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The MaraudersCategory: fanfiction
Saturday, 1 December 2012
06:03:52 PM (GMT)
Harry Potter Fanfiction

Remus screamed in agony and bent over, before collapsing to the floor in pain. Fur
sprouted from every inch of his skin and his clothes ripped off him as muscles
erupted beneath his skin. He writhed on the floor, his body contorted with pain as he
gasped for breath. Finally after what seemed like an age, the transformation was
complete. The howling ceased and Remus stomped down the stairs, growling and stamping
his padded feet down on the creaking wooden floor. He paused as he heard the barking
of a dog, the squeaking of a rat and the soft, heavy breathing of a stag. It was time
for the monthly midnight outing of the marauders.

These outings, although highly forbidden, had proved incredibly useful. They had
enabled the four friends to compose a fantastical piece of magic, known as the
marauders map, which showed the name and location of every person in Hogwarts, and
every room and secret passageway known to the four best friends. The werewolf led the
way; the stag and the dog following close behind to keep him in check, and the rat
behind them- he always did like to follow those in power, and never liked to put
himself in potentially mortal danger.

After the outing, the werewolf returned to the shack to re-transform. The three
friends huddled in the shadows of the vast castle walls and resumed their human form,
before huddling together under James's invisibility cloak and walking up the front

"You know, the fur I could live with. But the fleas… they're murder." Muttered
Sirius, scratching at his skin beneath his robes. "Remus' furry little problem
seriously needs sorting- I can't stand this constant itching… I mean, I know we're
his friends and we agreed to help him, but I'd just like to have one flea-free

"I know what you mean." Replied James, drawing his wand from his pocket and casting a
spell to rid the three friends from their itchy, uninvited guests.

The three shuffled, bent over, across the entrance hall and up the stairs. It had
been easy enough to fit the three of them under the cloak last year, but they'd all
grown several inches over the summer, so much so that the cloak flapped uselessly
around their ankles, exposing their feet. Thankful that it was dark, they walked as
quickly as possible up the corridor, down a secret passageway and came out at the
bottom of the stairs to Gryffindor tower. Checking that they were alone, James ripped
off the cloak and stowed it safely inside his cloak along with his wand, then
sprinted up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He reached the portrait of the fat
lady, which led to the common room, and panted "Dignare me ingredi!"

The portrait swung open and James stepped into the common room, closely followed by
Sirius and Peter. Peter began climbing the stairs to the dormitory, but stopped and
turned when he saw that Sirius and James were not following, but sitting on opposite
armchairs near the fire.

"Aren't you coming?"

"We'll be up in a bit." Said Sirius, exchanging glances with James. "There's
something we need to do- and you should probably get back up there. Imagine the shock
if John wakes up and finds himself alone."

Peter nodded and headed up the stairs. As soon as the two remaining boys heard the
dormitory door slam shut, they jumped to their feet and walked towards the stairs to
the girls' dormitories.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Asked Sirius, who knew the consequences of
breaking to the girls' dorms, especially when they're sleeping, and especially at
this time of night.

"Positive." James nodded, pulling open the door and tapping the bottom stair with his
wand- the stairs were enchanted so that if a male should set foot on them, they would
turn into a slide, so that the intruder could not get up the stairs and attack the
unsuspecting girls in their beds. The marauders however, had found out a handy way to
stop this spell from happening- "Sitascendere". They crept up the staircase and
stopped when they reached the topmost door, which was labelled- "4th Years". James
took the invisibility cloak out from his pocket, threw it over himself and his
companion and gently pushed open the door.


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