand, "Of course..."  There was a smudge of blood
at the corner of his mouth, and she looked away.  "I love you, Felix.  For always..."
 She could feel tears prick her eyes as she spoke, and tried not to blink and let
them fall. "Please... please don't leave me..."
Felix turned his head towards her, reaching out to put a hand on her cheek, "I'll
never leave you.  Never.  I'll always love you too, and I'll never leave you."  She
leant into his hand, closing her eyes and kissing his fingertips.  She leant down to
kiss him too, but already his hand was slipping from hers.
"No..."  She breathed, her lips inches from his as she closed her eyes and rested her
head against his chest.  Listening for the impossible.  "No... Felix-  Felix
please... No no no..."  She shook gently, holding him close as she sobbed into his
chest, and barely felt the handon her shoulder, "Felix... Please don't go... I need
to tell you about the sunset..."
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