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Friday, 28 October 2011Category: The Mind
Thursday, 3 November 2011
06:11:59 PM (GMT)
Dream Gloomy field surrounded by a large stone gate. Rain clouds cast a grey over the area. It was large. Everything was large. The grass, flowers, trees, all was as if I was small. I struggled with the people who were with me to climb the flowers and trees. The area was called "Nothing" due to the fact that it was just a field. Nothing but a field. However, on the other side of the large stone wall was a great castle. So large that it made you feel intimidated. It was made of black stone but instead of looking foreboding or frightening, it looked sleek and beautiful. The stone it was made of was smooth and reflected the storm cloud light. The large circle of stained glass that was set within the stone of the castle was created with pastel colors that were harmonious with the dark of the stone. The field was not large in scale anymore and rather was home to a grey and white manor that looked beautiful in contrast to the colorful grass and flowers under the storm clouds. However, before entering the manor that I owned, apparently, I chose to exit the field through a small gate under the lake. I entered a children's play area full of bright neon colors and active people. It was humid and in an enclosed area rather than the open sky in the field. I was put onto a fast paced ride with someone who looked as if they were going to be sick. I struggled. I don't remember why but I remember a struggle. A man, strong. He pulled me from the child's area and back to the manor. It was gloomy inside but the furniture was rich with earth tones. He pulled me to the bed and attempted to persuade me into sleeping with him. Over and over I said no but he kept pushing. Never truly physical but in my face constantly about it. I ended up hitting him at one point but to my dissatisfaction, it did nothing. Eventually, I started feeling scared. He wasn't literally scary but something about the situation made me want to run. There was something weird about him. A disease, known by a couple elderly women that had come over for tea in the dining area. They talked of their husbands dying, saying "the flakes, the flakes" and staring into space. The man from before opened a handheld box and showed the contents to the women who gasped in shock. The grin on his face was malicious as he kept the contents from me. Outside, the yard was no longer gloomy but instead was my front yard from my house in the conscious world. I was sitting in a lawn chair with a couple of my friends when the man came out. He threw water balloons at everyone outside and I was hit. I was suddenly transported to a cobble street with the same gloomy look and large gothic cathedrals made with grey stone. I was blonde and repeated "the rooms", pulling a strange yellow energy from the cathedrals and appearing to eat it. A couple times this happened before I came to in the front yard. My hands and forearms were covered in orange as I looked up at the tree to see purple water balloons stuck in the branches. The man had been throwing balloons full of the very disease discussed earlier, infecting everyone in the yard. I was the only other person who knew. In the manor, I had some people over. While they were talking to the man, I planned my escape. My safety from the man. Everyone in the manor had a key. The keys were a foot long and beautiful. Made of silver, they were braided, giving them a very elegant look. I found a way to get the keys from everyone in the house and store them in a chest in my room. If I was the only one with the key, I could lock the man out. I knew the only way he would exit the manor was to use the bathroom (for reasons I am unaware of, he went outside to pee). If I waited until he left, I could lock the doors and I could finally be free of him. Of course, I realized that wouldn't do anything as he would simply use the many many windows the house was equipped with to get in. If the windows were locked, he would break them. And I couldn't risk locking him out if he could find a way in; he would be enraged if he knew what was happening and I sensed that he would probably hurt me. So I had to keep my intentions a secret from him and my friends (who seemed to be taking his side). The keys were no longer my focus. Instead, I would go home. I would go home to my mother. I went into my room and grabbed a small bag that had clothing already in it and planned to slip out the back door while he was still talking to my friends. I would finally be safe if I could just get out of the manor without being seen. I woke.

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