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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 2Category: Organization 13
Sunday, 26 December 2010
06:20:40 AM (GMT)
part 2 if you want to watch it-

Xiannon was walking down the hallway, followed by Vexen who had just walked out of
Shexia and Arie's room. Xiannon turned around to face him, and Vexen stopped infront
of her, looking around nervously.
"You have to help us. Come up and see him. The wound is getting worse, his leg isn't
any better." she told Vexen.
Vexen looked around again, and handed Xiannon a packaged.
"This was all I could get. I'm sorry." Vexen apoligised.
"Captain Axel is waiting for you in his office." Xiannon suddenly said, holding onto
the package.
Vexen walked off down the hall towards Axel's office, leaving Xiannon standing in the
hallway. What she didn't know was that Arie was watching the whole conversation from
the bedroom door. Xiannon kept her eyes on Arie, as Arie shut the bedroom door.

"Come here, Arie" Shexia called for Arie, as she shut the door.
Arie walked back over to her Mother's bed, and climbed in next to her Mother.
"Jesus, your feet. They're frozen!" Shexia told Arie.
Shexia hugged Arie close, as Arie looked around the bedroom, hearing strange creaking
"Are you afraid?" Shexia asked Arie.
".. A little.." Arie mumbled, whilst hugging her Mother.
More creaking noises could be heard throught the house.
"What is that noise?" Arie asked Shexia.
"Nothing, just the wind." Shexia reassured Arie.
"Night's here are different from City nights. There you hear cars-tramway. Here the
houses are old. They creak. As if they were speaking." Shexia told Arie.
"Tomorrow, I'm going to give you a surprise" Shexia smiled.
"A surprise?" Arie asked Shexia.
"Yes." she replied.
"...A book?" Arie asked excitedly.
"No, something much better." Shexia told Arie.
Shexia then shut her eyes and tried to get to sleep, whilst Arie stayed awake and
"Why did you have to get married?" Arie asked her Mother.
"... I was alone too long." Shexia answered.
"I'm with you. You weren't alone. You were never alone." Arie told Shexia.
"When your older, you'll understand. It hasn't been easy for me either." Shexia
Shexia winced in pain slightly.
"Your brothers at it again.. tell him one of your stories. I'm sure that'll calm him
down." Shexia told Arie.
Arie sat up and started to speak to her un-born brother.
"My brother, my brother..." she started, and then rested her head against her
Mother's stomach.
"Many, many years ago, in a sad faraway land, there was an enormous mountain made of
rough black stone. At sunset, on top of that mountain, a magic rose blossomed every
night, that made whoever plucked it immortal. But no one dared go near it, because
it's thorns were full of poison. Men talked amongst themselves about their fear of
death, and pain, but never about the promise of eternal life. And everyday the rose
wilted, unable to bequeath it's gift to anyone. Forgotten and lost at the top f that
cold dark mountain, forever and alone, until the end of time." Arie told her story to
her brother.

Meanwhile, Axel was busy in his office, cleaning his pocket watch. Three knocks on
the door were heard.
"Come in.." Axel said, without raising his head.
Vexen stepped into the office, walking quickly up to Axel.
"How is she?" Axel asked Vexen, talking about Shexia.
"Very weak." Vexen replied.
"She'll have as much rest as she needs. I'll sleep down here." Axel told Vexen,
closing his pocket watch and examining it. He lifted his head and looked at Vexen for
the first time that Vexen had stepped into the room.
"And my son?" he asked Vexen.
"Pardon?" Vexen asked, slightly shocked. At that moment, Xigbar and Marluxia stepped
into the room, walking up to Axel.
"Excuse us Captain." Marluxia apologised.
Axel ignored them and looked back at Vexen.
"My son, how is he?" he asked Vexen again.
"For the moment there is no reason to be alarmed." Vexen told Axel.
"Very good.." he answered.
Axel brought a cigarette to his lips, and got off his chair.
"Captain, your wife should not have traveled at such a late stage of pregnancy."
Vexen told Axel.
Axel turned and faced Vexen.
"Is that your opinion?" he asked him.
"My professional opinion, yes, sir." Vexen answered Axel's question.
Axel stood infront of Vexen, looking down at him.
"A son should be born wherever his Father is. That's all." Axel told Vexen.
"One more thing, Captain. What makes you sure the baby is a male?" Vexen asked Axel.
"Don't fuck with me." Axel told Vexen, and walked out of his office with Marluxia and

"At eight o clock we detected movement in the southwestern sector. Gunfire." Xigbar
told Axel, as the three walked outside.
"Sergeant Xomasth searched the area and captured a suspect. The other one is his son,
here from the town" Marluxia told Axel.
The three were now standing in front of two men, who weren't able to move for the
other guards keeping hold of them.
"Captain, my Father is an honest man." one of the men spoke up.
"Let me judge that. Take your hat off in front of me." Axel told the man.
The man did so, taking his hat off and holding onto it. Another guard walked up to
Axel, holding onto a gun.
"We found this weapon on him. It's been fired." He told Axel, handing him the gun.
"My Father was hunting rabbits, Captain" the man told Axel.
"Again, keep quiet." Axel told the man.
He then signalled to one of the guards to take the shoulder bag off of the other man.
The guard did so and handed Axel the bag.
Axel reached his hand into the bag and pulled out an object. He held it out in front
of him and examined it.
"'No God, no country, no Master'?" Axel read out what was on the object.
"Just like that-how do you like that?" Axel asked as he held out the object to Xigbar
and Marluxia.
"Red propaganda, Captain." Marluxia answered.
"It's not propaganda, sir. It's an old almanac, sir. Were just fathers." the second
man spoke.
"Go on." Axel told the second man.
"I went up into the woods, Captain. To hunt for rabbits. For my daughters. Their
sick." the second man told Axel.
Meanwhile, Axel was rumaging through the bag, and had brought out a bottle from it.
"Rabbits, uh?" Axel asked.
"Captain, if my Father says so, he was hunting rabbits." The first man spoke.
Axel walked up to the first man, and suddenly clobbered him with the glass bottle. He
grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him closer. He started crushing the man's face in
with the bottle, over and over again.
"Leave him alone!" the second man pleaded.
Axel continued hitting the man's face with the bottle, until the man dropped dead on
the floor.
"You killed him. You killed him" the second man wept.
"Murderer! Son of a bitch!" the man continued to cry.
Axel suddenly pointed his gun at the mans chest, and shot at him twice, killing the
man. He shot at the first man twice as well, just to make sure he was dead.
Axel put away his gun, and walked up to Xigbar, who was holding onto the bag. He took
the bag from Xigbar, and stuck his hand down into the bag once again, pulling out
papers and objects, and chucking them onto the ground. He came across a rabbit skin,
and held it up in front of Xigbar's face.
"Mayby you'll learn how to search these assholes properly, before you come bothering
me." Axel told him.
"Yes, Captain" Xigbar replied, standing up straight.
And with that, Axel walked back to the house.

Shexia was lying sleeping, whilst Arie was still awake. She heard the beating of a
insects wings again. She sat up in her bed and looked around.
"Mother. Mother, wake up! Mother, there is something in the room.." she whispered.
Shexia stayed still, sleeping, she was in a deep sleep.
Suddenly, Arie caught sight of what was making the noise. It was the insect from
before. She got out of her bed, and put her feet on the ground. Suddenly, the insect
ran past her feet, making Arie jump back into bed. She hugged onto the covers, and
watched the end of the bed, as the insect climbed up the bed post. It jumped onto the
bed, and crawled up to Arie, looking up at her.
"Hello. Did you follow me here? Are you a fairy?" Arie asked the insect.
The insect stood on it's hind legs and watched Arie.
"Look." she said, as she got her book of fairytales from the bedside table, and
brought it onto her lap.
She showed the insect a picture of a fairy, on one of the pages of the book.
"This is a fairy." she told the insect, pointing to the picture of the fairy.
Suddenly, the insect started to transform. It grew long, light blue hair, and lovely
wings. She looked at her hands, and twiddled her fingers, admiring her new form.
She flew up to Arie's face and started beckoning her to follow her.
"You want me to go with you?" Arie asked the fairy.
The fairy (Xena) started pointing to the bedroom door.
"Outside? Where?" Arie asked Xena.

Xena guided Arie towards the Labyrinth, which she visited the other morning. She
followed Xena, going around all the corners, and finally entering the labyrinth

(to be continued in Part 3 >:3 )
Last edited: 26 December 2010

‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   26 December 2010   315250  

"One more thing, Captain. What makes you sure the baby is a male?"
Vexen asked Axel.
Vexen's gonna get smited by that goddamn bby any moment now. 
Oh god, I love reading these. xD Arie seems much more happier in this
- even tohugh a bit on the saddy side. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S
XILATZ... ARE... THE KIDS. Arie with no blood relation of that cept
with mama, of coursse
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   26 December 2010   451070  
 Arie, get into the labyrinth! :D
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   26 December 2010   707374  
PAHAHA! There's that scene I died laughing at!!! Man, I'm so sick at
things like that X]
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   26 December 2010   191766  
XD Xilatz is gonna kick Vexen's ass >:3
And, yeah, mayby it's because she is around her alcoholic dad, or
abusive school pupils ^^'

Yeah ^.^ that she did ^^

Yeah xD 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   26 December 2010   976149  
Sorry, I meant, "Isn't around her alcoholic dad and abusive
school students" ^.^' 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   26 December 2010   527068  
 Know what would be epic? If Xena shouted: "Hey! Listen!" 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   27 December 2010   344898  
XD Xena takes action >:3
"I'm tired of being silent. Just listen to me!" xD 

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