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Tuesday, 11 September 2012
09:08:05 PM (GMT)
I got writer's block >.< can anyone help? This is a fanfiction of mycandylove that
I've been working on. Please ignore the spoiler things, I have to put them in
spoilers on there
Just using this title until I can think of a better one, I will take suggestions.
Zeza is a character from recent dreams I've been having and I thought it would be
interesting to write a story about her going to Sweet Amouris.
Title: (just your title here) Bad Luck Turned Good?
Rating: (what movie rating would you give it? Nothing past PG-13 please)
First or Third Person or Script/Lyrical/Poetic: (are you writing in first [I
walked there] or third [The girl walked there] or is it written in
script/lyrical/poetic form?) Third
Main Character(s): (who is the story mainly focusing on?) Jamie, Zeza, Iris,
Adam, Damonian, Leah, and Ama
Genres I Would Categorize This Under: (what elements are in the story?
Romance? Adventure? Horror?) romance, horror, adventure
Type of Fanfiction: (is this a musical score? Poetry? A one-shot? A short
story? A chaptered story? Perhaps a playbill?) Chaptered story
Serious or Leisurely Writing: (will you be updating this a lot or is this
something for your pleasure and you'll update whenever you want?) Leisurely
Completed?: (is the work completed or not?) Not completed
Anything extra?: (anything extra you want to mention can go here.) I hope you
enjoy this!
[spoiler]Zeza ran around in her house. "Zoom zoom zoom!" She giggled loudly, her
black bunny ears bouncing and her ankle length black hair in a braid. She squealed as
her big brother, Musa, picked her up. 
"Zeza, you're 16, start acting like it!" He scolded, as he gave her a rough noogie.
He always did that to her, everyday.
Zeza growled. "Never!" She bit his hand, causing him to immidiately drop her. She
giggled and skipped upstairs. She ran her fingers along the walls. "Come out, come
out, my little dollies~!" She sang softly, her voice sounding childish. Once she got
to her room, she sat down infront of a semi-circle of about fifty small dolls, each
one looking different, but there was something creepy about each one. She smiled
cheerfully. "Well, tomorrow's my first say at a new school." She giggled, looking
around at all of them.
One of the dolls, one with short black hair and dark blue eyes stood up all of a
sudden. She had on a black floral kimono and a midnight blue flower in her hair.
"Zeza, I believe you should be careful at this new school you are going to. I can
already see great trouble heading for you." 
Zeza faked a gasp of surprise. "There's trouble no matter where I go!" She pouted,
picking up the doll and brushing her hair with her fingers. "Leah, please don't be
worried. I can handle myself, as you know!" She giggled, setting the doll back down
in her spot. 
Leah sighed. "As you wish. But what I say is true, how do you know you can handle
this amount of trouble?"
Zeza pouted, puffing out her rosy cheeks childishly. "I can handle anything!" She
grinned confidently.
Leah sighed, a sweat drop appearing above her head. "Your level of confidence still
surprises me..."
One of the male dolls chuckled lightly. "She's always been like that. Besides, maybe
you're wrong. Just because you were a fortune teller when you were alive, doesn't
mean you still have the abilities." He chuckled lightly.
Zeza grinned. "Somba's right, Leah! You just might be wrong, you'll see!" She jumped
up on the bed and sat down, grinning.
The male doll she had called Somba sighed. "My name is not Somba, it is Charlie." He
sat down back in his place.
Zeza pouted. "Somba sounds more interesting! But fine..." She sighed, grabbing her
black sleeveless nightgown that had small beads that looked like skulls lining the
bottom of it. She skipped into the bathroom to change. After a moment, she came back
and laid in her bed, sighing.
A doll jumped up onto Zeza's bed. "Zeza, maybe Sweet Amouris will live up to it's
name and be as sweet as it can be!" The doll grinned. This doll had short curly dirty
blonde hair and green eyes with a tan colored cowgirl hat on and matching outfit.
"I hope you're right, Maria." Zeza turned onto her side and closed her eyes.
"Hopefully, it will be sweeter than candy." She mumbled under her breath as she fell
into a deep peaceful sleep.[/spoiler]
Chapter One
[spoiler]Sunlight streamed in as a small red headed doll opened the curtains in
Zeza's room "Rise and shine, Zeza!" The doll smiled cheerfully. The doll had long
silky red hair and chocolate brown eyes, wearing a yellow princess outfit. 
Zeza groaned. "Sunshine is too bright..." She slowly rolled out of the bed. "Owie!"
She pouted as she made contact with the floor. "Stupid floor will be punished!" She
giggled, stomping around on the floor, which earned her a lot of irritated shouts
from her older brother who's room was right under her's. She skipped down the stairs,
humming absent-mindedly. She went to the cabinet and got out a bowl and some cereal.
Once she finished her breakfast, she rushed into the bathroom and got dressed into a
black short sleeve top with poofy sleeves, with some black jeans that had a blood red
belt with a skull and crossbones design on it, then some black boots. She grinned,
looking in the mirror, "Just right!" She adjusted her black bunny ears then put on a
necklace that  had a small skeleton on it. She grabbed her black backpack and rushed
outside. She got on her dark blue bike and started to ride it, but it tipped over. "I
forgot I don't know how to ride a bike..." She pouted as she got up, brushing off.
"Aw! Now I'm going to be late!" She growled under her breath. She started running
towards the school as fast as possible. She suddenly fell down, bumping into what
felt like to her was a brick wall. "Where did that wall come from?!" She pouted, but
when she looked at what she ran into, she saw a tall red haired boy. She went all
shadowy after mistaking him for a wall. "Oh, he-" Before she could finish, he
interrupted her.
"Watch where you're going, kid." The boy growled and walked off, muttering under his
Zeza pouted, getting up. "Well, that sure was a nice welcome." She scoffed. "Hmph. If
he disappears, I hope he'll be a good dolly." She giggled and walked off. She found
the entrance into the school, and entered. She looked up at the elderly woman infront
of her, who she thought was most likely the principle. She raised her eyebrow at the
woman's all pink attire.
"Ah, hello Sweetie! You must be Zeza Deathborn, correct?" The woman smiled at her
cheerfully. The very sound of the woman's voice got on Zeza's nerves, but she just
nodded, smiling sweetly. "Wonderful! Now, go see the Student Body President to get
everything in order!" At that, the woman hurried off, leaving a confused and lost
"Huh?! How in the name of all that's great and dark in the world am I supposed to
know where the Studen Body President is?!" Zeza freak out, flailing her arms
"I can help you." A kind voice said from behind her, causing her to jump. She turned
around, her silver eyes meeting a pair of bright green ones. She tilted her head.
"You will? Thank you very much. Who are you, anyways?" Zeza let out a small giggle.
The girl smiled kindly. "I'm Iris, and you're new here, right? What's your name?" She
asked politely, brushing some of her orange hair out of her eyes.
Zeza grinned lightly. "Why, yes, yes I am new! Nice to meet you, Iris! My name is
Zeza." She stuck out her hand. She was small for her age, looking more like a child
than a highschool student.
"Nice name. Come on, I'll show you to the Student Council Room." Iris grasped her
hand gently, leading her to the room nearby marked "Student Council". Zeza nearly
face palmed. Why hadn't I noticed it earlier?! It was so close! She thought to
herself, pouting. "Thanks Iris..."
"No problem, see you later." Iris smiled and did a small wave at Zeza before walking
Zeza took a deep breath, held it for a minute, then let it out. She slowly opened the
door and skipped in. She giggled, seeing a blonde boy look up from his paperwork. She
felt heat rising to her cheeks. She went wide-eyed and turned her back to him. She
started rubbing her blushing cheeks and squeezing her face.  No, no, no! I can't
like him already! Blush, go away, go away! She thought to herself, now tugging at
her cheeks, unaware of how confused Nathaniel was now. He placed a hand on her
shoulder to get her attention.
"Huh?" Zeza looked at him, stretching out her cheeks to try to get the blush to go
away, which didn't work, it just made her look like she was making a funny face.
Nathaniel chuckled at her. "You must be Zeza. It is nice to meet you. I'm Nathaniel,
Student Body President."
Zeza straightened up, putting her hands at her sides. "N-nice to meet you too." Her
cheeks reddened from absolute embarrassment. 
"Alright, you need a 25 dollar enrollment fee, and a ID picture." Nathaniel explained
to her as he searched through her files.
Zeza giggled lightly. "That will not, most certainly not, absolutely not be a
problem!" She grinned and rushed out before he could say anything. She skipped around
the school, deciding to explore. She went out into the courtyard, and pouted seeing
the red head she ran into earlier. "Hey! Mr. Wall Person! Know where I can get my
photo ID taken?" She skipped over to him.
The boy glared. He stared at her for a moment then smirked. "What will I get in
return, new girl?"
Zeza grinned. "You like Winged Skulls, right? My brother can get you tickets easily.
I think he already has some." She looked up at him.
The boy thought for a moment. "Alright, deal. Over at the Dollar Shop. Don't forget
about the tickets, alright?"
Zeza grinned again, more mischieviously. "Tickets? What tickets?" She giggled and ran
off, hearing the boy yell after her. "You little-!"
Later, after she got the money and picture handed in.
Zeza skipped through the halls, humming randomly. She paused as she heard a familiar
"Zeza! You're here! I came to this school, because I heard you were coming, isn't
that great?!" Ken, the boy she had least wanted to see, came running towards her,
nearly tripping over his own feet.
"Isn't that kind of creepy, Ken?" Zeza pouted as she felt his skinny arms wrap around
her in a hug. 
"What makes you think that? Want a cookie?" Ken held out a chocolate chip cookie,
which she accepted.
"Various things." Zeza answered simply as she nibbled on the cookie. "Got to get to
class, bye!" She rushed off to get to second period before he could stop her. She
finished the cookie as she walked into the classroom. She frowned, seeing the only
empty seat was by Mr. Wall Person. She sat down in her seat and set down her books.
The boy smirked slightly. "Hey kid."
"My name is Zeza, Mr. Wall Person." Zeza pouted, looking right at his eyes.
"Alright then. Just don't call me Mr. Wall Person, okay? My name's Castiel." The boy
scoffed, leaning back in his chair.
"If you lean back in your chair, you'll fall like a sack of sand being hung by a
string." Zeza giggled, and just as she said that, he fell backwards in his chair,
which earned a large amount of laughs from the class.
Zeza giggled again. She smiled, thinking that maybe, just maybe, she will have a fun
time at the new school.[/spoiler]
Chapter Two
[spoiler]When school was over, Zeza skipped along the sidewalk next to Iris, telling
her about the dolls. "One is named Leah and she has short black hair and dark blue
eyes. I like her alot, she is very kind, but always concerned for no reason!"
Iris nodded, shuddering slightly. "I see. You have a lot of dolls, huh?"
"Yep!" Zeza giggled, nodding. "We're here!" She pointed at the large mansion. It was
pretty well known, probably just because people thought it was cursed because of all
the murders that happened in it. The mansion was completely black, and even the grass
was dead. She lead her inside cheerfully. "I'll fix some tea, make yourself at home!"
She grinned, hurrying into the kitchen.
Iris nodded and sat down on the black leather couch. "Hard to be cheerful in such a
dark place." She mumbled, glancing around.
Zeza came back with some green tea. "My brother won't be home until midnight,
probably." She giggled, sitting by her. She handed Iris a cup of tea.
Iris nodded. "Thanks." She sipped her tea and let out a small shriek of surprise as a
doll came down the stairs.
The doll had short black hair and dark blue eyes. It was Leah, but now she was in a
red floral kimono. "Oh, I see we. Have a guest." She said kindly, nodding.
Zeza giggled. "Yes, our first guest!" She smiled cheerfully at Leah then glanced at
Iris. "Don't be scared! The dolls are nice." She smiled at her. 
Iris gulped slightly but nodded. "Okay." She smiled lightly then looked at Leah. "I'm
Iris, you must be Leah?"
"That is correct, miss Iris." Leah nodded calmly. "If you would like your fortune
told, come to me any time." At that, she went off upstairs, managing to climb up the
Iris shuddered slightly. "What else can you and your family do, Zeza?" 
Zeza grinned. "We can only put souls into dolls, see the dead, and contact them using
mirrors." She shrugged casually, sipping her tea.
Iris nodded. "Lucky." She smiled at Zeza. "I'll probably get used to this, but I'm
not really sure."
"You will. Trust me." Zeza smiled. Suddenly, there was a loud crashing sound
upstairs. "What was that?!" Zeza popped up, startled and ran up the stairs with Iris
following her. As she opened her bedroom door, her eyes opened in shock. "Oh
Chapter Three
[color=red] Minor violence WARNING. [/color]
[spoiler]A boy with brown hair and grey eyes glared at Zeza and Iris, holding a
pick-axe. He growled angrily. "Why, Zeza? Why did you abandon me so long ago?"
Zeza took a deep breath. "Damonian, you were a mistake. I did not mean to put your
soul into the life-sizes doll." She frowned deeply, staring at him in
"A mistake?! A mistake?! I am no mistake, Zeza!" Damonian yelled in anger. "I refuse
to believe it!"
Iris started backing up, obviously frightened. Until she felt Leah tug at her pants
"Follow me." Leah whispered softly, though it was easy to hear the panic in her
voice. Her blue eyes were full of fear, even looked like she might start running away
any minute.
Iris relunctantly nodded, following Leah away.
Zeza frowned deeply. "Damonian, if you do not leave this instant, I will have Jamie
destroy you."
"Jamie? Who the **** is Jamie?" Damonian growled, holding the pick-axe ready.
"I am." A tall boy with brown hair and bright turquoise eyes seemed to come out of
nowhere. The boy was actually a life-sized doll. He slowly pulled his katana out of
his sheath and pointed it straight at Damonian. Rage filled his eyes, staring
straight at the corrupted soul inside the doll.
Damonian let out a laugh. "You think you could scare me away that easily?!" He
grinned, his teeth suddenly becoming sharp. "I can not possibley be destroyed by a
weakling like you."
Jamie growled. "You little..." He charged right at him, his sword raised, and ready
to strike.
Damonian jumped out of the way and laughed. "Once you know what I'm up to, you'll
regret ever creating me, little Zeza." He smirked at Zeza.
Zeza puckered her lips, looking at him with narrowed eyes. "I already do regret it."
"Wait, what's that supposed to mean?!" Damonian was suddenly a chibi, flailing his
arms angrily. He went back to normal and smirked. "Until we meet again, Zeza, Jamie."
He suddenly just seemed to disappear.
"Oh my, we need to get this window fixed." Jamie frowned, looking at the shattered
Zeza went wide eyed. "Wait, how much is that going to cost?!" She freaked out,
counting on her fingers just as Iris and Leah came back.
Leah went all shadowy. "Zeza, you have enough money to buy a whole new house. Don't
stress about it so much..." She sighed, shaking her head.
Iris couldn't help but giggle slightly. "Well, that was... Different than what I'm
use to."
Zeza frowned, suddenly walking up to Iris. "Iris, if you hang around me, the bad luck
may rub off on you. We should keep separated, or you might end up dead."
Iris smiled slightly. "Don't worry Zeza. I won't let that happen, you know. I'll stay
by your side. I would never leave a friend in danger."
Zeza stared at her. "Baka! Why are you so nice to me?!" Tears streamed down her cheek
as she clung to Iris tightly, like a child not wanting to let go of her mom.
Iris smiled kindly, gently hugging Zeza. "Zeza, please don't cry. I don't like seeing
my friends in pain."
Zeza closed her eyes slowly. "Friends... Sounds nice..." She yawned tiredly.
Iris smiled lightly, giggling alittle. "You can all stay at my place until the window
gets fixed while my parents are away."
Zeza immidiately cheered up. "Will there be cake, candy, cupcakes, cookies, icecream,
and other sweets?" She giggled excitedly, her bunny ears bouncing.
Iris blinked at the sudden change in her and laughed lightly. "Ofcourse. Come on,
let's go." She stood up, straight and tall.
Jamie chuckled. "Well, I'll go gather up all the dolls and follow you there."
Zeza was now running the room, dancing and saying in a sing-song voice. "Sleep over
at Iris's house! Time for a sleep over!"
Iris blinked, watching Zeza. "Does she have a off button?"
"I wish." Leah laughed slightly, smiling as she watched Zeza. "We're used to this by
now though, she does this when she's happy."
Iris nodded, smiling softly. "This is going to be a long school year..."[/spoiler]
Chapter Four
[spoiler]Iris and Zeza walked through the halls at school. They were talking about
last night's events.
"Who exactly was that Damonian guy?" Iris shuddered nervously. She was still alittle
shaken up by what she had seen.
Zeza sighed sadly as she answered. "I used to try to make life sized dolls. I had
made three for the first time. Somehow, Damonian who was the first one I made, became
a corrupted spirit while inside the doll. He became jealous for no particular reasons
and tried to destroy the dolls, my family, friends, and me. I don't understand to be
honest..." Zeza adjusted her dark blue top hat. She was wearing a small black skirt,
thigh-high black boots, dark blue tank top with a white skull that had a black bow on
it in the front, and a black top hat with a blue ribbon wrapped around it.
"So, Jamie is really a life sized doll? He's a pretty cute one." Iris giggled
Zeza smiled, elbowing her playfully. "Yeah, I guess so. He's always around when I'm
in danger."
"Then why is he here now?" Iris glanced at Jamie, who had appearantly come out of
nowhere behind Zeza.
"Wha-!" Zeza spun on her heel in shock. "Jamie, why in the world are you here?!"
Jamie chuckled lightly. "Well, Damonian is a fool. He fears nothing, he'd try to
attack you here at school most likely."
Zeza sighed. "So you enrolled here?" She asked, which was answered with a firm nod
from Jamie.
Iris couldn't help but smile. She blinked as Nathaniel started walking over.
"Hello. You must be Jamie, the new student." Nathaniel smiled lightly. He handed
Jamie his schedule. "Oh, and hello Zeza, Iris." He smiled softly at the two girls.
"How are the pair of you this morning?"
"Pretty good so far." Iris nodddd slightly. "We had an interesting time last night."
Nathaniel stared at them. "Did you two...?"
"No! Heck no! No no no no no no!" Zeza and Iris said in unison. After a moment of
saying 'no' over and over again, they exchang

Cari0 says:   8 October 2012   563529  
XD I loved that last part! No no no no no no no no! Perhaps you
should have Damonian attack her later at the school, but have it be in
the girls bathroom. And make it so that Jamie won't go in there
because he's too respectful to go in a girl's bathroom. So Iris should
go in there and help her escape then not understand why she'd risk her
life for Zeza already but accepting of it.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   8 October 2012   993733  
Some chapters got cut off in the diary XD but that's a great idea!
Thanks :3 
Cari0 says:   8 October 2012   901434  
Goodie! Glad I could help in some way. 
‹Hypochondriac› says:   8 October 2012   147515  
Yay :D wanna see the pics of the characters from mycandylove? 
Cari0 says:   8 October 2012   556723  
Yes! I'd love too! *squeal* ^_^
‹Hypochondriac› says :   8 October 2012   702780  
I'll post the pics tomorrow :3


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