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Another Story, Please Give Me Your FeedbackCategory: (general)
Monday, 3 September 2012
12:13:17 AM (GMT)
Jessica awoke to the sound of running water. She tried to move but found that her
arms, legs and mouth were all bound with duct tape and someone had placed a
handkerchief over her eyes. The last thing that she remembered was putting on her
nightgown and her night cream and suddenly a hand with a paper towel that smelled of
hydrogen peroxide came towards her face, then, darkness. Suddenly the sound of
running water shut off and brought Jessica back to reality.

“Well good morning sleepyhead,” a deep voice said.

Jessica did not recognize the voice but was terrified nonetheless. She felt a hand
grab her by her hair and drag her to her bed; the stranger put her on the bed, untied
her hands and legs and tied them to the bedposts so that she was spread eagled on the
bed. He then took the blindfold off of her face, when her eyes finally adjusted to
the light, she saw a man wearing a white mask with red stripes. The man took off the
mask; he was a white, blue eyed, handsome man with a large scar on the left side of
his jaw, he grabbed her nightgown and ripped it off of her body. He leaned forward
and kissed her, she tried to resist it but his tongue penetrated her mouth and soon,
she was actually kissing him back. The man pulled his lips away and kneeled right
next to her face on the bed, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his

“Suck my cock, bitch,” he said as he pressed a gun at her neck.

Jessica reluctantly opened her mouth and the stranger stuffed his cock in her mouth.
Her eyes widened as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, he moved
her head in a back and forth motion and soon, she felt his cock seize up and she felt
a hot liquid escape into her mouth.

“Swallow every drop of it,” he said, pointing the gun at her again.

Jessica swallowed his cum and looked up at him, he was grinning. He unhooked her bra
and grabbed her breasts rather roughly, he sucked on her nipples and she let out a
high moan. Jessica was enjoying being a little slut, she enjoyed being man handled,
threatened, and being used by a complete stranger; it made her wet and hot. The
stranger’s hands found their way down to her panties and wet her wetness through
the fabric.

“You really are a little slut aren’t you?” he started, “I didn’t even touch
your pussy, yet it soaked right through your panties.” He chuckled.

Jessica looked away in embarrassment. The man pulled her panties down to her ankles,
and caressed her inner thighs; it sent goose bumps throughout her body.

The man’s fingers found their way back down to Jessica’s pussy, it was wet and
hot and his fingers caressed the folds, making her moan a little. The man slipped two
fingers into her pussy and started fingering her, gently at first but getting faster
and more aggressive. Jessica let out a loud scream as her pussy tightened around the
man’s fingers and she came. He put his fingers in front of her mouth.

“Lick my fingers you little slut,” he snared.

Jessica licked and sucked his fingers with no hesitation what-so-ever.

“I’m going to untie you but if you try to run, I swear I’ll put a bullet in
your pretty face,” he said in a serious tone.

He untied her and made her lie on her back and undressed. Without warning, he shoved
his whole cock into her pussy, still wet from the orgasm she just had. Jessica let
out a loud scream. He started to fuck her as hard as he could, Jessica screamed in
pleasure as she had never been fucked like this before and was enjoying danger of
being ravaged by a stranger like this. She could feel her orgasm approach as the
stranger fucked her harder and faster. A few seconds later, her pussy tightened
around his cock and she came on his cock. He pulled out and came all over her
stomach. They both lay there, panting like dogs, trying to recover from their
fuckfest. The stranger got dressed, grabbed his mask, and threw a towel at Jessica.

“Clean yourself up”, he said as he closed the door behind him.

Jessica got up, still giddy from what just happened to her and went to shower, she
cleaned herself off and went back to her bed.

*~ THE END ~*

‹Cybering Slut... x› says:   3 September 2012   927041  
So hot
Triniboii says:   3 September 2012   186339  
Thank you 
‹})i({ look, a butterfly› says:   7 September 2012   566771  
Good. Hint
He sneered. Not he snared.

Other than that, very good.
Triniboii says:   7 September 2012   730245  
Lol, thanks
k_i_t_t_y says:   26 October 2013   502491  
Love it~!
Triniboii says :   28 October 2013   745976  

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