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Monday, 25 July 2011
12:46:13 AM (GMT)
I feel like a god now. Today was loads of fun. >w< When you wake up at 5 in the morning to hear "OHMYGODDESS! SAM!" and then someone jumping on the bed you're sleeping in, it's a weird start to the day. He should just be glad he brough me coffee. >.> ZANE, YOU'RE A GOOF. But it's okay 'cuz we danced in the middle of a mall. And Xander! ZOMFG. His facial hair. It was like awesome. I kept rubbing his jawline and then all anybody could hear was him giggling and saying "It tickles! Quit it!" Plus, Ruby decided that she wants to go to college here in Pennsylvania. She better visit me or else. ;-; By the way, trying to do tricks on a bike in the middle of a city....there should be a sign somewhere saying that that's a bad idea. I almost crashed into some pedestrians. Apparently, my new hair colour freaked out a few of my friends. Melanie liked it though. And so did Zane. :3 Plus, I don't think Zane and Xander were expecting my hair to be as long as it is. They kept messing with it. >.< I shouldn't have worn shorts at all today though. The heart-shaped bruise on my thigh tempted Melissa to trace it with a pen. And she marked all across my scars, scratches, and other bruises. It looked odd. I didn't even talk to very many people today. Well, aside from the people who I was hanging out with. Especially before we got back to the hotel. I talked to only Ambar and Ellen. Didn't bother with anybody else. Mostly because nobody else bothered with me before I got access to a computer. Hades didn't text. Hestia didn't text. Dusty texted once, but I got to my phone too late and he didn't reply. I didn't even have my phone with me very much today except when Ambar was texting me. Hnnng. Zane and his capability to make me feel extremely confident. I should've kept my mouth shut. His rant was funny though. He made me blush too. >.< And now I feel all awesome. Plus, I got to see him in action being all fantastic. He likes parkour a lot. He's going to help me with skateboarding tomorrow. ^-^
Zane: Sam the ham, what are you doing? Me: Being a person, quite obviously. Xander: I'm surprised you're not teasing someone. Me: Wha? Zane: TEASE! Xander: Tease, tease, bag of peas! Me: Oh, the idiocy. Ruby: HEY! You're the one hanging out with us. Me: Oh, yeah. I'm ending this relationship, guys. Bye! Zane: No! Don't leave us! We'll die without you. Me: BAHA! As if. Ruby: It's true. We love you! Don't leave us. Me: Okay, baby. Let's try to fix our relationship issues. Xander: Sam, sweetie, I have something to tell you. Me: Hmm? Xander: I'm pregnant. Me: Oh lawdy. It's not mine! Zane: It's mine, isn't it? Ruby: What have you all been doing? Xander: You were part of our sexy orgy, Rubes. Me: Wait, what? Zane: Whoa. Ruby: You must've drugged me. I don't remember. Xander: Sexy dance time!
Odd conversation, yes? We danced to several Nickelback songs. Animals and Shakin' Hands were two of the songs we all danced to. I think I shall draw this diary to a close now. :3
Last edited: 30 July 2011

‹CosmosxGlitterxLegs› says:   25 July 2011   246847  
Lies! ..I did text TT~TT
‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says :   25 July 2011   497467  
I didn't get it.   O.O 


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