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Saturday, 25 June 2011
06:29:19 PM (GMT)
Can you take this survey? 

If you married the last person you sent a text to what would your name be? 
same as it is now la

Who's the last person you cooked for?
If making toast is cooking then Emily

How many windows are open on your computer/laptop? 

How did you feel when you woke up today?
drunk, sick and needed to wee

Who with and when was you on the phone last?
Emily earlier today 

Have you talked to a complete twat today? 

Anyone you want back in your life?
What are you excited for? 
What were you doing yesterday?
Prom and then the after party

Who was the last person to say i love you to you?
no idea m8

What's the last thing you ate?
moons and stars cereal haha
Are you scared of love? 
infinitely, sweet

Can teens be in love?
anyone can be anything at any time at all

Last person you wanted to punch? 
don't remember haha probably someone last night

Is there anything you want to tell someone?
not really
Is your hair colour natural and what colour is it?
naw my hair is d-dark from dye

Who was the last person you took a picture with? 
UM joe or emily or martha or cara or hollie or oliver???

Are you single/heartbroken/taken/confused ? 
pissed off

Where's your phone? 
um in the kitchen i reckon
Do you cry easily? 
lmao i cry all the time man 

Do you care too much/not enough/enough? 
literally do not give one solitary shit

How fast can your mood change? 
0.1 seconds
Miss someone right now? 
no (-:::::
Can you honestly say your happy atm? 
not really

Do you say your happy when your not?
my happy when my not what

Have you ever worn another boys clothing? 
I only wear boys clothes lmao cross dresser 4 lyf
When did you last talk to your special someone? 
John Squire won't talk to me



John and Ian

Have a youtube account?

Wearing make-up?

Take the pain out of love and it won't exist?
do what you like la

Any boy said they love you in the past week? 
maybe? i genuinely can't remember like, anything

Toothbrush colour? 
one's blue and one is orange

What were you doing 30 mins ago?
i don't even remember argh

Are you good at hiding your feelings? 
What's your ringtone? ringing? 
Digsy's Dinner by Oasis
my text tone is I Am The Resurrection (-: all 8 minutes 14 seconds

Favourite film?
Quadrophenia or Bunny & the Bull!!!!!1

Have you ever cried you were that mad?

Highlight of your day? 
when tea healed my hangover instantly

Ever cheered someone up when they were crying? 
lol i wouldn't go as far as to say 'cheered up'

don't kiss me.

Months till your birthday? 
what is counting
it's 11:25pm for fuck's sake what do you want

Have good friends?

What season do you love the best? 
What's on your mind today? 
drunk and sick but i was overreacting which is FABBBBB but still everything sucks but
whatever i'm a cheery fucker today

Do you like the rain? 
when i'm inside at night or in the car driving through town and there are fuckin
galaxies on the windows and trees look like skeletons

What's the plan for today?
there's only 31 minutes of today left and i'm watching tv m8

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