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Chrno Crusade (or Chrono Crusade)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 17 May 2011
07:22:08 PM (GMT)
Okay, so my dad introduced me to an anime series called Chrno Crusade (it was
originally spelled that way even though it gets on my nerves to be mispelled ^_^')
when my little brother and I visited him during Thanksgiving Break last year.  I
watched the first five episodes on his iPhone when I was there.  I was supposed to
continue where I left off the next time I visited him, but he told me that it was
going to start airing on the Syfy (originally spelled SciFi a.k.a science fiction)
channel on anime night which was on Monday nights/ Tuesday mornings and eventually
moved to Thursday nights/ Friday mornings.  I hadn't known that the Syfy channel was
still playing anime because after Gundam 00 ended, I didn't see anymore anime coming
on Monday nights/ Tuesday mornings.  While I was texting my dad from home, he told me
that  Chrono (or Chrno) Crusade was gonna start playing and Gurren Lagann had already
been playing.  When I saw the text, I got so excited because I could just watch the
full episodes of Chrono Cursade (I'm just gonna spell it this way because it's easier
for me) on T.V. instead of watching each episode part by part on youtube.  When I saw
Gurren Lagann, I hadn't really known of the anime, but the title seemed quite
familiar like I'd seen it before.

So the night Chrono Cursade came on, I recorded both of the first two episodes as
well as the two episodes of Gurren Lagann on the DVR.  I watched Gurren Laggan the
next day after school because it came on first.  I listened to the opening song and
immediately recogniezed it.  I had listened to the english fandub of it by
geekyfandubs on youtube.  I had found the english fandubs by her from the anime that
I already watched and decided to listen to all of her fandubs of the songs she'd done
so far and Sora-Iro Daizu (Gurren Lagann's opening) had caught my attention and it
sounded nice.  So I pretty much just went crazy and was sooo excited to hear the song
play in Japanese on my flat screen T.V. in the livingroom.

Well, anyways, I watched the rest of Gurren Lagann and continued watching Chrono
Crusade from the beginning to refresh my memory.  Last week, the final two episodes
of Chrono Crusade came on Friday 13th and I, of course, recorded it on the DVR.  I
hadn't had the chance to watch it after school on Friday nor during the weekend.  So,
yesterday, I finally had the chance to watch the two final episodes called The Noise
and Chrono.  I was pretty much depressed when I had saw the first episode.  When I
saw the other one, I burst into tears.  I was so pitiful, but it was so sad.  I
couldn't resist crying.  I watched the final episode again today, and I cried my face
off again.  I can't believe I was so babyish when I saw the last episode, but it was
so sad, yet sweet.  I won't tell you about it because I don't know if you're in the
middle of the series or if you're interested in watching it.

Yesterday, pretty much as soon as I finished watching the episodes, I looked up
Chrono Crusade on the internet.  I went to a Chrono Crusade website and pulled up the
wikipedia page of it.  I was slightly confused so I looked it up to see what I could
find out.  The wikipedia didn't do much good.  But the website of Chrono Crusade told
about the manga series.  I had saw that  on the wikipedia page, the anime's plot goes
in a different direction than the manga does.  On the Chrono Crusade website, I read
about Chrono and at the end of the link that led to 'Chrono's Story' that was on the
site, the person who wrote the information decided not to reveal the ending of the
manga series.

This sent me on another wild goose chase.  I went to and went to the
'Manga List' link.  Lucky enough for me, Chrno (I am not mispelling this, that's how
it's really spelled) Crusade was on the list.  I clicked on the link which sent me to
the entire series.  I looked for the final chapter and clicked on the 'Epilouge'.  I
read the entire chapter scanlation and immediately felt stupid.  When I saw that the
anime and manga were different, I didn't think the ending had much difference to it. 
But, to my surprise, I was very wrong.  The ending was so different that I hardly
even recognized what was going on.  Once again, I do not want to spoil it for anyone
who reads this, so, I'm not saying anything.  The ending is quite alike in a way, but
it's so different that it's hard to even compare them.

So, now, I'm currently reading the manga series from chapter one on
I strongly encourage any anime lovers to watch and/or read this series.  It is
excellent, adorable, happy, and sad.  I enjoyed it and you may too if you decide to
read or watch it.

                                                              ~Kiki-chan @.@

Einherjar says:   17 May 2011   455527  
The ending of the anime made me weep, but the ending of the manga
made me bawl uncontrollably.
I like the manga better, since it focuses more on saving Joshua,
rather than just "time is running out," which is still a big theme
either way.

I'm still confused about the manga ending. Was Chrono actually alive,
since he had the pocket watch?
I feel happier thinking that he was welcoming Rosette into
Heaven, though.
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   18 May 2011   870996  
Watched it on SyFy for a bit, just didn't grab me too much. Still, if
I had the epesodes on hand I believe I'd watch it. XD
‹✨ Ki ✨› says :   23 May 2011   421067  
The ending was very sad and in the manga it was confusing I'll agree
with you.
I'm still reading the series because after seeing the major difference
in the manga and anime in the endings, I was terribly confused T_T

Almost all anime appeal to me, I'm gonna start recording Monster on
Syfy to see what that's all about. 


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