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Finding AngelCategory: Novels
Thursday, 13 December 2012
09:33:53 PM (GMT)
                                   Agent Johnson CIA

     You are running through the woods. You have just done a terrible thing. You are
being chased. You feel a sharp pain at the back of your neck. You keep running. You
look down at your watch but notice something else. You can see all of your veins.
They are turning black. As your arms are becoming a black web they are becoming numb
too. Soon it is spreading down your legs. You stumble, unable to walk and fall to the
ground. Footsteps. Closer. They are right over you. You hear voices and even though
you know they are right above you they sound distant. You cannot understand what they
are saying even though they are yelling. You cannot see them either. Everything is
going dark. "...Poison..." you whisper in your last breath.

             "Welcome to the Republic"

     You open your eyes. Everthing is blurry. Your memory is foggy. You remember some
things but nothing important. You look around. The room is all white except for the
ugly purple and green stipes that run the perimeter of the walls. You look up and see
in the middle of the cieling a circle with alot of little holes in it. Directly
beneath the object which I call an intercom is a pile of white rags that seem to have
a small, white, furry, dead animal on top. "Welcome to the Republic." repeats the
voice which had called you from your slumber. The pile moved and standing there now
was a little girl with snow white hair. she was dressed in a white plastic hospital
gown like you but her's is covering some other clothing. She has a teal streak in her
hair. Your eyes come into better focus and you see that she didn't have the dark eyes
of the village people or the green eyes of the Republic City people. One eye was
hidden and the other seemed to change from stormy gray to electric blue. She was also
wearing white military boots. The girl charges you. Suddenly, it all comes back. You
remember who you are and more importantly you remember your training. "Elise!" You
cry. The girl,Elise, looks stunned but keeps running. She grabs you by your long hair
and bashes your head off of the metal bed frame. She is small but strong and quick.
Elise pulls a saber from under her plastic gown. Your friend, Your best friend, Elise
plunges the sword into your stomach once. And again. And again. Everything goes

     Constantine Johanna Maria Johnson woke with a start, her head throbbing. The
nightmares were hitting her more frequently ever since she lost Angel. Angel was a
godsend. Angel was her only family. They didn't have to be related did they? No not
in CJ's eyes. CJ couldn't breathe. She fumbled for her inhaler and took a deep
breath. Just then her communicater-radio { Communicom for short } started beeping,
then came the words."Emmogirl come in this is Lexieebee... I repeat this is
Lexieebee. Come in Emmogirl. Do you copy?"
"Waddayawan Lexieebeeeeee?" CJ snaps back in a somewhat slurred voice.
"Ceej, are you on the pills again? Is it the nightmares?"
"Waddaya thunk?"
"I think that you are needed at The Hive immediately."
"Oh, The Hiiive."
"Didn't take long to sober up now did it? Glad you only took one. Over and out."says
"Over and out." CJ mumbles walking away from her communicom. CJ showers brushes her
teeth and gets dressed in record time. She bandages her head wound that she assumes
came from tossing and turning in the night, then grabs her communicom and a donut and
heads out.
Last edited: 28 December 2012

‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   13 December 2012   195906  
Let's see...

Writing in the second person makes it sound cheap.
ElizabethGoodwell says :   13 December 2012   979219  
Just wait it is only in second person for that part for reasons I do
not want to say because I do not want to spoil it. I have not finished
posting all that I have written so far.



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