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Quizy Majiggy. (No... just no, Sarah...)Category: (general)
Monday, 28 March 2011
07:11:21 PM (GMT)
What is your name?: Sarah.
Are you named after anyone?: My grandma was named Sarah. I’m not sure if I’m
named after her though.
Would you name a child of yours after you?: No. I would not.
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: If I was a
boy my parents would have named me Luke. I would have died… because I really
don’t like that name too much. (No offense to those Lukes out there.)
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?: Hmm. I don’t think I’d
want to switch names.
Are there any mispronunciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?: Sometimes
people want to leave out the ‘h’, but that’s understandable. But other than
that, not really.
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: Eh. Probably would have to. My
name already belongs to a famous person. It’s inevitable with my last name…


Your gender: Female.
Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight.
Single? Correctamundo.
If not, do you want to be?: But I am.
Your age: Fifteen years young.
Age you act: I can act five, I can act fifteen, or I can act fifty.
Age you wish you were: 16? O_o
Your height: 5' 6” yo.
Eye color: Blue. Sometimes it looks turquoise. Like the Caribbean waters. :]
Happy with it?: With what? Eye color? Sure.
Hair color:  Brown. Sort of reddish some lights.
Happy with it?: Eh… I want to dye it dark red brown. Like mahogany.
Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: Righty.
Your living arrangement: Erm… a house. In a town? With my parents? O_o
Your family: Mi madre, mi padre, mi pero. Mi... however you say hamster... y mis
Have any pets?: A beagle, a hamster, and a bunch of fish.
What’s your job?: To annoy a select few. It. Completes. Me. :] Best part is they
still stick around to be my friend.
Piercing?: My ears.
Tattoos?: Nah.
Obsessions?: The list is long. Music, cheetahs, Zuko, rainbows, hugs, acting,
singing, art, photography… and the list goes on.
Addictions? All of the above. :]
Do you speak another language?: Si, yo hablo una idioma diferente. 
Have a favorite quote? Yes. I have many.
Do you have a webpage? Not really.
Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it? Erm… there’s been times I freak myself
out by thinking life is just one long dream.
Do you have any secrets? A few.
Do you hate yourself? Not particularly.
Do you like your handwriting? No. I despise it.
Do you have any bad habits? Ugh. I bite my nails sometimes. I’m trying to stop.
They aren’t nasty though. I only bite them a little. They’re still long…
What is the compliment you get from most people? Umm. “I like your shirt” or
“You have really pretty eyes.” or one thing Lexii always says is “You’re so
pretty!!!!” >_<
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: I don’t know. >_<
Can you sing? Hellyes. :]
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool? No. Never. The only time
I’m somebody else is when I’m on stage performing in a play or something.
What are your #1 priorities in life? Friends, family, happiness.
If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Erm. Sure?
Are you a daredevil? No… I’m a scaredy cat.
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? I hate how sensitive I am. And I
hate the fact I have low self esteem.
Are you passive or aggressive? Depends.
Do you have a journal? Not really. Hah. I never keep writing in them.
What is your greatest strength and weakness? Strength… uh… I guess it’s my
empathy. People trust me because of it. Weakness… would be the fact I, myself, have
trust issues.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? More self esteem.
Do you think you are emotionally strong? No. I’m fairly depressed most of the
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life? Hmm. Nah.
Do you think life has been good so far? Eh.
Do you think you are good looking? No, but that’s what everybody says about
Are you confident? Eh. Depends. Sometimes I can be, but mostly not.
Are you perceived wrongly? I’m not sure.

Do You... 

Smoke? no
Read the newspaper? Nah.
Pray? Sometimes.
Go to church? No.
Talk to strangers who IM you? It’s kupika, ain’t it? haha
Sleep with stuffed animals? Used to. :]
Take walks in the rain? Yes. I love the rain.
Talk to people even though you hate them? Nope.
Drive?  Almost. :]
Like to drive fast? Probably. I hate slow moving people.
 Like your voice? Hmm. It’s a little too girly for my tastes. I sound like I’m
twelve sometimes. At least I think so.
Hurt yourself? On accident. I did on purpose a few times… during my breaking point,
but that’s over now.
Been out of the country? Sadly no. :[
Eaten something that made other people sick? Haha. Yeah.
Been in love? Nah.
Gone skinny dipping? No way, Jose.
Had a medical emergency? Yesh. A few, actually.
Had surgery? Appendix. :]
Ran away from home? No. I used to say I was going to all the time, but it never
actually happened.
Gotten beaten up? Playfully. :]
Beaten someone up? Also playfully.
Been picked on? Yeah, but everybody does at least once in their life.
Been on stage? All the time, babay.
Slept outdoors? As a matter of fact, I have.
Thought about suicide? Yeah…
Pulled an all nighter? Oh yeah. 
If yes, what is your record? All night? That’s kind of the POINT of an all nighter.
Gone one day without food? Maybe.
Talked on the phone all night? Maybe.
Slept all day? I’m sure. XD
Killed someone? Am I in jail…??? (stupid question.)
Made out with a stranger? No. O_o
Kissed the same sex? My mom. Hehe.
Been betrayed? Yeah sure.
Had a dream that came true? All the time.
Broken the law? Jaywalking. OOOOH. SO BAD.
Met a famous person? Not personally.
Have you ever killed an animal by accident? Hmm. YES. I killed a frog when I was a
kid. Basically he baked in a container for two days… >_<
On purpose? NEVER.
Stolen anything? Nope.
Been on radio/tv? The TV. But not the radio.
Been in a mosh-pit? Lol. Not at concerts… XD
Had a nervous breakdown? Yeah.
Bungee jumped? No. I’m pretty sure it’s not legal at my age.
Had a dream that kept coming back? A few.
Believe in life on other planets? It’s a possibility.
Miracles? Yeah.
Astrology? No.
Magic? I wish. :/
God? A higher being, yeah.
Satan? No.
Santa?  Lol. No.
Ghosts? Yes.
Luck? Sure.
Love at first sight? No.
Yin and yang (that good can’t exist w/o bad)? Ummm… sure?
Witches?  I believe there are people who believe they are witches, though I’m not
sure I believe in them myself.
Easter bunny? No/
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?  Of course. Hachi is proof of that.
(look him up.)
Believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? They stole me lucky charms!
Heh. Sure.
Do you wish on stars? Occasionally. :]

Deep Theological Questions 

Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? No, actually.
Do you think God has a gender? Nope.
Where do you think we go when we die? I believe… you either go to some heaven like
place, or reincarnate.

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? I have PLENTY. :]
Who is your best friend? Ashlea. 
Your favourite inside joke? I really have too many.
Newest? Newest… what? Friend? Oh. Erm. Calvin…?
Shyest? Miranda.
Funniest? Elan fer sho.
Sweetest? Katie. :]
Closest? Ashlea.

Do you consider love a mistake? Nah.
What do you find romantic? Anything can be romantic, really. 
Turn-on? Blue eyes. I love blue eyes.
Turn-off? Umm. Aggressiveness.
If someone you had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel? It’s
happened to meh before. I’d feel sad that I can’t return the interest.
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them? Yes, I do.
Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy out? I
don’t think it matters, really.
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? I think
they were all attractive. But I suppose to others they might not be.
Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking? I’ve been told I am by guys
before. So… some. I guess.
What is best about the opposite sex? A guy can be anything a girl can be. >_<
What is the worst thing about the opposite sex? Nothing. I don’t stereotype
behaviors based on guys and girls.
Are you in love? Nope.
Do you consider your significant other hot? I don’t have one, yet.

Who Was the Last Person... 

That haunted you? Hmm. I don’t know.
You wanted to kill? I’ve never wanted to kill somebody.
That you laughed at?: Zach. Haha. I feel so bad for him. He’s forced to sit by me
and Alaena in science now. XD It’s like last years English all over again.
That laughed at you? Erm. Alaena? Perhaps?
That turned you on? Oh gawd. 
That broke your heart? Calvin? Would you consider that a heart break, though… idk.
To ask you out? Umm…
To make you cry? My mom. As usual.
To brighten up your day? Katie. Also as usual.
That you thought about? Katie. Cause of the previous question. Hehe.
You saw a movie with? My dad. At home.
You talked to on the phone? Alaena.
You talked to through IM/ICQ? Erm… Katie? No. Ben.
You saw? My mom?
You lost? A friend.

Right This Moment... 

Are you going out? Nope.
Will it be with your significant other?  NO.
Or some random person? … why?
What are you wearing right now? Jeans, socks, my spongebob nerd shirt, and a white
sweatshirt with a star on the back.
What are you worried about right now? Absolutely nothing.
What book are you reading? Masquerade – Melissa De La Cruz. Rereading it.
Are you bored? More or less.
Are you tired? Not really.
Are you talking to anyone online? Indeed. Claire and sort of Ashlea.
Are you talking to anyone on the phone? Nope.
Are you listening to music? Yes. I am. :]

‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   408273  
haha i actually took the time to read all of that

I have no life....

well, on the other hand, we have a bunch in common
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   788364  
Haha. Really? I'm surprised. XD

Pfft. You have a life, I'm sure. I took the time to fill it out... so.

Really? Like what? 
‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   620178  
When I said alot I really meant alot...uhm....
I believe in ghosts, I wish on stars, I believe in miracles, I have
playfully been beaten up and have playfully beaten someone up, and I
actually haven't been on TV but I was recently on the radio, and I've
slept all day once, I 've pulled an all nighter (I actually stayed up
a whole week straight), and alot of other things 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   995274  
Ahaha. That is a lot. Props to you. :P 
‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   465522  

I'm listening to So I Thought by Flyleaf It's a song of awesomeness

I've finally learned how to play it on piano and guitar 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   194190  
I like that song. XD
Are you the one that gave me a hug for having words from that song on
my profile? 
‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   418506  
I don't know.....I give lots of peoples hugs 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   581332  
lol. Somebody did. XD
But anyways. Amazing song, no? 
‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   870454  
Yes.....wait, I do say 'yes' to agree with you right? O.o
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   401721  
I believe so. :/ 
‹✨ Ki ✨› says:   29 March 2011   156464  
ok, that can get confusing XD 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   29 March 2011   806638  
Agreed. haha. 
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   23 April 2011   714002  
Only Sarah would have time to actually complete this survey...
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   23 April 2011   356597  
Meanie. :[ 
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says :   23 April 2011   276993  

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