Fanfiction fluff. First scene from my Star Ocean: TLH fanfic that has
no name yet. Dx
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Fanfiction fluff. First scene from my Star Ocean: TLH fanfic that has
no name yet. Dx
Category: Fanfiction.
Friday, 17 June 2011
09:23:09 AM (GMT)
Idk how much you have to know about this game to understand it...Earth was turned
into a barren wasteland after WWIII. The Aquila's an exploration ship that can handle
a crew of eight. Any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer. This is
just the first scene, not the whole chapter. This chapter is about their meeting with
the captain of the SRF (Space Reconnaissance Force). Kthx, now please read and
comment? >w<



Reimi jumped from the door of the Aquila and landed gracefully on the soft tropical
grass of the planet Aeos. She laughed and looked around at everything, taking in the
view of the beautiful tropical paradise coexisting with the newly established
structures of the Earth colony. The buildings were so different from the structures
of home or the moonbase, Reimi noted. They were more open and blended with the
natural wildlife. There isn’t much wildlife on Earth, though, Reimi thought sadly,
reminded of her barren home planet. “Look at this place...” she murmured. “So
different from home...Earth was so plain, so barren, so forbidden...all the colors in
this place are almost overwhelming.”

Her red-haired teammate laughed at her as she resumed twirling around and taking in
the fresh air of the tropical paradise. “Reimi, what are you doing?” he laughed.
She smiled and looked up at him, brushing strands of her long, brown hair out of her
face. “I missed this place, Crowe. It’s just going to be a little while before
they start bringing in more of the ships. And more people, and a better life for all
of humanity. Just because you’re the captain of the Aquila doesn’t mean I can’t
have fun.” Crowe grinned and walked down the stairs from that descended from the
door of the Aquila to a sandy patch of dirt. “Live a little, Reimi,” he laughed,
pushing her. “I’m messing with you. Go nuts if you want to. Go find some berries
or something.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “You’re mean, Crowe!” she
said in mock offense. He laughed. “Come on, Reimi. Be nice to me, I can make you do
what I want.” Her eyes widened and she punched him in the arm. “Shut up, Crowe,
that isn’t true!”

“Ow, Reimi, that hurt,” he said, rubbing the place where she’d hit him.
“You’re a mean little girl, aren’t you?” Reimi crossed her arms over her
chest and turned away from him. “I’m not little, thank you very much,” she
pouted. “I don’t like you anymore, Crowe.” He spun her around and chuckled.
“Okay, if you say so, Miss Saionji. I don’t know if I can handle your criticism.
You know Edge won’t like it if you refuse to talk to me. I’m the captain of the
Aquila. Edge is hard enough to give orders to, don’t play along with him. For my
best friend, he sure is a pain in the butt.”

“I heard that,” chimed the third member of their team, descending the stairs to
join them. “I’m not that big a pain, am I?” Crowe smiled and said, “I’m
glad it was only the three of us on the trip this time. I mean, the rest of the crew
hates you!” Edge frowned. “They do not. And it’s not my fault you decided to
take me and Reimi on a trip with you. We could’ve gotten abducted by aliens or
something crazy like that.” He shook his head in disapproval, his messy blonde hair
falling in his face. “You’re out of your mind, Crowe,” she mentioned, pushing
his hair back out of his face. He shrugged. “I dunno, Edge, I think you’re the
one out of your mind. Abducted by aliens? Come on, Reimi’s the safety-conscious one
in our crew and even she was okay with it.” Reimi blushed and looked down at her
feet. “Safety-conscious, what?” she mumbled, letting her bangs cover her eyes.
“That’s good to know, they think of me that way, whatever...” she trailed off
and looked back up at her teammates. “Reimi, you okay?” Edge asked, seeing the
red in her cheeks. She nodded. “Of course I’m okay, just tired. Did you see any
of the spinning I just did?” She finished her sentence with a big, teethy smile.

Crowe grinned and pulled the three of them together into a huddle. “Now, listen up,
you guys. I know a secret.” He said the last sentence in a sing-song voice.” Edge
raised an eyebrow at him. “What?” Crowe laughed and jumped back from them. “Not
gonna tell ya, you aren’t special enough.” Reimi sighed and pouted. “You’re
so mean, Crowe. What the hell?” Edge coughed at hearing her choice of language.
“R-R-Reimi?!” he stuttered. “What the-”

“She’s tired,” Crowe interrupted, putting an arm around her. “Leave the lady
be.” Edge began to protest, but instead just sighed and turned away from the two of
them. “You two never stop confusing me. Just go shit a brick, will you?” Crowe
frowned. “Use of language, sir. I don’t like that, thank you very much!” Reimi
laughed as Crowe leaned over and poked him. “What was that for?!” Edge said,
flustered. Crowe just shrugged. “You seem down, bro. Come on, give your big brother
a squeeze.” Edge stepped back. “You must be insane. We might’ve been best
friends since childhood, but you made me mad, I don’t wanna hug you.” Reimi
doubled over in laughter. “You two,” she said between fits of laughter, “so
stupid, so so stupid!” The two men turned and looked at her, surprised by how hard
their teammate was laughing. Is
this a girl thing or what? Crowe thought. Jesus, look how hard she’s laughing. Holy

She slowly regained a calm state, standing up straight and wiping the tears from her
eyes. “I don’t even know what that was,” she said. She hiccuped and then
laughed at it. “Oh, God,” Edge moaning, walking over to lean against the hard
outer shell of the Aquila. “When will it stop?!” Crowe shrugged. “Whenever
Reimi feels like stopping. Until then...I don’t know what will happen.” The two
of them leaned against the side of the Aquila and watched her fit of laughter.
Reimi’s hiccups didn’t stop, and she fell down onto the ground, her fingers
grasping at the lush grass of the tropical planet they currently inhabited. “Think
we should help her?” Edge wondered. Crowe shook his head. “She’ll be fine, I
think. I hope...” he added. “I’m okay!” Reimi said loudly, breathing in
deeply. “Oh my God, I don’t even know what happened...”

Edge looked over at Aeos’ setting sun. “I think we should be going, Crowe. It’s
going to be dark soon, shouldn’t we make the meeting?” Crowe nodded. “Reimi,
you don’t want to be late, do you?” She shook her head, recovered from her
seemingly random fit of laughter. “I don’t, Crowe, thanks.” He frowned. “Are
you mad at me again? Jesus, Reimi, are you bipolar?” She shook her head. “No,
you’re just stupid.” He threw up his hands and turned around, knocking his head
down into the side of the Aquila. “Reimi, you’re insane.” He slammed his head
against the metal several times. Edge laughed loudly. “Crowe, you moron.”


You like? >:3
Last edited: 17 June 2011

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