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Because yesCategory: trollmegle
Wednesday, 13 June 2012
06:46:46 AM (GMT)
▲: hii.
▼: hello sol
▲: ii gue22 ii can attempt two pur2ue conver2atiiion wiith you
▼: thats rude sol
▼: you knoww youd lovve to havve convversations wwith me
▲: you 2houldnt tell your2elf liie2 liike that
▲: iit2 unhealthy
▼: wwhatever sol
▼: i just knoww that i wwas looking for you
▲: what could you po22iibly want wiith me?
▼: i wwanted to talk wwith you
▼: about somefin really serious
▲: and that would be?
▼: it might be about that youre black for and that i am black for you
▲: how diid ii not 2ee thii2 comiing
▼: i dont knoww wwhat to say to that
▼: but i just wwanted to ask you if youre still black for me
▼: and if you still are then howw black are you
▲: 2tiill?
▲: when have ii ever admiited to beiing black for you numbnut2?
▲: be2iide2 iin your liittle fanta2y world
▼: i guess i just supposed you wwhere black for me since youre alwways such an arse
to me
▲: how do you know iim not ju2t that way wiith everyone
▲: and iin any case
▲: youre not fiit two be my kii2me2ii2
▼: are you really that awwful to everyone
▲: no
▲: ii actually have a tolerance for 2ome people
▼: like fef or
▼: but either wway i just think i might turn red for you
▲: 2weet holy 2hiit
▲: what ii2 your motiivatiion for the2e crazy antiic2
▼: i just
▼: i just havve been thinking about you a lot lately
▼: naked and
▼: doing stuff
▲: great bulgereekiing fuck eriidan
▲: iif your goal ii2 two make me vomiit wiith 2uch iimage2
▲: you are well on your way two acheviing iit
▼: i am not trying to make you vvomit sol
▼: i just thought it wwould be nice to do those things wwith you
▼: but if you dont wwant to i guess its fine then
▲: the thought2 have never even come clo2e two pokiing around my miind
▲: and now that they have
▲: ii hope they never ever do agaiin
▼: oh cod
▼: i am so embarrassed noww
▲: you 2hould be
▲: that wa2 horriid
▼: im sorry sol
▲: iif only that apology wa2 u2eful
▲: for 2omethiing
▲: liike for removiing tho2e revoltiing iimage2 from my mental gallery, tear up,
2oak iin kero2ene, and liight a flame
▼: i can do somefin else for you
▼: i mean you dont knoww if you dont like it
▼: im sure i could make you feel good
▲: iit ii2 2tiill utterly unbeliievable
▲: that even after thii2
▲: and you 2tiill thiink you even have the 2liighte2t po22iibiiliity of gettiing
iin my pant2
▼: i knoww i havve no chances
▼: i guess i wwill just give up onehundred percent noww then
▲: probably better that way
▲: even iif you diidnt
▲: and you 2ome how miiraculou2ly managed two get me iin the mood
▲: you couldnt top
▼: i couldnt
▼: but i am not sure if i like the idea of you topping me
▲: that would 2uck for you
▲: iif you diidnt liike iit 2o much youd have to fiight for your riight two top
▼: i wwill fight the best i csn
▼: can
▲: youre 2ayiing "wiill" a2 iif iim actually giiviing you the opportuniity
▼: i thought you wwhere
▲: ii wa2 2peakiing hypothetiically diip2hiit
▼: sorry sol
▼: i guess i could accept being the bottom for you
▲: liike iit fuckiing matter2
▲: the only way we would even get clo2e two fiilliing a paiil would be iif we were
▲: and that would be even iif ii de2iired two have a riivalry wiith you
▲: whiich ii dont
▼: damn that is not nice
▼: sol i am red for you
▲: yeah well ii hate your gut2
▼: sol
▲: what iin the almiighty taiintchafiing fuck do you want
▼: to havve sex wwith you
▲: apparently ii havent made thii2 clear enough
▲: 2o ii wiill now
▲: fuck
▲: off

This person may have taken me too literally.

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