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When a friend gets tooooo irritating.Category: (general)
Saturday, 21 July 2012
09:04:44 AM (GMT)
She can be nice.
But :
-She HAS to follow me wherever I go.
-I HAVE to accompany her wherever she goes.
-She acts all cute and pitiful.
-She dumps her responsibilities.
-Gives up too easily.
-Gets people to do things they don't like, and in the end apologizes. (hate this)
-Annoys me when I'm concentrating on doing my work. (It's as if she does it
-Encourages me not to do homework with her. (bad, bad, bad)
-Tries to act all Japanese, which clearly DOESN'T suit her.
-Too humble to a fault. Not sure if she's acting but it gets to me. Like how she says
she's gonna be the last in class in a test every time but in the end she does really
FYI, this happened more than 10 times.

The list goes on....
But, she thinks of me as a best friend... so I can't abandon her. =/
The dilemma~ x.x

‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says:   12 September 2012   933396  
Lol XD sound like someone i know XD but she's nicer than that laaa
PuddingCakes says:   14 September 2012   579264  
Good for you.
How I wish my friend can be nicer...
I have to deal with her saying :" OMG! Sorry! Sorry! Oh, I'm so
apologetic! I'm very apologetic right? Why am I so apologetic? I'm
sorry I'm sorry! I'm sorry for saying sorry!" 
Oh maaannnn. Sometimes it makes me wanna slap her. Hard.
It's alright if she says it once but I hear that out of her mouth at
least 3 times a week.
Makes it sound like an act. And she says it with a high pitched cute
voice that she fakes as well..
*ranting ranting ranting*
I feel so much better typing it out. 
‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says:   14 September 2012   739130  
Same.... Except that this girl dont apologize much XD
She makes that voice too, i know it is fake cuz she will unleash her
fugly loud voice when she is out of control.
Im having the same prob... She said we are BESTIES. And stuff. But she
sulk too much since we  became BESTIES. 
She said no one talks to her, no one BLABLABLA. But when she sulk
everyone will try to make her feel better. She will shout at me if she
is stress(sometimes it is because my other friend is sad. -.-)
I promise you i'll shout at her. She likes to pout, i know her cheeks
are fat but it really piss me off when she tried to make it bigger.
GOD. I know she is lying, she said"but my cheeks are like these!"
She really acts all Japanese and cute around me. I dont care.
She brings her Japanese dictionary to school. NOW ALL THE CHINESE
It is obvious that she doesnt want me to be better than her.
Dude, what is so special eating at MCDONALD 10times a month?
"im so popular at my school" there's more but you will get tired
reading these haha XD
PuddingCakes says:   15 September 2012   579911  
Oh my... what a show off =.=
And it really sounds A LOT like my friend.
So similar... it's kind of scary O.O
Especially the sulking part.
I get the feeling that she's an attention seeker. =/ 
‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says:   15 September 2012   456443  
Yup. We must do something! Lol XD she is... "omg~im gettin too tall~
im scared~ omg~ my cheeks are fat and everyone likes to pinch em~ tze
wei likes me~ " fuuuu.... =-=
PuddingCakes says:   15 September 2012   839672  
That goes to say that I should stay away from these people in future.
They . Drive . Me . Nuts .
‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says:   15 September 2012   472499  
Too bad that she thinks that im her bff and she is my bff.
Hmmmmm... O.o the same goes to you XD 
Why bother being jpanese whenYOU ARE NOT? XD
PuddingCakes says:   15 September 2012   724807  
Exactly. =.= 
‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says:   8 October 2012   746594  
-¬-“ I don't think she's nicer.. haha *cough,cough*
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   8 October 2012   475462  
My mom is like this e.e 
She's a busy-body really. Like she will 'do everything' and apologize
for it. Tell you not to be be bossy but then is super bossy. When
she's on the phone she talks like she's doing everything when she's
lying down watching t.v....
‹•ω•NanasSoya•ω•› says :   9 October 2012   334508  
But that's your Mom.. That's acceptable..


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