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Saturday, 22 January 2011
05:49:02 PM (GMT)
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers
claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Wassup stranger?
Stranger: not much stranger
Stranger: u?
You: Just chattin with random people. XD
Stranger: omg, me to
You: OMG. No way.
Stranger: impossible
You: Ah, but my friend. It is.
Stranger: but is it coincedence
Stranger: or ment to be?
You: I think it was meant to be. :p
Stranger: then
Stranger: there must be a message in this
Stranger: or an epic battle if this was a good movie
You: What if... it IS a movie???
You: DUN
You: DUN
You: DUN
Stranger: then we must battle!!
You: WAHHHHHH! -strikes ninja pose-
Stranger: *takes a huge sword from out of nowhere*
You: *Takes out numb chucks*
Stranger: ha, your numb chucks won't have any effect
Stranger: my sword skills
Stranger: are to grea
Stranger: t
You: If that is what you believe, you have a lot to learn, young grasshopper *lunges
forward to strike opponent*
Stranger: now you will learn that you shouldn't call me a grasshopper *quikly evades
You: Hmm. I see my ninja skillz are a little off. *Morphs into Yoda and pulls out a
Stranger: so Yoda, we meet again *takes of cloak and reveal true identity*
You: So we do. May the force be with... ME. *Waves lightsaber around*
Stranger: You are no match for a real sith lord
Stranger: i was secretely trained
Stranger: i will destroy you
You: Secretly trained you say? Even so your skills are nothing compared to a true
Stranger: we'll see about that *uses lightning attack*
You: *Expertly dodges the attact and back flips over opponent*
Stranger: so i see your better then i expected
You: As always.
Stranger: *grabs lightsaber and goes for an attack*
You: *Ducks down and and goes for a counter attack*
Stranger: *uses the force to push away*
You: *takes a few steps back and waves saber* I see you have been trained well. But
are you trained well... enough???
Stranger: well, i guess we'll see about that *quickly moves forward*
You: *quickly blocks attack*
Stranger: *keeps attacking rapidly*
You: *Keeps blocking attacks expertly*
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: *jumps back*
Stranger: so, i see my simple attacks aren't enough
You: It is true. Now it's mine turn to strike. *Steps forward and swings from
Stranger: *quickly moves right in time*
You: *Fakes right, but swings left*
Stranger: *jumps back but was a little to late which gave me a cut on my head*
Stranger: so
Stranger: i didn't expect that
You: I'm sure you didn't. *Quickly swings again*
Stranger: *blocks and uses force push*
You: *Slides to the edge of the ship, almost falling off* You learn fast.
Stranger: off course i do, i study every move of you
Stranger: even in a fight
Stranger: *goes for another attack*
You: Is that so? *blocks attack and uses force push on enemy*
Stranger: *falls back but shows my secretely technique, so doesn't fall on the ground
'cause i can control the force to fly*
Stranger: *muhahaha*
Stranger: (evil laugh)
You: NO! *Uses force to jump and attack in the air before landing back down on ship*
Stranger: like i didn't expect that, that fury will be your doom! *blocks attack and
strikes again*
You: *Quickly blocks attack but falls to knees in the effort.* You've gotten strong.
But it won't last long. *Uses force to push back*
Stranger: *falls back, but still standing*
Stranger: *gives you no breathing moment and goes again for an attack*
You: *Blocks just in time, but part of my sleeve gets cut off.*
Stranger: *jumps back*
Stranger: you're no match for me
You: That's what you think. *Quickly gets up and goes in for multiple attacks*
Stranger: *tries to block but the last attack gave me another cut*
You: Bring it on! *Curls fingers to bid enemy forward*
Stranger: *doesn't hesitate to attack*
You: *Quickly blocks but get a small cut on the arm*
Stranger: *gets a bit tired from the fight*
You: *uses opportunity to use force again on enemy*
Stranger: *blocks but falls on knees*
Stranger: you haven't won yet!!
You: And neither have you! *Goes in for another attack*
Stranger: *blocks and jumps high up in the sky*
Stranger: now prepare to die!!
Stranger: *starts to gather all the force in my body*
You: *Tries to gather force to block*
Stranger: it won't be enough
Stranger: *concentrates all the force in one huge blast*
You: *Tries to block, but not without cost. Gets sent flying back against ship wall*
Stranger: *falls on the ground, the attack used a lot of force*
You: *Breath is coming fast and feels weak* I will not... let you... get away....
*slowly rises to feet*
Stranger: i will... i can't... i must....
Stranger: *suddenly a huge wave of rage fills my body with force*
You: *braces self for impact*
Stranger: *gives a final blast which even uses my own life force*
You: *Tries to deflect blast, sending self flying off the edge of ship. Grabs on to
the ledge for life*
Stranger: *can't do anything for a long while, lying on the ship but starts to
realise something*
Stranger: why should we fight, no one ever reachs this kind of power
You: *drags self back onto the ship* We fight for what is right...
Stranger: but what is right in this world?
You: What is right is that of what is not wrong.
Stranger: i don't know what is right or wrong, i dont know what i'm foghting for
You: *puts lightsaber away* It's true. What are we fighting for?
Stranger: *gets up and stands next to you* what has become of me?
You: I do not know. But I do know, that it is not too late to turn back.
Stranger: yes it is *takes lightsaber and stabs it in your body*
Stranger: never trust evil
Stranger: muhahaha
You: How... how could you???
Stranger: i will destroy this world
Stranger: it and all his people
Stranger: this is not a world of peace anymore
Stranger: i can't rule it
Stranger: and you would be in my way
You: Your time... will come.... *dies*
Stranger: *says goodbye and proceeds activating the machine that destoys the world,
me included*
You: *World is destroyed*
You: The End.
Stranger: the end indeed

‹Green Spring Grass› says :   22 January 2011   840709  


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