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I'm a lazy slob.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 19 April 2011
02:27:01 PM (GMT)
It's true; I am. After a long conversation with mum, we came to this conclusion. Not only am I lazy; I also can't be bothered to do anything about it. I want to tone up and get fitter, but I don't stick at anything long enough to feel the benefits. Take running, for example; I got up early on a Sunday, ran a mile, got home thinking 'yeah, I can do this every week!' And the next week? I ignored my alarm and slept in an extra hour. The worst thing? I didn't feel bad! Not at all! Same with any other sport I do. Judo; got bored of it, gave it up. Lacrosse; got bored of it, gave it up. Tap; got bored of it, gave it up. I don't seem to be able to stick at anything I do! I don't know what to do about this. My fitness levels have plummeted to where I find it hard to walk 50 metres up a hill, and while I'm not fat I am by no means the body shape I want to be. So I'm issuing a plea. I'm not looking to loose weight; I've finally become comfortable with the fact that my weight is correct for my height. I'm looking to tone my body up and get fit again. So if any of you out there have ever had this problem, please get in contact. I need to find a sport that both interests me enough for me to keep it up, and that can improve my fitness. I don't want to die young of a heart attack.

Bootheghost says:   19 April 2011   336222  
The easiest thing to do is walk everywhere... at least, to get
started with. Or do something extreme.

The only reason I have toned legs is because I ski... does wonders for
the calves. Apparrently ice skating is similar, according to Imo.

Swiming is good... if you set yourself a target of beatinng records -
but maybe I like it only because I used to swim at club level hurhur.
Actually, swimming too much gives you broad shoukders which

Hmm... gym?
StarDust says:   19 April 2011   712581  
Ice skating is good for your lower body. But especially your thighs.
Improves balance too I guess and flexiblility (if you take it to high
levels. I have one leg more flexible than the other from doing certain
excercises though it is annoying). Oh but you get a flexible back too,
good for your posture as well Harrie, and you have back problems
right? It might help them.

Anyways, you could try like yoga or something. Or Zumba. A cross
between arobics and latin american dance? Lol we should do something
together, because I want to tone up too and increase my flexibility!
When you're old, your muscles decay so we should start toning up now!
Bootheghost says:   19 April 2011   524139  
too late for you seeing as you're already an old man HURHUR 
StarDust says:   19 April 2011   490635  
 hello little girl
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   19 April 2011   289244  
H'mm, swimming might be a good idea.

You'd never get me in the gym though xD

Would Ballet do the same thing?

I already do Pilates so that's the Yoga thing sorted.


It'd have to be in bath after school/weekend though; I doubt you'd
want to commute to Keynsham and I'm certainly not commuting to Swinny

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   19 April 2011   517327  
StarDust says:   19 April 2011   939273  
Ballet would be fun! Like an adult/beginners class :3 Yeah in bath,
especially as it's summer. We could go after school or something.
Somewhere that's easy to get to from the station too 
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   19 April 2011   624905  
I do ballet already YH00 FOO'

We could do some other form of dance? 
Or maybe I could just relocate my ballet lessons to bath? 
StarDust says:   19 April 2011   713625  
Yeah if you could do that :P 
Unless you can think of something else to do? 
Bootheghost says:   19 April 2011   150858  
Maybe another sort of martial arts? The discipline would be good -
let's be honest, there's barely any discipline at school judo lol.

Taikwondo? Karate? Kickboxing?
‹colours and carousels♥› says :   19 April 2011   101713  
Hrm, dance seems like a good option.

'Sides I like it; makes me graceful xD


Ohhh I know right.
I was looking at Taekwondo today actually, there's a club in Keynsham. 


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