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Monday, 6 August 2012
09:40:56 PM (GMT)
He followed her and saw Jennifer go into that guys apartment. Allen sat there
thinking, 'she lied to me. How the hell could you lie to me. I didn't do anything.
But you fucking lied to me.' He sat there, his mind racing with thoughts of sinful
pleasures she is having with that guy. How he is touching and Jennifer and making
love to her. Allen lean back against the chair of his car, struggling for every
breath. He close his eyes and thought about it. He would follow her back home, where
he would confront Jennifer. "I saw you today. You went to Sumon Hill, where you went
into some guy apartment." Allen would yell at her. Jennifer shudder and look at him
angerly, "What the hell are you doing following me around for? Its none of your dam
business where I go." Allen slapped her hard, "You bitch you lied to me. YOu are
sleeping around on me?" He yelled at her. Jennifer held her face and looked at him,
"BASTER! I didn't sleep with anyone. GET THE FUCK OUT!" She yelled at him. Taking a
deep breath, Allen looked at her. "Why the hell you lie to me?" Jennifer backed up
slightly, "You know what. Yes I fucked him. He makes me feel good, not like I'm
trapped." Jennifer let slipped from her lips. Allen eyes got bigger and he grabbed
Jennifer and throw her against the wall, "Whore!" Jennifer hit Allen in the eye and
scratch as his face. In anger Allen hit her in the stomach. Jennifer fell to the
floor gasping. "I loved you and you fucked that up," He said as he felt the blood
dripping from his face. Allen touch it and saw the blood on his fingers. "BITCH!" He
said as he kicked her in the side. Jennifer gasp and coughed holding her side, "dam
you. I hate you." She said under a painful voice. He started to walk away, but came
back. "Trapped? You could have left anytime." Allen said as he pull her up by her
arm. Jennifer knee Allen and he pushed her against the wall as he held on to his
balls. Jennifer grab a knife off the knife block, "touch me again and I will kill
you." Allen got up and looked at her, "put that dam thing away, before you get hurt."
Jennifer tried to make her way from the kitchen, Allen came closer and she swung the
knife cutting his arm. "Ahhh Whore, I'm going to kill you." He said as he wrap a
towel around his cut and he charged her. Jennifer try to slash him again but he was
able to get the knife from her. Jennifer fought back hard but Allen stabbed her once
and then twice. Jennifer eyes shocked and she gasps. Allen stopped as he saw the
blood dripping for the knife, He freaked and threw it into the corner. "O GOD what I
do?" He tried to stop the bleeding but couldn't. Jennifer reach up and place her
bloody hands at face. "You killed me, and your baby." She said as the last breath of
air escaped from her body. In shook Allen sat there out of his mind. He raced up to
the roof yelling and screaming. Down below the neighbors called the police and
ambulance. Allen sat on the roof as the rain wash the blood from his hands. He stood
up and dove off the side of the building. The sudden shock of it woke him up out of
his dream. Allen blink and looked across the way, and saw Jennifer leaving the
apartment. Suddenly he saw a woman there with that man, and they both waving bye to
Jennifer. Allen got out of his car and headed across the street. "Jennifer!" He
yelled out to her. She turned and saw him, "ALLEN!!!" A truck came out of no where
and hit Allen, sending him flying through the air. As she ran to him and held him. He
laid there wondering what happen, but it didn't matter. She was there with him.
"Don't you die on me. You going to be a daddy soon." Jennifer said to him. Allen
touch her stomach, "a daddy, I like that. I'm sorry, so sorry." he said to her as his
eyes slowly closed. Jennifer screamed out and held him rocking back and forth.  The
sound of an ambulance was in the back ground.

Micky211 says:   6 August 2012   227762  
Almost made me cry!
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   716550  
aww sorry
just in that kind of mood tonight 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   353058  
cool story bro .. 
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   790675  
Oh thanks sis... lol @HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   489877  
Yea buddy .. 
Hehe still hate this story though ..
I think you can understand my reasoning .
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   195532  
Oh I understand... @HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   117827  
Good .. No hatred though .. 
I just hate it .. Lol
That makes no sense
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   882554  
Yeah I know..... lol want me to write a happier?@HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   234550  
Yea .. Maybe one I cant relate to .. This was just fucked up ..
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   809458  
Uhm ok but I need to be in a happier mood. 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   100352  
Okie Dokie ... 
I think I know how .. !! 
Hehe message me its dirty .. Lol jk
Just talk to her ! Like  your gf
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   907231  
........ o.O. I just can't turn it on like a switch... I don't have
an. On demand button.....@HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   538094  
Oh gosh A....... Opps I almost said your name .. Because we dont want
that to happen do we ?.. Wow you are an ass today .
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   516027  
Haha yeah I know@HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   697817  
Its not a "haha" Moment ... GOsh your soo mean to me .. Lol
‹Monkey boy› says:   6 August 2012   829075  
Ah ok@HisGirl7 
‹********› says:   6 August 2012   421464  
Yeah yeah
‹Monkey boy› says :   6 August 2012   558153  
grrrrr..... @HisGirl7 

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