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Love is, just crazy.Category: (general)
Thursday, 4 November 2010
10:05:29 PM (GMT)
I love how I gave it all to him. I changed myself for him. I starting sneaking out,
for him. I thought we had something.. When we'd lay under the stars and he'd pick the
brightest one in the sky and make it mine. When he'd kiss me, even if I was mad at
him. He'd always make me smile, even if I had the worst day possible. I'd sneak him
into my room and we'd just lay in my bed and I would lay my head on his chest, and
fall asleep in his arms until it was time for school. When we'd make everyone jealous
of what we had.. When we would dance together, will no music. When we'd hold
eachother during sunset, asking about eachother's days. I miss that. It's almost like
I lost half of my heart. It's almost like I can't bear to get through the day without
kissing those warm lips just once. But I lost him. He's gone. It sucks. Our parents
hate eachother. Like a Romeo and Juliet story.. Except he had to end it. We were both
getting in trouble. I hate falling for a guy and getting my heart torn. I would climb
Mount Everst, with a bag of bricks on my back for that boy. For just one night of
being with him, and feeling his heartbeat while I layed my head on his chest. And
we'd never get caught..

‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   4 November 2010   233214  
*hug* it'll be okay... if he can wait, and so can you... When you're
18, parents can't do anything to stop you... I can only imagine how i
would feel if that happened to me and Taylor.
Darkemi says:   4 November 2010   792495  
Ugggh, it sucks. I haven't been myself recently.. 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   5 November 2010   699717  
Yeah... I know the feeling of being without the one you love and
feeling like your world is completely changed... i'm sorry, but
things'll get better. ^_^ 
Darkemi says:   11 November 2010   173732  
Thakns Greg. And tihngs have gotten better.  
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   11 November 2010   899990  
awesome! ^_^ I ish glad for you.
Darkemi says:   12 November 2010   328808  
thakns, i can count on you Greg. (: 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   12 November 2010   329601  
Always. ^_^
Darkemi says:   16 November 2010   516698  
I thought you hated me. . . 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   16 November 2010   121486  
since when? 
Darkemi says:   18 November 2010   330380  
Since.. James told me.
‹.............................› says:   18 November 2010   349560  
I feel just like u. A lump of sickness.
Darkemi says:   20 November 2010   142536  
Sucks don't it? /: 
‹.............................› says:   21 November 2010   689831  
yeah it does bad 
Tiarap cries:   21 November 2010   403683  
girl i know how u feel. i know it hurts but try to get over it. i
once had 2 go 2 therapy because of a guy i dated.i hope u find
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 November 2010   731609  
Shit, you didn't set this as a reply to me, so i just saw it.

I'm sending you a message to explain because it's very... not for
everyone to see.
Darkemi says:   28 November 2010   918558  
haha, i will. turns out all that fake romance was a load of shit. he
just used me for sex. that's all he wanted. jeeez. does anyone have a
heart these days? 
Darkemi says:   28 November 2010   450524  
okay thanks 
Darkemi says :   28 November 2010   813728  
It's whatever. Things happen for a reason, and if you think about it,
yuor one step closer to finding someone better ^^ 


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